Six Charged After Chuck E. Cheese Brawl

MATTESON, Ill. (STMW) – Chuck E. Cheese commercials boast that the pizza and entertainment chain’s restaurants are places “where a kid can be a kid.”

On Saturday, the Chuck E. Cheese in Matteson was a place where several men had to be subdued with pepper spray after fighting and flipping over an arcade machine, police said.

Five men and a teenage boy were charged with mob action and disorderly conduct for their roles in the incident, police said. The men charged were Devon Redd, 20, of Dartmouth Lane, Olympia Fields; Nealon M. Moore, 19, of Stuart Court, Lynwood; Tyris O. Cheers, 19, of Oak St., Chicago Heights; Willie Reeves, 19, of W. 141st St., Dixmoor; and Jerrold T. Boulware, 25, of S. London Drive, Olympia Fields, police said.

An off-duty Matteson police officer working security at the restaurant, 106 Town Center Road, called police at 4:30 p.m. Saturday after a fight broke out, police said. When Matteson police arrived, they had a hard time getting into the restaurant because customers had packed into the entryway.

Once they got inside, police found the security guard near the bathroom, near two men who had been handcuffed after fighting, police said. Some of the fighters had been subdued with pepper spray and the odor was lingering, police said.

After the suspects were taken away, their female companions started fighting with each other in the restaurant. Police broke up that fight and told the restaurant’s management that the store would be closed for the rest of the day if any more fighting took place, police said.

While at the police station, the six suspects were suffering from various injuries, police said. The teen’s hands were sore “presumably from punching,” police said, and Redd had a minor puncture wound to the left side of his chest but was unsure how it happened.

The suspects offered different versions of what happened, but all agreed the fight started over the use of an arcade game, police said.

Chuck E. Cheese general manager Barbara Schmeissing told police a $3,000 arcade machine was flipped over during the chaos and that all the men now are banned from the property, police said.

Brenda Hollway, a spokeswoman for CEC Entertainment, Inc., said she believed the use of pepper spray to break up the fight was justified.

Chuck E. Cheese is a children’s-themed restaurant. The Matteson location features arcade machines, a ball pit, animatronic singers and dancers, food service and beer and wine.

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  • W. Vobornik

    Good idea. Serve beer and wine. Thats what the little ones need to enjoy the day,watch the robots, and eat cardboard style tasteless generic “pizza”.

  • movingbacktocity

    ah yes the good life in the suburbs, they will bring their lifestyle whereever they go.

    • knowhowtoact

      Its true, no morals, no class, just ignorant people who never learn.

      • Joe Smith

        The names of the perps say it all. They are Eric Holder’s people.

      • Kal

        It’s a black thing!

  • john

    How many of the half dozen dopes are self confessed Democrats.

  • Joshua Self

    This is so true!

  • Tanya Livingston

    There people should be charged with Child Endangerment. They kniew children are around and probably brought their own children. What will happen is that they will now all get together and refuse to testify or press charges on each other. Child Endnagerment is an independent charge.. Also, DCFS should inbesitgate because children were placed at Risk of Harm and in a Neglectful Enviroment.

    • NWA

      There were nine comments on this story when I posted and, only two of the post actually made sense.


  • Joshua Self

    Freaking animals. This used to be a nice suburb. Thanks a lot for ridding the area of decency jerks.

  • WT

    I don’t know whats worse, a fight at chuckie cheese, or the racist comments I just read. I can deal with stupidity, but racism has to go!

    • My thoughts

      WT the racist comments are constant. They are tough to read but I just pray for the people that write them.

    • kev in skokie

      I have to agree with you WT. I guess it easy to sit hide behind the anonimity of a computer screen and expouse ignorance. I just hope that the people who write such vile garbage live long enough to come to need the help of the people they are so afraid of. I thought we got over our differences, and the majority of us have. It’s the minority of us white folks as a whole who yell the loudest and say the stupidest things.

  • NWA

    Actually! How do you live in Chicago? I have to believe that there are communities you can’t or, won’t go into. Your post should be frightening to everyone who knows you and, to those who may read your post. I wouldn’t want you anywhere around me, or my family.


    • Good post!

      Well put!!

