Immigrant Advocates Slam Federal Deportation Program

CHICAGO (WBBM) — State lawmakers and advocates for immigrants’ rights are condemning a federal program, which they say is targeting families and not the worst criminals for which it was designed.

As WBBM Newsradio 780 Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency reportedly told local governments the Secure Communities Program was designed to catch and deport the worst criminals among those who are in the U.S. illegally.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780 Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

But Joshua Hoyt, director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, said that is not what has happened.

“Seventy-eight percent of the immigrants who are placed into deportation are either classified by Homeland Security themselves as non-criminals, or as people who have only committed the most minor of misdemeanor crimes,” Hoyt said.

Ald. Danny Solis (25th) is calling on President Barack Obama to halt deportations until the program is straightened out.

State lawmakers are also considering legislation allowing counties to opt out of the enforcement effort.

  • Roberta Waker

    Yes, stop the program AGAIN. Let a couple million more come here ILLEGALLY to completely bankrupt Illinois with their free medical, housing, education, food, social services, etc., etc. What part of ILLEGAL doesn’t our government understand? If you come here ILLEGALLY; you are a criminal. If you steal someone’s ID; you are a criminal. How can they be classified as non-criminals when they have already broken the law? It’s time to ENFORCE the laws and send them back to make their own country a better place not destroy ours.

    • Jim

      I agree; illegal is illegal, the law is the law. If we allow illegal immigrants (regardless of their origin) then why not just allow illegal drug dealers and call them pharmacists? Because it’s ILLEGAL people!

  • Joe R

    You said like it is.If any of us here legally uses an ID other than ours we commit a crime why should they be treated different?

  • yolanda morrisson

    i agree with Roberta Waker illegal is illegal they run away from their country to bankrupt my state. majority of them are draining our social services as they cant support themselves here either. I support deportation regardless of how they came here, if you overstayed your student visa or travel visa you too are an illegal and should be sent back. Lets stop this cherry picking amongst the illegal population on who is and who is not going to be deported. what we need now is ENFORCEMENT

  • mandy

    AMEN-illegal is illegal. if you want to be here come here LEGALLY, get a job and work hard like the rest of us. Learn our language and stop dragging our country and all its programs down. WAKE UP AMERICANS, LAWMAKERS AND LEADERS AND START MAKING CHANGES!!!

  • paula

    Wow you people respond as if you lack education or as if you’re proud of your ignorance. First of all, just because a law is a law it does not make it fair nor does it mean we should use it against those when we’re dealing with discrimination. While you people are attacking illegal immigrants, there are white and black trash in your own backyard committing crimes. Murder, abuse, violence, now that’s a real crime. Unfortunately you can’t get rid of those people because they’re your very own citizens, congratulations! Don’t be bitter just because immigrants are hard working people and are 100% more efficient in their everyday jobs than you lazy union workers would ever be. Fight for your jobs if you truly want them and stop pointing fingers, you’re just plain lazy.

    • Katie

      Paula, although, YOU might consider the law fair, it is still a law. No one is arguing that some of the illegal immigrants here are hardworking, however, we can 100% state that they are all still here committing a crime. And they might be paying taxes but it is on someone else’s identity. An identity they stole.

      I would also say that many of the people who are posting on here would agree with you that those legal citizens committing crimes should be punished…because they are committing a crime…just like illegal immigrants.

      • Katie


    • US Citizen

      Fair has nothing to do with it. An illegal Mexican peice of sh!t has no rights. There is no discrimination, their status is “criminal”. Every single last one of them should be sytematicly deported. Part of that penalty, which should be very publicly advertised across Mexico, should be a visible tatoo on the foreheads of these criminals so sneaking back in is not an option. What the hell is wrong with these immigrant rights people. An alien is not an immigrant, they are simply a common criminal. Illegal aliens have no rights!!!!!!!

      • swizzle

        Its clear you’re too stupid to understand that europeans come here illegally, as do asians, and others. By just focusing upon Mexicans it’s clear you’re just another ignorant racist republican.
        Not all Republicans are racist but all racists are Republicans.

    • bert

      paula you are right there have been white and black crime for many years and most of them are caught and punished,there is a right and wrong way to enter this country,our government is wrong tax payers should not be responsible for housing,feeding,paying hospital bills or taking care of there children our hearts go out to them,so why don’t they go beg,whine,march to there own president for change,instead of waiving mexican flags in the u.s,waive your flag to your president.

