Girl, 17, Charged With Stealing From Church

CHICAGO (STMW) — Bond was set at $75,000 on Friday for a 17-year old girl accused of stealing money from a church office while her accomplice robbed a church employee earlier this month in the Far South Side Altgeld Gardens neighborhood.

Ukegco Bonds and an unknown man allegedly entered the New Beginnings Full Gospel Ministries at 13707 S. Leyden Ave. on March 1, police said.

The accomplice, implying he had a gun, searched the victim’s pocket, taking $50 and a wedding band while Bonds went into the church office and took $1,925, police said.

Both fled the church, but Bonds was arrested early Thursday at 220 E. 136th St. She was charged as an adult with one count of aggravated robbery, police said.

On Friday, Judge Donald Panarese ordered Bonds held on $75,000 bond and set a preliminary hearing for March 31, Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokesman Andy Conklin said.

The victim told police he recognized Bonds because he does tax work for her family.

The male accomplice had not been arrested as of Friday afternoon.

Calumet Area detectives are investigating.

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  • Schneido

    I blame the parents.

    • Erika Jackson

      You can’t ALWAYS blame the parents. Parents can only do so much. You raise your children up the best way you know how. Make sure they’re raised in church, disciplining at whatever cost, etc. Once they step out side and you go to work to make sure they have a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs and food on the table, the influences that surround them are uncanning. I say this because I am one of those parents. My son’s father passred away when he was 8. Immediately, I had him in counseling (professionally and with our main pastor and youth pastor) he had a mentor, a Big Brother, my brothers were involved, my uncles and my father. My son chose to go away from the teachings and completely rebelled. So please revisit your comment. You have a blessed day.

      • kels

        i hear ya!

  • Richard

    It’s amazing that this family has a “tax preparer”. Is it because they don’t know how to prepare their own taxes or is it a “SCAM” on the IRS? Sure would like to know.

  • Jemima


    • kels

      and you, step off! this here white chic never thought ‘color?’…. very sad….I’ll tell you what i did think before i read the article….maybe it’s some kid that needs help, homeless, desperate, maybe it was just a little money…..then i read the article and still never assumed a ‘color’, just trying to figure out the situation… it’s sad how you think.


      What difference does COLOR make ? This could happen anywhere

      • whocaresaboutmyname

        Haha. Yeah, you’re right, it could happen anywhere but we all know this girl was most likely black. With a name like that and knowing she lives in south side, yup, black.

  • Sarah

    How could you rob a church! Leave her in jail cause she is going to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C C

    I think Richard should wake up and amell the coffee. There are million of people that have a Tax Preparers.

  • sasha

    im with you erica

  • Citizen

    I am also in agreement with Erica.

  • Kenya

    Amen Ericka, at a certain point they are responsible for their own decisions and should be held accountable!

  • Billy

    HaHaHaHa, That’s funny, my buddy has a cat named, “Little Ni&&er”. He’s a cool cat.

    • Samuel

      Why are you even mentioning Little Ni&&er? What do cats have to do with a church robbery?

      • Todd

        Little Ni&&er may know something.

      • Glen

        If Little Ni&&er does know something, he better puke it up.

      • kels~

        it was a pure racial slam earlier and nothing to do w/ a cat.

      • Steve

        The cat’s name is “Little ni&&er”.

  • crab outside of the barrel

    and returned to the scene of the crime blocks away.. COME ON SON!

  • Ester

    What does Little Ni&&er the cat have to do with these criminals?

    • Billy

      Little Ni&&er doesn’t even know them. Seriously.

      • Christy

        If Little Ni&&er was there, maybe he does know them.

    • Ben

      Who is Little Ni&&er the cat?

  • Eloise

    Would all of you people stop the damn ni&&er talk!! It’s just terrible.

  • Ester

    Little Ni&&er is the church cat that saw the whole thing!!!

    • Martha

      How do you know this about Little Ni&&er?

  • Dean

    Isn’t “Little Ni&&ers”, the name of a breakfast cereal?

  • Bert

    Where did all of this silly Little Ni&&er talk get started anyway?

    • Oscar

      It was Little Ni&&er the cat, where have you been?

  • LittleNi&&er

    Just to set the record straight, I don’t know them, and I didn’t see nothin!!!

  • kels~

    “Little Ni&&er” was used earlier in the day as a comment that has been thus removed. it was used in the plural tense and that was all it said. the user name was something LIKE “DontDeleteReportComment”. I reported it and it got removed and I can see now is causing a lot of confusion.

    Everyone else is just making a joke out of it, which really is not funny at all.

    • Frank

      @kels, Actually you’re wrong, it’s hilarious,a very good satire. I liked it. And you should not report comments, it is just down right wrong!!

      • kels~

        @Frank….you obviously didn’t see the original post and have NO idea what you are talking about. Early bird gets the worm…

  • Benji

    This all got started because two little ni&&ers robbed a church, that’s all.

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