Quinn ‘Very Comprehensive’ On Nuclear Reactor Safety

CHICAGO (CBS) – Gov. Pat Quinn says he is open to taking much more expansive measures if a nuclear accident occurs at one of Illinois’ eleven reactors.

The standard emergency planning zone around Illinois nuclear plants today is 10 miles. But in Japan, worrisome readings are being found twice that far out. Quinn said Saturday, at an unrelated event, that it is something the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) should weigh carefully in its emergency planning going forward.

“I think we have to be very, very comprehensive with respect to safety,” he said. “We’re going to look at every single thing. If the (planning and exclusion zone) parameters have to be expanded, so be it.”

Quinn last week ordered stepped up inspections of all 11 reactors by IEMA’s Nuclear Safety Department, and has asked legislators to impose additional fees on the plants’ owner, Exelon, to pay for it.

He spoke one day after U.S. Sens. Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin convened a daylong forum on nuclear safety in Illinois. Kirk and Durbin both said Illinois needs to review the size of evacuation zones and assure that a sufficient stockpile of potassium iodide pills exists.

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  • Robert

    The sooner Quinn, the union puppet, leaves office the better…

    • AmericanMan

      You should move to Wisconsin! In a couple years you will be begging for the unions! Hey back to your 70 hour week for that tiny little salary you get!

      • swizzle

        dont waste your time trying to reason with these idiots, they don’t understand logic. They only understand what their puppet masters in the GOP tell them.

      • Jim

        Nobody is for the average middle class worker. Democrats want the middle class to pay for all the welfare because they are indeed in the upper class (look at their pay and benefits) while Republicans want too much power to businesses. I would prefer working and keeping my money (not paying these insane taxes) than having a good portion of the public workers making a killer salary on my dime. We need serious reform and I do not see anything from the Democrats, but there is some, albeit small, action from Republicans. .

  • stein97

    Ha you must be from Wisconsin!

  • bob

    If the state wants the inspections, they should pay for them. Here is Quinn continuing hi anti-business campaign. If he ever says he is not anti-business, then the people who voted him in office are just as stupid as he is. I didn’t vote for him.

    • Jim

      The weak people that voted him are like dogs. There is a situation in which the owner beats the dog until the dog loves them unconditionally. Quinn is doing that exact thing and it’s sad to see so many people are too weak to stand up to him.

    • My thoughts

      if quinn’s lips are moving he’s lying…this pandering lair, spineless, madigan puppet…..they give the goofie Q- cards to read and the moron does…..
      Recall Quinn in 2011…………………….!

  • hayley

    So you think big business cares about your welfare? ha talk about puppets.

  • Jim

    Quinn will just find another way to tax us because of this. He IS anti-business and pro corruption and taxes.

  • shorebreeze

    It’s an appropriate response, although primarily at one ComEd plant in particular, Dresden, which has the same basic design as the plant in Japan, including the poor provisions for storing nuclear waste. Remember, this is a company that managed to trash the generating and turbine hardware at a perfectly good nuclear plant at Zion with a combination of improper shutdown and restart procedures and was then too cheap to repair/upgrade the compromised parts of the plant, preferring to walk away from a multi-billion dollar facility rather than make $400 million in repairs. We might not still even need Dresden if the far more advanced Zion plant was still operating. As ComEd parent Exelon got license extensions on old plants and has done very little in the way of planning for new nuclear stations or any other kind of new power stations, it’s appropriate for our safety and our energy security in Illinois to closely monitor what will eventually be 60-year-old nuclear plants by the time they reach the end of their license. As things stand we need to get all 60 years out of these plants safely and reliably; even if we start now it will be 15 to 20 years before we finish building new plants. So I’m absolutely with Quinn, Kirk and Durbin in wanting some answers.

    • Nancy Lynn

      Shorebreeze: nice to read something about nucler power hazards by someone who has knowledge of the subject.

  • shorebreeze

    In fairness to ComEd, they might have been more willing to fix Zion if they’d have known they were going to get a license extension on that plant too (the original license was to expire in 2013 but a 20 year extension would have been 2033). So when the state introduces new regulations on these plants, it’s important to think of the long term and communicate those thoughts and plans to the company, so they can decide whether to renovate or build new. These plants aren’t something you can deal with overnight, and the government mustn’t forget that.

  • dizzy

    Have politicans ever been proactive on anything? It takes a debacle in Japan for Quinn, Durbin and Kirk to wake-up and call for inspections of Execlon’s reactors at the same time the Company is looking for the OK to raise rates for improvements to its infrastructure…politicians – useless fodder

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