When the Chicago White Sox break their spring training camp they’ll do so with only 11, opposed to their usual 12 pitchers. But when Jake Peavy returns, that number might have to go back to what it normally is.

“I think when Peavy is ready you might have to carry 12 pitchers, just as a safety net,” Joe Cowley, of the Chicago Sun-Times, said on the Danny Mac Show. “Because you don’t know if he’s going to tire or come out after four or five [innings]. So you have to have a guy ready. So I think that’s the right thing to do with all the off days in the first couple weeks.

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“And thank goodness for that tendinitis, because then common sense comes in and makes sure that Peavy stays and gets extended spring [training]. That’s what I’ve said all along needed to happen. To me, you were setting yourself up for disaster if he broke with the team. Maybe the tendinitis is the biggest blessing they’ve had all spring.”

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