  • Lynn Urlaub

    SEND THEM ALL BACK – and make them re-enter LEGALLY if they really want to make a better life. I can’t fight for jobs that I can’t get because I am NOT BI-:LINGUAL! I can’t fight for jobs that aren’t offered to me because I can’t live on $8 an hour as the illegals can. They have 4 families living in one home, share the costs and report nothing. They pay property taxes for ONE family, yet have 8 kids attending public school. I can’t fight for jobs that don’t exist anymore because they are shipped overseas. People that don’t understand that are simply burying their heads in the sand. We shouldn’t be forced to learn Spanish – they should learn English so they can work in OUR workforce – not the other way around. 50M. 50M – that’s the number of Hispanics in this country now. IF we don’t get a handle on this problem this will become the Spanish Speaking US and we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.

  • Charles H Rooney Jr

    Who cares!!! illegal is illegal…. If they “sneak in to our country with out going through the proper channels then they need to be deported. They only cost the tax-payer more and more. These illegals eat all of our hard earned tax-payer resources. I can’t stay in their country illegal without going to jail! This is the only country in the world that even permits this to happen. I for one hope that the legal system does their job and gets rid of all of these illegal immigrants.

  • bill

    They committed a huge crime. Thet are here ILLEGALLY!!!!!!!!! They are not paying taxes. their children are being fed, educated and recieving medical care on OUR tax dollarss. I dont care who wants to come to this country as long as they do it legally, get a social secutity number , pay into the system and participate like the rest of us instead of sucking the life blood from our society and economy.

  • francisco

    I agree 100% with Paula, if you are a Amrican indian could be different, all the rest of the people are from other countries and they are or were inmigrats as the people are coming to this country , you guys can’t blame to the inmigrants only because goverment coordinators can’t do the job as they suppost to do it, first look your face in the mirror and then you can comment.

    • US Citizen

      I have taken a look in the mirror and feel I am ready to comment. The difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien is, an immigrant is like someone you might invite over for dinner, an illegal alien is like a burglar that sneaks into your home in the middle of the night. Do those of you that don’t habla get it now?

      • Bill T.

        Very well put US, even a stupid Mexican should be able to comprehend the meaning.

  • paula

    No need to be disrespectful, no need to name call anyone. I should thank you people though , you are just proving me right when I say this law is based on discrimination and that all you are a bunch of white trash ignorants. Here’s the truth, this land is NObody’s land , you don’t own it, I don’t own it, NOTHING in this country is free, we all work for what we have. Land of opportunity? not really, you’re just not willing to face competition. since you are not an efficient worker, then an immigrant will gladly take your job and settle for less money, more hours, all the things you’re too proud to take. Instead of whining on your fat butt, get up and stop being hypocritical. Don’t go to fastfood restaurants, or any for that matter, cut your own grass, make your own meals, don’t shop at the supermarket…impossible? yea, you people complain but are only making immigrants stronger as a workforce. Did you eat at a Mexican restaurant this weekend? That’s what i thought, so deal with it, careful for what you say , your grandkids may be hispanic, we will keep on growing! By the way, I am hispanic but not Mexican, not all immigrants are, I know you are all close minded but here’s a fact of the day. Mexico is not the only spanish-speaking country! yay , you learn something new everyday right boys and girls? =)

    • Enrico

      This has nothing to do with discrimination, It’s all about idiot illegal Mexicans dragging down our society. If we don’t stop it America will start to stink just like Mexico.

  • bert

    paula, check your history honey because in the early 1900 hundreds there were no latina’s,hispanic’s,mexican’s or anyone else running to this country-because there wasn’nt anything here free, when the country was being built blood, sweat,tears,where were these hard working mexicans everyone’s raising all this fuss about, and who do you think were doing all those jobs, until they found someone to do cheaper not good just cheaper,if they were so good they wouldn’t leave there own country, get your facts together before you comment.

  • bert

    paula, check your history honey because in the early 1900 hundreds there were no latina’s,hispanic’s,mexican’s or anyone else running to this country-because there wasn’t anything here free, when the country was being built blood, sweat,tears,where were these hard working mexicans everyone’s raising all this fuss about, and who do you think were doing all those jobs, until they found someone to do cheaper not good just cheaper,if they were so good they wouldn’t leave there own country, get your facts together before you comment.

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