Cubs Release Carlos Silva

CHICAGO (CBS) – The Chicago Cubs announced Sunday morning the unconditional release of right-handed pitcher Carlos Silva.

The move comes just one day after Silva’s team-bashing comments to the media about not making the team.

The Cubs spring roster is now at 27 players, including 12 pitchers, four catchers, six infielders, and five outfielders (one non-roster invitee).

  • Murphs Upper-Lip

    See you later you albatross.

  • Drew

    The logic is they can develop their younger pitchers instead of wasting time on an overpaid problem in Silva. The money is already lost, why keep the headache? Also, will there really be that big of a drop from Silva to the new 5th starter? I know Silva started good last year, but he will regress this season, you can count on that. This is (at worst) a short term loss for a bigger long term gain.

  • Joakim's bong

    You would think so, but he really is a P.O.S. Better off with out his fat @ss. In the words of George Offman, “take your walking pappers walking”


      “. . .whose, legendary, father was ‘harry’. . .”

      Did Jeff Samardijza make the team? This is also another consideration. One of those two “question marks” had to come up north.

      Oh, please oh please, don’t let the ghosts of Ecks past haunt Wrigleyville.

  • Tom

    Anyone who questions the release of this guy, Silva, isn’t up to contemporary times with baseball. And thats O.K. First of all, lets keep in mind how we got this guy. We sent Milton Bradley to Seattle for him. Milton Bradley was a mal-content, an idiot , and just a plain nut. Who’d we get in return? The same guy. Go back to the press releases and they’ll indicate that. Silva’s career is over.
    Put that big, fat, punk on a ship back to where he came from (along with that 8 mill the Cubs owe him) and get him out of here.

  • John

    Next up: Zambrano! Maybe they could both wind up on the SAME team again and take turns with their TANTRUMS! ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSES FAULT!!!!!! How do the Cubs keep winding up with these CLASS ACTS??????

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