Winter To Make A Comeback For The Next Week

CHICAGO (CBS) — Technically, it is now spring, but this being Chicago, it should come as no surprise that winter weather will make a return in the coming days.

CBS 2 Meteorologist Megan Glaros says more rain is expected during the day on Wednesday, with temperatures starting out in the high 30 and low 40s. The first round of rain has moved out of the area, but another round is coming, and accompanying it will be much colder air.

Thus, snow enters the forecast Wednesday night as temperatures drop to 29 degrees. Conditions will be cloudy with a 40 percent chance of snow showers overnight, and wind gusts of up to 30 mph in the early evening.

Then for the coming week, you’ll need to press your winter coat into service again because temperatures will be stuck in the 20s and 30s.

Conditions will be clearer on Thursday, but the high will top out at only 35. There is a chance of snow on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And the temperatures will not be rising above the 30s anytime soon. The high for Friday and Saturday is 34, for Sunday 36, for Monday 37, and for Tuesday, 35. On Tuesday night next week, the low drops to a February-like temperature of 25 degrees.

  • Pearlee

    Is this phenomom coming from a climate change?
    Al Gore was right. The world is warming up and the graciers are melting at a record speed. The big one is coming and now this snow and the warm weather. When will this stop?
    The Ice Age lasted five hundred years and we all wonder how long the heat will stay on earth. Does anyone know how long will have this horrible weather full of tornadoes, the hail that are destroying the crops and the sunamis?

  • the world

    First, it’s spelled “tsunami”. Second, Al Gore based his “global warming” off of terrible data (which everyone except you apparently knew). Third, to answer you question of “When will this stop”. I hope you stop, because it’s people like you who make this world paranoid and suck.



    • Shane Truax

      Now now be nice…you are no more knowledgeable then the next person when it comes to these matters of discussion. There have been instances of unexplainable weather changes which made things what they are today. The ‘Little Ice Age” gave us beer makers in Wisconsin, took wine out of England and made many more changes we take as normal nowadays. The ‘Year of No Summer’, 1816, caused in part by the eruption of Mount Tambora…gave us our greatest horror stories. So Pearlee what you see is not necessarily what you get

  • Weather lover

    The weather lady is hot….

    • kev in skokie

      Finally someone leaves an intelligent comment on here! I agree she is a cutie…

  • Facts vs. Fiction

    Message to The World:

    Psssst. Here’s a little something that you need to get a clue about.
    There’s a difference between the words “weather” and “climate”.
    “Weather” is snow in late March. “Climate” refers to a long, sustained trend on Earth where some parts may get colder or more snow, but the Earth AS A WHOLE is getting warmer.
    I hate it when duma$$e$ like you start making fun of Al Gore every time you see a snowflake.

  • swizzle

    Facts vs.Fiction don’t waste your time trying to educate people like Pearlee, she’s a Faux News watching moron who will just bleat out the catch phrase of the day and not actually invest a brain cell into learning what she is babbling on about.
    Because Beck and Limbaugh say ‘Global warming’ is a myth it must be so. All the facts in her face proving her incorrect are just lies put froth by Gore to steal her money, lmao.

  • Lew

    I don’t like the weather lady. On the morning of the massive blizzard, she said that the storm wasn’t as bad as everyone predicted. From the tone of her voice, I was expecting to go outside and see only 6 inches. For a split second, I thought I would have to go to work. Fortunately, I didn’t. Either way, it left a bad impression. She should not have downplayed the weather like that. What a buzz kill!

  • John B

    As a kid (now in mid-50s), I threw snowballs from the upper deck on opening day at Wrigley Field. We’re in Chicago; snow in late March is not at all unusual.

    Face it; Al Gore invented interGlobal Warming to sell books and raise money for his buddies.

    • Dino

      Right John B, and Al is sitting at the northpole blowing hot air causing the polar ice caps and those on Greenland to melt also. Snow is March is not unusual, averaging 8 inches or so. But global warming is not a myth and all you bimbos who think so, hope you are not along the coast when the sea rises, But I really hope Limbaugh is for so many reasons….

  • Winter To Make A Comeback For The Next Week | Extended Weather Forecast

    […] which should not be surprising that the winter will make a return in the coming days. Read more on CBS Chicago Chicago grains stabilize the following dramatic ups and downs Chicago grain movement on Monday […]

  • Hirishtty

    This are just a wonderful comments. We all are worry about our weather and the weather lady. But Mother Nature is telling us something that we are trying to igonore or stick our heads into the sand and do not want to see or hear anything till the big one hits.
    Be prepared. Move to higher places like Phoenix or Nevada where no tsunami will get you or if the sea rises it won t flood your basement.
    Limbaugh? He is a joke. At least Al Gore made sense about all of this weather.
    Kudos for the weather lady. She is great and hot too.

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