Oak Lawn Teachers, School Workers Face Choice

OAK LAWN (WBBM) — Teachers and other employees at Oak Lawn Community High School District 229 vote tomorrow on whether to accept smaller pay raises over the next two years or see nearly three dozen of them lose their jobs.

District 229 Supt. Michael Riordan says revenue projections are down for the next few years and that the school board didn’t want to “stick its head in the sand” and not deal with the problem. He says fewer dollars will be the result of lower property values and a negligible inflation rate.

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The Oak Lawn Community High School District’s 180 teachers, aides, janitors and others are scheduled to get 7 percent and 9 percent pay raises over the next two years.

The school district is asking the union to vote to accept lower raises of 4 percent and 6 percent respectively.

Supt. Michael Riordan says, “They’re going to get a pay raise, not as large as it would have been. They maintain all their other benefits. There wasn’t anything taken away as far as insurance or retirement benefits or anything like that.”

Riordan says that, if there have to be layoffs, 27 teachers and six other “educational support staff members” would get pink slips.

The vote will run from the beginning of the school day tomorrow until 4 p.m. Riordan says the school board will meet tomorrow night and will vote one way or another depending upon how the union vote goes during the day.

  • Citizens of Cook

    This one is a no brainer. Less of a raise later, or unemployment office now. If the money isn’t there, it isn’t there. Do what you have to.

  • Smithers

    Smaller pay raises? Are you kidding? We’re in a depression, be glade you even have a job…..

  • Chivi

    I agree with both posts. I just don’t understand how some teachers who speak only Spanish and very very little English can hold a degree in teaching here in Illinois or anywhere else. I know of wagon full of teachers in the hispanic community that go to school for years, take clases in Spanish and then go out with degrees to teach spanish-speaking kids. I am hispanic. It does not help the kids who want to learn proper English. I know. I way off the topic. Just venting…

    • OLCHS Parent

      Way off topic and so unnecessary ! This is about the education of our kids not about teachers who speak only SPANIShH. What wagon of Hispanic teachers have you seen ride through OLCHS?

  • Jim

    The teachers with tenure have a zero risk of being laid off. They will vote to keep the higher raises and force the layoff of the newer teachers. The union exists to protect the older, higher pay teachers, not all of the teachers.

    Of course, the union will blame the school board for this outcome, not the excessively high pay increases. Why should teachers get automatic “step” increases by the way, just for working another year? Hello?

    Of course, who in the school district voted for those huge salary increases only a few years ago. Does anyone out there get these kinds of pay increases?

  • KE

    Pay raises? You have GOT TO BE KIDDING???
    and HUGE pay raises of 7% and 9% in a recession/depression.
    Come on!!!

  • Elmo Pettigrew

    WAIT WAIT . . . I vote we lay off all children onto Evergreen Park and Chicago Ridge, then we can fire all the teachers and administrators and janitors and aides and save millions every year. This has the added bonus of no more school zones slowing down commuters, no school buses spewing noxious fumes and we turn the schools into Wal-Marts, generating even more tax revenue. Boy, am I smart or what ??


    I say work together…stick together…and go march with the unions…did you see where utilites are cutting 10 thouseand people off next month …but….GE made 26 Billion Dollars in profit in the last 5 yrs…and get this….”DID NOT PAY THEIR TAXES” …WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY…WHOS THE BOSS. ..

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