County Sting Uncovers Stealing, Drinking, Sex On The Job

CHICAGO (WBBM/CBS) — About 20 Cook County Forest Preserve District employees have been disciplined for on-the-job misconduct ranging from stealing to having sex to drinking alcohol and sleeping.

Some have been fired, some will never work for the county again and some alleged offenses are being passed on to prosecutors for possible criminal prosecution.

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The Cook County inspector general says the errant workers racked up nearly $190,000 in unjustified pay, including overtime they didn’t work.

They are employees of the county’s three pools, from seasonal workers to supervisors. Some were seen stealing cash, according to the report. Some were caught on tape having sex and drinking on the job and providing alcohol to minors.

Some were caught sleeping on the job. There was improper physical contact between a supervisor and a subordinate.

It all happened on former County Board President Todd Stroger’s watch.

The inspector general was tipped to cash skimming and with the Illinois State Police secretly ran video cameras for 120 hours last summer.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said changes are already under way at the forest preserve district.

Forest Preserve Superintendant Arnold Randall took office in December, after the events took place. He sid nine workers at the pool were involved and all have been fired. The inspector general’s office is also looking into eight administrators who should have been monitoring overtime, he said.

“Clearly the message at the time last year was you could get away with just about anything,” Randall told CBS 2’s Pamela Jones. “That is not going to be the message going forward.”

  • jim handley

    the cook county forest preserve district is a JOKE!

    • Voter

      It won’t be anymore with Toni Preckwinkle at the helm !



    • smooth

      What does this have to do with the issue at hand? NOTHING Let’s just give Toni the support she needs to rid Chicago of this vile environment we had for years. wonder why Daly never confrotned this situation and others?

  • Responsible Payer, Responsible User

    Oh… only the pool personnel? I was hoping it were the very, very Big Budget Rangers who have stopped me from buffing the wax off my vehicle on a summer afternoon in a forest preserve parking lot. We property tax payers of Cook County are not allowed to do that… I was told. Or who have stopped me from vacuuming the interior floor and seats of my vehicle on a summer afternoon in a forest preserve parking lot. We property tax payers of Cook County are not allowed to do that either… I was told.

    Some on-going very Big Budget so for many petty rules & regs among our Rangers in the Forest Preserve areas… it seems to me. But never a citation for the outrageous food garbage and trash debris left behind by the huge groups of weekend users… it seems to me. How many more slick vehicles with hi-tech gear and handsome uniforms do we really need, if we don’t even prioritize their utility sensibly and uniformly?

    “Under New Management” in Cook County will finally convey “accountability,” and I like that real well.

  • Party Like It Is Cook County 1999

    It sounds just like my job, except for the stealing, the sex, the drinking, and the sleeping.

  • donna

    THis is shocking! Just shocking! I am stunned. Speechless. Under Todd Stroger’s watch? This simply cannot be possible.

    • Vicky

      LMAO!!!! They are probably all relatives/cronies…….inbred nepotism at its finest.

  • gogodancer

    I’m SHOCKED! But happy we can all relate to this.

  • sam

    more money go for fun from hard working tex money

    • Zip it you DRUNK

      uhhhh, what? righhhhht what he said… dumb a$$!

  • Former Park District Lifeguard

    Now, if somebody could only keep an eye on the Chicago Park District’s Lifeguards… (and other park district (juice job) employees) HAHAHAHA!

  • streamwood bill

    The forest preserve folks on rte 58 (Golf Rd) between barrington rd and rte 59. They have been all alone for so long. who knows what they are doing at that remote cook county location! Begs and audit!

  • Captain America

    hope the feds make todd boy pay back that money for jungle boogie fest at the zoo, instead of that money going to flood victims….but this is crook county so steal what you can…..

  • NWA

    Ole ye with short memories. Does anyone remember George Dunne? George was 80 when he caught having sex with woman he hired or promoted. He proudly admitted having sex with these female county employees who later said they were pressured by ole’ George into having sex with to him. No one investigated ole’ George. Nor did he ever lose his job.

    George never ran for re-election to the County Board Presidency again. However, he stayed on as Democratic Ward Committeeman. Ole’ George was repeatedly re-elected to this position until he resigned because of his health. He later brought the entire farm in 2006. Ole’ dude was 93 and still looking for a favor.


  • David

    It sounds like the place I want to work.

    • Tom

      You can say that again. And the poor Inspector General. I guess he felt he had to get assistance from the State Police rather than the Cook Cook Sheriff. Who can I guy trust in Cook County anymore? But man, I love this place. It’s better than any TV show. Which give’s me an idea. How abouta showed called, “The Real Employees of Cook County”. It’s be the best.

  • Hirshty

    Improper physical contact are grounds for dismissal. So all this lazy, and overly paid employees should be fired for doing nothing but stealing and sleeping on the job. We all wonder who is the supervisior. What kind of relationship he had with all the employees. He was not doing his job properly. So, he too should be fired on the spot.
    If this people work for any other company, they all will thrown in the street long time ago.
    Tax payers money are being missused in this case. Get new people who know how to work for every penny you get.

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