High-Speed DUI Offender Gets 13 Years

JOLIET, IL (STMW) — A southwest suburban man, who was driving drunk at over 100 mph when he caused a crash that killed two passengers in his car, was sentenced Thursday to 13 years in prison.

Scott A. Rossow, 27, of Palos Heights was found guilty by Associate Judge Edward Burmila of four counts of aggravated DUI following an eight-day bench trial that ended Nov. 29, 2009, according to a release from the Will County State’s Attorney’s office.

Rossow was driving a Corvette in excess of 100 mph near the intersection of Francis and Town Line Roads in Mokena in the early-morning hours of Dec. 8, 2006, when he lost control and the car slammed into a tree, the release aid.

Rossow and passengers Christopher Sommers and David Sauseda were all ejected from the vehicle, the release said. Sommers was a friend of Rossow and Sauseda was a relative.

Rossow’s blood-alcohol level was .127 at the time, though his attorney argued at trial that he was not driving. Charges were filed in 2008 after reviews of accident reconstruction reports, the release said.

“This was a horrific and senseless collision caused by a drunken driver whose irresponsible actions resulted in the deaths of two men,” State’s Atty. James Glasgow said in the release.

“The investigation and prosecution of this case was complicated by the fact that everyone, including the defendant, was ejected from the vehicle. However, fine work by police in the field…left no doubt that Scott Rossow was the driver in this high-speed DUI crash,” Glasgow said.

Rossow had been arrested and charged with narcotics trafficking in Kentucky in October 2010 while awaiting trial in the aggravated DUI case, the release said.

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  • asdf

    spank it!! dont break it!

  • Timothy McGrath

    Good. Let him ROT in prison. Maybe next time he’ll think twice before drinking then driving, but probably not.

  • Ann Myers Soutter

    wonder how much of the 13 years he will actually serve…

  • Joe Suburbanite

    He’s an A—–hole and deserves life in the penitentiary. Maybe he’ll commit suicide and save us all gobs of money.

    • Joe Chicago

      Maybe you need to shut your mouth. If you don’t know all the details you should mind your own business because by talking you become the a**hole. Maybe he’ll commit suicide????? Maybe your mom should have swallowed and saved us from hearing your stupid comments.

      • Mr. Justice

        @ Joe Chicago, it appears you are an idiot. We really don’t care what verbal vomit you have to spew. The man killed two people and he should rot in prison. That, little boy, is called Justice!

  • Slim Slow

    So crash dummies do drink after all.

  • Incomplete?

    Who’d he kill? His friend? His relative?

    • Slim Slow

      He killed that bottle!!

    • Roberta Waker

      Sommers was a friend and Sauseda was a relative. Didn’t say how they were related.

  • righttrack

    How do you fit 3 people in a Corvette anyways???

  • Bill S.

    This guy is a turd for what he did

  • Bill S.

    TURD! TURD! TURD !!!

  • Centurion

    State Trooper Matt Mitchell was not drunk…was driving 125MPH in his STATE SQUAD CAR…and he lost control of his car and killed 2 people. He got 30 months probation. Ideally, Mitchell and Rossow should be roomies in State Prison. BUT, when you are a cop..you can kill people and not be punished for your crimes.

    As for Rossow? 3 people in the Corvette? IDIOT!

  • Roberta Waker

    The accident was 12/8/06; he was finally charged in 2008; trial ended 11/29/09 and he was finally sentenced 3/31/11. Talk about swift justice. Why did it take so long to try him, convict him, and sentence him? No wonder our courts are so backed up.

  • Joe Chicago

    He was in the car in the first place stupid. He’s 27 years old, 13 years is 50% of the time he has been alive that he will now serve in prison. You have got to be kidding me that someone as stupid as you sound can actually read and write.

  • poncie, ponce

    he got what he deserve!

  • Truth Betold

    Folks!!! Please disregard the verbal vomit that spewed from the childish little mouth of Joe Chicago. He is a puking liberal and wants all of us to feel sorry for this individual who was drink and killed two people. It appears he doesn’t want anyone to be responsible for their own actions.

    • Joe Chicago

      @Mr Justice….What do you know about justice? Your idea of justice is for you to sit at home and decide on things you do not have all the information on. You sir, are the idiot. My “verbal vomit” littleboy is what I hope you choke on as you try to digest the BS you write about.

      @Truth Betold…again someone decides to write when they should just keep their mouth shut. First, know how to write before you look stupid on the internet. It would be “drunk” not “drink” Way to go public school!! I don’t want “you” to do anything, or anyone else to feel “sorry” for this man. What you should do is keep your immature, uninformed opinions to yourself. I do want YOU to be responsible for your stupid post and to not waste anyone else’s time reading your trash.

      • Truth Betold

        @ Joe Chicago…..Anytime and Anyplace little man

  • SF Mokena

    First of all you people don’t know Scott and should shut the Fu** up!!! ALL those people chose to get in the car that night. NOONES arm was twisted. They were all grown men and made their own decisions. If they did not want to get into the car there is such a thing called a TAXI or could have made a phone call to be picked up!!! The bar they were at has taxis lined up outside at the end of the night but they all walked to the car and got in..Anyone of them could of been driving, Scott is a very good person,friend,uncle,brother,son and father!!!! Joe Chicago you are right people have nothing better to do then talk BS when they don’t know the facts!!!!

  • Joe Chicago

    @Truth Betold….this little man you think you’re talking to would make you my “little b*tch” WATCH FOR WHAT YOU ASK FOR YOU FAKE INTERNET TOUGH GUY, BECAUSE IT MAY JUST HAPPEN

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  • ME

    Just for everyones FYI Sommers was sober ……What sober person lets a drunk person drive with their life on the line? Drunk people are unaware at times but sober people are fully conscience of their actions so think again on who you call an IDIOT!

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