Grayslake Wrestling Coaches Abruptly Resign

GRAYSLAKE, Ill. (CBS) — Three popular high school wrestling coaches who led their teams to state finals have abruptly resigned.

The northwest suburban coaches were under investigation for their behavior at a state wrestling meet, but school officials are not explaining what happened, CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.

 “Maybe there was some type of mistake by the coaches but nothing that they should lose their jobs over,” says parent Dena Hein.

She’s the proud mother of a Grayslake North High School wrestler who competed in state finals last month.

But some parents and students have been wondering what may have happened during the competition that pushed three coaches to resign.

School board members accepted the resignations of Grayslake North coaches Tom Frye, Erik Jensen and John Glorioso without saying why.

Parents say all the wrestling coaches have been committed to the safety and education of their kids. And they think next year’s students should benefit from their instruction.

Jack Curtis also has a son who wrestles for Grayslake Central. His son wasn’t wrestling at the meet in question, but he says the athlete has done well under the coaches’ guidance.

“We don’t really know what happened. It’s not important that we do. But I felt it important that all of the good things were pointed out as well,” Curtis said.

District 127’s superintendent said in a statement that policy prohibits comment on confidential personnel matters. The district says Tom Frye’s resignation is effective immediately.

The other two coaches’ resignations will be effective at the end of the school year.

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    […] Grayslake Wrestling Coaches Abruptly Resign Mystery surrounds the abrupt resignations of three wrestling coaches at Grayslake North. The school district declines to comment. Read more on CBS Chicago […]

  • Grayslake Parent

    Here’s good reporting. Three ” North ” staff members are involved, and you’re interviewing ” Central ” parents who have no contact the the other school staff members. And you wonder why the Central parents have no idea what happened ? Duh ! Do your homework, we have to schools and two different coaching departments. For the record, the coaches issue was “after” the meet and didn’t involve the students, it was just dumb decisions made that evening buy the coaches regarding safety.

  • Wayne

    It seems obvious that someone or something was going to scr@w them over so they bailed instead.

  • volley

    I totally agree with “Grayslake Parent” why are we not talking to the parents of Grayslake North Wrestlers or the parents of the Wrestlers who qualified at state and were present. Nothing happend to the Grayslake Central coaches they were able to wash their hands and walk away. Start talking to the people who were there or were affected by this …

    • LEIGH

      I just looked at the news video and why are you interviewing the Grayslake Central parents.. This is not affecting them… Why are you talking to the wrong school and the parents. You are showing a video of a wrestler who is from Grayslake Centrall, this is affecting Grayslake North.. HELLO !!!! TWO DIFFERENT SCHOOLS !!!!! You might want to get that right… Grayslake Central wrestlers wrestle at Grayslake Central.. This issue is Grayslake NORTH and the Grayslake North wrestlers..

  • Phil

    This is pretty much a no-brainer.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the coaches went out drinking or to a strip club (such as the Silver Bullet in Urbana) one night while leaving the kids in the hotel, and someone found out. Clearly they weren’t arrested or anything, because that would be public record.

    I went to UIUC, and during the tournament the bars (including the Silver Bullet) were always full of wrestling coaches out drinking while the kids were in the hotel. I was in the Bullet one year on a Friday night during this time and easily 20% of the patrons were coaches. Some of these guys were smart enough to even wear their school jackets. Seriously.

    Assuming I’m correct, what these guys did wasn’t right, nor was it smart, but it is not uncommon either. It’s just that this time some of the kids found out. Even when I was in school I didn’t understand why these guys would risk their jobs just for a little fun. I mean, if one IHSA official had set foot in that strip club their could have been a world of hurt coming down for many schools.

  • GN Wrestling Fan

    I believe that this is something that is getting blown way out of proportion. I was at the tournament that is in question and at NO time were the kids ever left unattended. There safety was never in jeopardy. The incident that is in question should never of happened. But it is not the first time nor will it be the last. I believe there should of been other options for these coaches. When a wrestler goes against school policy he gets a sport suspension (ie. Chewing Tobacco) Why not the coaches? There were other coaches involed from other schools. These coaches will be missed and I wish them all the best.

  • jack

    CBS never should of used this as their number one opening news story. The three coaches pictures and names shouldn’t of been broadcasted. They are professional respected,educators and coaches that did what most coaches do, but to possible ruin their careers by broadcasting that information that isn’t professional. Any other school district would of delt with this internally, and the Superintendant should of delt with this as an internal issue, Like the GN fan stated they could of been suspended they didn’t rape, rob or moleste anyone. The GN wrestlers were never left alone or unsupervised. Look at the control tower guy that fell asleep, his name or picture was never used? The Ill. Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association on Thursday evening always sponsors a hugh gathering of coaches and officials in a hospitality room. A majority of coaches enjoy alcoholic beveradges, If thats why they were released than more than half of the coaches in the State would of been released.They are adults.

  • Grayslake Parent

    GN FAN wrote The incident that is in question should never of happened. But it is not the first time nor will it be the last.

    Well, you are part of the problem. Ever hear of the Athletic Code of Conduct ?
    You expect his to happen again ?? We should expect it to NEVER happen again.
    What happened that night NEVER should have happened. The sad thing is, some of the kids saw what happened and are keeping quiet out of fear from the staff. What an example to lead by.

  • Grayslake Parent

    Forgot to inject this: We can’t blame CBS for the “centeral” aspect. Some knuckle head parent called CBS to get them to come to the board meeting held at Central. What we can blame CBS for is not doing hteir job first ( get the facts ) then report. We all need to have the drama aspect instead of the facts. The fact is, this wasn’t news that needed CBS around town, it was a very poor act of judgement by young coaches that thought they were “back on campus life”. Now thanks to a parent, these coaches are going to pay big for a stupid mistake they made.

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