Man Accused Of Raping His Son’s Babysitter

ST. CHARLES, Ill. (STMW) – A Kane County judge Friday lowered the bail for a St. Charles man accused of raping his infant son’s babysitter, rejecting prosecutors’ request that he first listen to a tape of the woman’s frantic call to 911.

Judge Allen Anderson reduced Michael L. Listy’s bail from $500,000 to $200,000, meaning the 31-year-old St. Charles man would have to post $20,000 bond to be released from jail. If he does post bond, Listy, who is charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault, would be placed on electronic monitoring, Anderson ordered.

Prosecutors had wanted Anderson to listen to the 14-minute call for help placed by the 24-year-old woman early Nov. 16, but the judge said prosecutors’ account of the crime was enough for him.

St. Charles police said dispatchers received a cell phone call reporting a rape about 3:20 a.m. Nov. 16. They were able to trace the call back to Listy’s house, and the dispatchers could hear through the phone as Listy assaulted the woman, authorities said.

Prosecutor Kelly Orland had asked Anderson to keep Listy’s bail at $500,000, arguing he had failed to appear court in previous robbery and drug paraphernalia cases and his supervision had been revoked in a drunken driving case.

Listy’s attorney, Liz Lovig, had asked that his bail be lowered to $100,000, saying that on the night of the incident, Listy and the woman were both consuming alcohol and marijuana and were playing a drinking game. Lovig said Listy and the woman had some sort of prior sexual contact.

The dispatcher who handled the 911 call at one point commented that the activity heard over the phone line sounded consensual, Lovig said.

Listy and the child’s mother are not married and live separately, Lovig said.

He has been in jail since his arrest, and his next court appearance is scheduled for April 15.

  • faboo

    And that’s what you get in “cracker jacks”!!!!!

  • Larry

    Why was it a 14 min 911 call?

    She should sue the town for everything!

    • MadSam

      Maybe the 911 operator was ENJOYING THE SOUNDS, after all, she said it “sounded consensual”?? I wonder what makes her so knowledgable on the subject of consensual or unconsensual, if a woman is being raped, I imagine to different people, it will sound different ways. This is a bold woman, making a statement like that, I hope she’ll be willing to take the stand and testify to her creditations and medical degrees which make her such a high authority on the matter! This is DISGUSTING…HOPE HER LAWYERS KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

    • Paul

      She shouldn’t get one dime.

    • Pam

      It takes a little time to trace a cellphone call, it’s not instant like a land line.

  • MadSam

    Sounds like the case is OVER! I mean you have the 911 Operator putting in her two cents and saying that the sex she heard during the 14 minute 911 call “sounded COUNSENSUAL” TO HER. The fact that his bail is going to probably be successfully lowered, is another key to which way this is going to go. Notice how she is already be labeled as a drug user and heavy drinker, with a mention of a prior bad act, i.e. playing drinking games and smoking marijuana, was the PREDATOR DRINKING, SMOKING POT AND PLAYING THE DRINKING GAMES HIMSELF?? Also, as for him and her previous having some sort of previous sexual contact, that DOESN’T MEAN HE CAN TAKE LIBERTIES WITH HER ANYTIME HE WANTS…NO MEANS NO. Hopefully she can get herself a better than decent lawyer, one who sees the financial amount that is within reach due to mistakes and violations during this whole sickening event. Rape is the hardest crime that a woman should ever experience, and I believe that all RAPISTS SHOULD FACE CAPITAL DEATH SENTENCE WITHIN A YEAR OF THIER CRIMES. Why waste any more tax dollars on trials and appeals when you have a clean cut case, with everything pointing at the guilty, DNA tests, identifications, prints, well, OBVIOUSLY HE’S GUILTY, GIVE HIM HIS TRIAL AND LET’S GET ON WITH EXECUTING THE SENTENCE. Maybe the judge just might have an ounce of knowledge in that skull and will say, “bail is set, no change.”

    • Sarah

      It’s not obvious he is guilty. The only thing the story mentions is the statement from the alleged victim. Drug and alcohol use doesn’t strengthen her credibility either. It could go either way.

  • James

    The key fact in this story is the 911 call. Was it moans of extacy or screams for help? It’s not hard to distinguish between the two. Just because someone says it happened doesn’t mean it did. I think she got mad for some reason and falsley accused him.

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