Farrakhan Defends Qaddafi, Rips U.S. Involvement In Libya

CHICAGO (CBS) — Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Thursday condemned U.S. involvement in the conflict between rebels in Libya and dictator Muammar Qaddafi, whom he called his “brother.”

Farrakhan, 78, held a two-hour, wide-ranging news conference Thursday afternoon during which he defended Qaddafi and blasted U.S. military involvement in the ongoing rebellion in Libya.

He called Qaddafi a friend who’s lent the Nation of Islam $8 million over the years, adding that money borrowed from Qaddafi helped the group pay for its headquarters years ago. Libyan money also helped the Nation of Islam pay back taxes on the home of its founder.

“It is a terrible thing for me to hear my brother called all these ugly and filthy names when I can’t recognize him as that,” Farrakhan said. “Even though the current tide is moving against him … how can I refuse to raise my voice in his defense? Why would I back down from those who have given so much?”

It was the second time in a week that Farrakhan has criticized American military intervention in Libya.

Last week, Farrakhan said the U.S. lacks the moral authority to intervene in the Libyan conflict, giving several reasons, including the deaths of black people at the hands of law enforcement during the Rodney King protests in 1991 and the unhealthy food that the federal government allows into the marketplace.

During the rare two-hour news conference in Chicago on Thursday, Farrakhan talked about everyone from Qaddafi to Donald trump; and everything from an alleged government cover-up of UFOs, to why the earthquake in Japan prompted him to call the news conference.

He said he called the news conference “to warn America that a major earthquake is on the way to you and me and us. … Death and destruction is at the door of all of us and we are worse prepared than the Japanese.”

Farrakhan said the quake in Japan convinced him to have the news conference, during which he also warned about American involvement in bringing down Qaddafi, implying that Jews are using President Barack Obama as a pawn.

“They always wanted to find a black man that they could use to destroy me,” he said.

Farrakhan claimed that some of the Libyan rebels are in fact members of al Qaeda. And he insisted Qaddafi has done a lot of good for the Libyan people.

He also revisited some familiar topics, lashing out at what he calls the Jewish control of the media and citing reasons why white people can’t be trusted.

Speaking on a potential presidential bid by Donald Trump in 2012, Farrakhan said, “Do you want to go to hell in a rocket ship? This man talks like a gangster.”

  • Mr Butterbur

    Farrakhan is a racist and a great example of a bought idiot. He’s the worst kind of minister.

    • lgg

      I don’t see much difference between the ignorance and inhuman stances taking by NOI leader Farrakan and nearly every evagelical christin minister in the US. Both have excuses for why the say the things they do. One difference is that there is only one Farakan while there are literally hundreds of offensive evangelical preachers.

  • martha

    I try to believe that he really doesn’t believe what he says…he just wants attention. Otherwise, I agree with Mr. Butterbur!

  • marti

    to tell the truth, farrakhan and the nation of islam is not even recognized by true Islam,,,they teach a whole other side of things,,,hatred and racism to name a few…read up on the nation of islam and the true Islam…true is Islam teaches peace for all mankind…do ur research people…farrakhan is a joke within himself…and that dippy person in Lybia…he is a true terrorists against his own people and needs to b removed from power (step down).

  • tom Sharp

    Farrakhan is only one racist rant away from qualifying for a no-bid contract to run PR for the city”s next olympic bid!

  • Bob X

    Who is this nut? You know what the bow tie means don’t you? Is this the guy who was jealous of Malcolm X so he had him killed?

  • Philip J. Wayne

    Looking for Anti Christs? Louis is one of them along with his best friend Michael Pfleger……they are real life buddies….you know them by the company they keep.

  • Philip J. Wayne

    I am disappointed in you CBS….This guy is a low life and you feed his ego. He is a Sociopath.

  • Centurion

    Farrakhan is a Muslim …so…doesn’t that make him I MAM and not a minister…oh, sorry, forgot…he is a black muslim…they just make things up as they go along.

    NOW..CBS….will ya spell Moammar Qaddafis name correctly. In some of your articles its…MUAMMAR…in others…ITS MOAMMAR….in some…its KHADDAFY….THEN ITS GADDAFI….and in this one…its Qaddafi. Ya know why the man has a bad attitude….YOU SPELL HIS NAME WRONG EVERYDAY. In an article dated 3.31…..his name was spelled with a K …and a G in the same article.

  • US Citizen

    Where is Mr. NWA when it’s time to cut on a black man who obviously has it coming?

  • truth betold

    Really Really dumb a$$ comments Ernst.

  • BornLoser

    Thinking we need a collection to buy him a one way ticket to Libya.


    what do you expect he would do
    they are brothers
    of the same faith

  • Matt

    Every generation has a few loonies with some people ignorant enough to follow him around and hang on his every word. Give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself.

  • marc

    With the proof that is shown in history of all the evil things the white race has done and continue to do to this day it’s understandable why people of other races would say whites can’t be trusted. Is what he saying lies or are they really doing it? I watch the news and sounds like he’s saying just what they are doing right now.You whites don’t seem to have a problem when your racist Rush Limbaugh says something about the blacks or any other race or is it just different because he’s white like you. The US don’t care about those people over there they care about that oil point blank whats happening now is a part of the New World Order you middle class and poor whites just don’t get it yet because in your mind you think the rich whites think you’re just like them because you have the same skin tone but you will learn most likely when it’s to late to do anything about it.

