Ill. Lawmakers Want Contractors To Pledge To Stay Here

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — With many states trying to lure away Illinois businesses in the wake of a state income tax hike, Illinois lawmakers are moving to force companies that work for Illinois government to promise not to move out of the state.

The Illinois House voted 116-0 Wednesday in favor of a proposal to require bidders on state contracts to sign affidavits promising the company will keep its primary offices in Illinois.

The move comes as both neighboring states like Wisconsin and Indiana, as well as far-reaching states like New Jersey and Nevada, are trying to convince Illinois companies to relocate after a state income tax hike was approved in January.

Caterpillar Inc. recently told Gov. Pat Quinn that several other states are trying to lure the company away from its Peoria headquarters. The company’s CEO has said he is committed to staying in Illinois, but told the governor that lawmakers have created an environment that’s not friendly to businesses.

The measure now goes to the Illinois Senate for consideration.

  • southside

    The horse is out of the barn, and they vote 116-0 to close the door. Nice work, clowns.

    • Rick Stubblefield

      NOW THATS FUNNY !!!!!!


      First off….Recall Quinn in 2011
      ……Now, hope more companys flee IL. the corruption, taxes, lazy labor, kickbacks to be paid….didd i say corruption!………….the elected officials need to plege to post thier bank accounts on line, all goverment contracts,jobs before they are hired ( not sticking a family member in) amount thier dept spends each day …in detail with recp…………no we need honest politics, term limits…can’t do business with state for ten years after leaving office…no double dipping…oh….

  • bob tellone

    So Mr. Quinn what does this tell you? The spending in Illinois has finally come to bite us in the butts. So you raise the tax on businesses in Illinois and these businesses are moving out. Apparently you made the wrong move. Time to rethink your tactics or face a dead state. If you try to overtax your citizens they will move out also.

  • Smithers

    Quinn, the union tool is running out of options…

  • Nanette

    If want state business you need to be paying taxes in that state, if you don’t want to pay the taxes, don’t expect to get business. I’ts really that simple. If only our federal government would enact this rule, maybe some of our jobs would still be in this country.

  • john

    This is STUPID, They wont sign this thing it is anti freedom. They’ll just move out faster. QUINN NEEDS TO GO, Hey how about a RECALL???

    • Bob

      You can’t be serious. I think you’ve got that backwards.

      • Bob

        Sorry, that’s for john’s 2nd comment below.

  • john

    What free market ? just the next step to controlling big business.

  • Jeff

    When my kids our out of high school in five years I’m gone!

  • george the working stiff

    first the casino no smoking bill that cost the state 800 million bad move now this tax bull , how much will this cost us before they get rid of it , keep on going quinn all the business will be gone

  • Jade Rabbit

    So Illinois hasn’t been paying the bills that they owe companies working for the state, and now they expect them to sit still and wait for more non-payments? Are these law-makers even breathing? Their lucky that anyone wants to work for the state considering the risk that they may not be paid. First the businesses go, then the workers follow. The population drops, and the demand for hospitals drops. Doctors and institutions leave, and Illinois becomes a state full of ghost towns…

  • jon

    Good lord , please get some people in that house that know what the hell to do
    Come on , this is getting really really really old..

    I cant wait till the next election… never ever ever again will i vote for quinn or any one of anybody connected to both sides of the house.. this is absurd what we the citizens are dealing with.

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