  • Now looky here

    I have had more then enough dealings with your tribe. There are NONE (thankfully) in my area, and we plan on keeping it that way!!! Do some research and figure out what ward that is and then tell Jesse and Phleger to march past my house…………………rest assured they will be warmly welcomed!!

  • WT

    I was raised different, and I have African American friends who are incredible people. If I generalized like you, I would never have had the chance to have these great people in my life.

    • Arjay

      You’re an idiot! And your African American friends are laughing at you behind your back. Cracker.

  • Gabe

    I know. I know the truth hurts.

  • Arjay

    I’ll bet some damn kids started it.I didn’t read the article. I just think it’s hysterical that people are brawling at Chuck E. Cheese. Chicago is so ghetto!

    • WT


  • WT

    I have your third grade education beat by a long shot and my Hawks tics r in section 100. Still living with mom in your two flat? Redneck.

  • lisa

    Crime and Violence occur all across the country. These comments never seize to amaze me especially coming from white people. So while you continue trying to degrade us, remember people in other states are reading your ignorant comments and wonder why Chicago is segregated and Racist! Tourists don’t even bother to come here anymore. And don’t tell anyone you’re from Chicago visiting other places and see how fast they turn their noises up. So black people stop making white folks day committing crimes against each other. Therefore, they would have nothing to talk about other than OBAMA.

    • Put the blame where it belongs

      Try looking at statistics, I’ll bet that looking at all races a common thread of BS ,nonsense, animal behavior, theft and crimes against people run rampid in a certain race. Over 70 percent higher than all others. I consider that a cancer for humans. GFY

  • WT

    let me guess, bridgeport or beverly?

  • loyal patron

    Unfortunately the type of clientele a business like this brings sometimes is not the best. All different types of people from all different surrounding areas come to this location to enjoy themselves and let their kids have fun. It is the few bad ones that gives a good family orientated place a bad name. If people would just learn to act more cival in public, things like this would not occur. I’m sure it is not just Chuck E Cheese, this kind of thing happens all over the country at several different places of business. Good thing the brave off duty police officer was there, or it could have had a much worse result.

  • dan

    you don’t see white guys knocking old ladies down stairs or raping 80 yr old women in a nursing home or gang raping an 11 yr old at a birthday sleepover do you? Black people quit whining about racist comments and do something about the problem. There was aguy on CBS news last night in the story about the 3 black guys that crashed into a bus, he was black and he hit it on the head-something has to be done about these young black thugs that have too much time on their hands and create mayhem-amonst the good black folk. Should bring back the chain gangs and work them to NEAR DEATH-they might think twice about thuggery after a 10 year stint.

  • John Q

    Damn! Nobody shot a video? Disappointing.

  • J Dub

    Obama Voters

  • jimmy

    same thing happened but not as severe at the location in Skokie-Black folk came down from Evanston or up Central Ave. from the west side and created a rukus-I think they didn’t want to pay or skipped on the bill. Anyway I used to take my kids there but noticed the clientel changed in the ghetto direction-won’t set foot in the place no more-just ain’t fun anymore when you have to spend time with a bunch of people that don’t know how to behave and lack class and manners. Their grandmothers did the best they could-can’t blame them.

  • ken williams

    Devon, Nealon, Tyris , Willie and Jerrold . . . with names like that, oh they must be white folks, right ? Hmmmm, lets me thinks on dis one ? Clowns ! This is why I am buying: a gun (a big one), a taser and pepper spray for my wife (by the case) . . getting banned is all they got ? I would have broken their legs and arms with a baseball bat first and then stuffed them into the meat locker . . when the cops come “nope, nobody fighting here, sir”

  • fedup

    Its time for a certain community to realize that there is an intrinsic deficiency in the framework in which they view the world.

  • Sean

    lol…Hatred in bigotry in here every day…lol…it’s my morning cup of coffee…I love to laugh in the morning at this ignorance….I wonder whatever happened to the parental controls on the computer.

  • George

    That’s hilarious, HaHaHaHaHaHa!!!

  • mike

    Crime and violence DOES happen in places other than the “African-American” community. JUST NOT AS OFTEN! When Skokie’s Black population increased. THE CRIME RATE SKYROCKETED

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