Men Charged With Burglarizing House, Slamming Police Car

WHEATON, Ill. (CBS) — Two South Side men are charged with burglarizing a home in Addison this week, then slamming their getaway car into two police vehicles.

Christian Johnson, 18, of the 400 block of East 91st Street, and Antonio White, 25, of the 3000 block of South Michigan Avenue, are both charged with residential burglary. White is also charged with felony criminal damage to state property.

White’s bond was set at $250,000, and Johnson’s at $150,000, by DuPage County Judge Michael Wolfe Tuesday morning.

The DuPage County State’s Attorney’s office says Johnson broke into a house on Plamondon Drive in Addison around 9:30 a.m. Monday, and took several items, including a flat-screen TV and a jewelry box. White waited for him behind the wheel of a getaway car, and they sped off once they had all the stolen items they wanted, prosecutors said.

Elmhurst police eventually caught up to the duo, and tried to pull them over. But White drove at a speed of more than 90 mph and crashed into two unmarked police cars while trying to flee, prosecutors said.

White and Johnson were both arrested after a chase, prosecutors said.

The suspects are being held at the DuPage County Jail, pending a hearing April 21 before DuPage County Judge Daniel Guerin. If convicted, they could face 15 years each in state prison.



    • ERRR

      Kill yourself!!!!! Even though they r wrong they still have families!!!!!!!!!

  • Drew

    Two guys from Chicago’s Southside…burglarize a home in west suburban Addison? I’m missing a connection. Did they know the homeowners? I know brazen acts of criminality happen all the time, but these dudes were a long way from home base. Either way, it’s just sad.

    • northside

      It’s a mobile society. These criminals thought the further away they can do their crime, they won’t get caught.

  • woz

    keep giving out free cell phones and free food and free housing ,not to mention free health care!!!! get jobs and be fruitful for society you bunch of lazy thugs!!!

  • ERR

    Keep an eye on these loosers….im sure a judge will set them free after a slap on the hand…..shame.

  • judy

    Worthless. That’s all they are.

  • kevin


  • N/N

    If You Look at the Photo of these two Guys, You can see that the one on the right looks like the Police Artist Drawing of the Guy that Knocked Down the Woman at the Fullerton Ave. CTA Stop Last Week !


  • mike

    BLACK……of course!
    Before any of you hand me any liberal garbage about “racism” there ARE White perpetrators JUST NOT AS MANY!

    • Tyreese

      It’s only coincidence that they are black. It could happen to anybody.

      • Travis

        If it happened to me, I would kill myself. HaHa

  • bfife

    Too lazy to get jobs!!

  • bfife

    Typical molignons!

    • Montel

      I don’t think they are molignons at all. They’re just trash!

    • Brenda

      Isn’t molignon a type of beef steak?

      • Jack

        No, it’s a Chinese dish, but I think they call it, “Mongolian Beef”.

  • mike

    Yo bfife!!!! SPELL IT RIGHT!!! it’s MULIGNAN!!!!! What kinda dago are you???

  • Benjamin

    Stupid black ass ni@@er pieces of sh!t!!!! Look at these mug shots and try to maintain the anti-racist attitude. This is an example of the worst of the worst. The ugliest mugs you’re going to see. Pay no attention to their race, because that might offend someone. Remember, racism is unamerican!!!

    • Paul

      For once someone actually says what needs to be said!! Thank you Mr. Benjamin for saying it like it is. These two are the bottom of the barrel. A toilet stain that won’t go away. And you’re right, they are probably the ugliest yet.

  • mike

    Hey TYREESE!! Take a look at the disproportionate amount of crimes committed by BLACKS and tell us it’s a coincidence. Blacks commit the MOST crimes and contribute the LEAST to the GNP and you want RESPECT!!!

  • mike

    I’ve compiled a list of cities from the Morgan Quitno Crime Database that shows the safest and most dangerous cities in the US. I paired those cities with the percent of blacks in those cities (from the 2000 Census figures) and it shows that more blacks equal more crime. There were 327 cities listed in the database but for brevity I’ve posted the top and bottom 15.

    Here are the safest cities in the US (with a population over 200,000):

    Rank City, % Black
    1 Amherst, NY 3.9%
    2 Newton, MA 2.0%
    3 Mission Viejo, CA 1.2%
    4 Cary, NC 6.3%
    5 Brick Twnshp, NJ 1.0%
    6 Simi Valley, CA 1.3%
    7 Sunnyvale, CA 2.3%
    8 Colonie, NY 4.0%
    9 Sterling Heights, MI 1.3%
    10 Clarkstown, NY 8.0%
    11 Orem, UT 0.3%
    12 Greece, NY 2.9%
    13 Thousand Oaks, CA 1.1%
    14 Canton Twnshp, MI 4.6%
    15 Livermore, CA 1.6%

    And here are the 15 most dangerous cities (with populations over 200,000):

    Rank City, % Black
    313 Dayton, OH 43.9%
    314 Richmond, VA 58.0%
    315 Kansas City, MO 32.0%
    316 Washington, DC 61.5%
    317 New Orleans, LA 68.1%
    318 Memphis, TN 62.1%
    319 Compton, CA 41.8%
    320 West Palm Beach, FL 33.3%
    321 Tampa, FL 26.9%
    322 Camden, NJ 55.5%
    323 Gary, IN 85.5%
    324 Baltimore, MD 65.3%
    325 St. Louis, MO 52.2%
    326 Atlanta, GA 62.2%
    327 Detroit, MI 83.5%

    • franklin808

      This is a good example of racism in America. You wouldn’t see numbers like this if African-Americans were given the same opportunity as whites.

      • Buster

        Sorry Franklin but, If their familys had put a little more pressure on them they probably wouldn’t be in this situation. Opportunities are there for everyone.
        I remember being taught to read before I went to school by my parents.
        Chances are these 2 idiots cannot read a lick.

      • Steve

        Everyone has the same opportunities. You’re an idiot.

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