    • Truth Betold

      You take the cake marc! You have to be one of the most ignorant black people in this entire world. Why don’t you go and spew your verbal vomit somewhere else you idiot! By the way, it was black people that sold other black people, (tribe verses tribe) to the white people. Now with that being said, I don’t know why your “black leaders” don’t stand up and speak out against the violence in Darfur, Ivory Coast, and many other African countries. No, get real man, you bring much of this on yourself.

      • Marcus

        True but white people, being the good Christians, should not have bought slave in the first place.

  • rosalana

    Who is this disgusting person who puts black people to shame. If he hates America so much why doens’t he leave? Perhaps libyia

    • Marcus

      Marc does not hate white people, he just loves black, people. Do you?

  • Charlie Avila

    what ever opinions I read here, I know that the oil companies are burning enough oil as to cause the global warming, the climate change and the melting of the glaciers and poles ice. The ice of the poles acts as a strong glue that hold up the tectonic plartes, sticking inside its spaces holes and fissures to prevent the strikes between each others with out control. The Haiti quake, caused the Chilean quake, and the Indinesia quakes. All these quakes together, caused the Japan’s quake, and this last quake will cause the California’s long waited quake at the San Andres fault ,SOON. I think that somehow, the US technology is causing those quakes….

    • Truth Betold

      What the hell do your comments have to do with Louis Farrakhan??? I believe you need to keep focused on the above story.

    • Colette

      Dearest Charlie – No. Just stop. Thanks.

  • marc

    See once again your small white mind shows proof to what i’m saying. Why do you think only blacks think this of your people Truth Betold. I’m not black, didn’t type my race in my comment any time someone says something about your race whites think it’s a black person. Other races think the same way about the white race as well and that’s truth be told. I guess the black leaders don’t stand up and speak out against violence in other countries for the same reason your white leaders don’t maybe because they don’t live there and they’re more focused on what’s happening in their own country. Oh and by the way poor whites where sold as slaves to rich whites as well, it was white people that sold other white people.

  • Ryan

    “Small white mind” haha you’re an idiot marc….can you imagine the uproar if a white person got on here and was using phrases such as “Your people” towards so-called minorities? Or how about “Small black mind” or “small brown mind”? Marc, and I mean this sincerely, your’re dumb, plain and simple, and believe it or not it has nothing to do with your race, you’re just a dumb person, I’m guessing you’ve been told this before. Thank you for making the world a dumber place.

    • Truth Betold

      I like your thinking Ryan. Great comments

    • Ryan

      Oh sorry I forgot Mr. Charlie Avila, you’re also dumb, maybe even more so than Marc. Sorry Charlie but you’re comments, even for the internet are pretty outrageous. I hope that if you are let out in public for any amount of time during the day you have a handler to keep you from causing any trouble

  • Rennie Grant

    Blah Blah Blah. Every time race enters the debate people go bonkers. First of all, MARC. Lets get this out in the open please. Whites do NOT own racism, intolerance, violence, oppression. Got it? Some white people suck, yes thats true, and some white people with loads of cash suck, yes that too is true.
    Some Non-white folks suck, yes that’s true. And yes, even some non-white rich folks suck. Got it. Can we act like we all belong to the same friggin species please. Grow up, get your OWN opinion and make an actual educated choice.

  • marc

    well actually Ryan it’s the whites who really are the so-called minorities, there are more people of color on earth than whites. Whites in the U.S. just love to say that because it makes them feel more safe to believe it’s more of them when it comes to numbers. Also from what you typed in your comment Ryan just to let you know you should have put you’re not your’re. (small white minds I tell you.) Oh yeah, Rennie in my OWN opinion as you put it from what I’ve seen the white race do and have done whites can’t be trusted.

    • Ryan

      Simple type-o, looks like I got it right 4 of the 5 times, thanks though. While we’re on the subject you really should start your sentence with a capital letter, come on now, that’s day one stuff. Back to the point though, what exactly do you think I meant be “So-called minorities”? I meant they’re called that but really are not. Everyone knows this. You seem to have grammar and spelling down but it’s the comprehension you seem to struggle with. Now that you keep proving you are one of the direct reasons why racism in this country will not go away I’d like some specific examples of why whites, over and above all any other race, can’t be trusted. Now thiis has to be something that only whites are evil enough to pull off where there is no example of anyone of any other race being able to pull off.

      • Ryan

        I’d also like to point out I have plenty of friends that are African American, Hispanic, and even Middle Eastern and I see them as none of those things, just my friends, any of whom I would gladly give the shirt off my back to help them. How many white friends do you have Marc? That’s right probably none because as soon as you turned your back we would rob you blind and kick your dog on the way out.

  • Truth Betold

    Wow! Where in the world did this idiot marc go to school. His vocabulary is terrible. @ marc, you really need to be quiet. YOU ARE showing your ignorance.

  • Kaley

    Is he Steve Urkel’s dad?

  • marc

    You’re right….I am showing my ignorance. LOL If I get bored again I’ll type some more off the wall stuff for you guys to comment on now that I know how easy it is to get to you.

  • Oink Oink

    FarraCOON needs to be dropped right in the middle of Tel Aviv and we’ll see if he talks his $ hit there!!!! Black Jack Pershing had the right idea on how to handle these radical moooslims………………..dip the bullets in pig’s blood prior to shooting them!!!

  • J. Moore

    I am a black man… and I will say that I am absolutely disgusted by this… Farrakhan is EXACTLY what is wrong with this world. And people … this Marc person is probably some teenager that lives in his moms basement. Ignore that fool. It’s exactly what he is…. A FOOL.

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