How Government Shutdown Could Affect You

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Both sides continue to negotiate, but there is still no budget deal between Democrats and Republicans that would avoid a federal government shutdown this weekend.

Some government services will shut down Saturday if a deal isn’t reached by Friday.

How might you be affected?

If you want to go to a national park, for starters.

The forecast for Saturday? Warmer. It may be a good day to drive down to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. If it’s open.

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A National Park Service representative says it would close, along with every other national park.

Saturday is family day at the Douglas Center for Environmental Education at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. But perhaps not this Saturday – not if the park is closed.

The campground would also be closed. It just opened for the season on April 1.

A park service representative says more than 300 species of birds are migrating through the dunes right now, and it would be a good time for birdwatchers since the leaves aren’t on the trees yet.

The federal court system in Chicago would not be affected right away, says Judicial Services Manager Ted Newman.

He says the filing fee on cases would be enough to keep the court system in business for almost two weeks.

Mail service in Chicago would go on since the post office doesn’t have federal government status anymore.


    get rid of the lackies and the hacks in office might do thier job, term limits, no outside money ……..

  • dora

    start charging taxes to big corporations insted of bleeding the middle class and and trying to cut medicare

  • Skorpius

    Ummm…we own the National Parks and have the right to go in.

  • Joe Patroni

    The top ten per of income earners account for 70 percent of the wealth in this country. Economic inequality is the greatest threat to our democracy. Tocqueville called it “equality of conditions” and noted in 1830 that is why our nation was so robust. The reasoon why the weatthy can enjoy thier wealty is because of a strong, stable legal system… government.

  • what

    Getting ready to cut IRS a check it wouldn’t affect me. Far as parks, I don’t go anyway. Shut it down!

  • Tanya Livingston

    Nobody said democracy was cheap. Taxes are the bedrock of a stable, civilized nation. Shutting down the government means shutting down the courts, law enforcement and anything that provides political stability. We don’t live in the Wild West or Libya for tht matter.

  • Jim

    We would save some serious money!

    • Joe Rellik

      So would giving up my house and living under a bridge.

  • Farmer Bob

    Speaking of De Toqueville, he ascribed America’s unique greatness to its pulpits, even more than to its “matchless constitution.” He said America is great because it is good, and when America was no longer good, it would no longer be great. He also warned that when people discovered they could appropriate other peoples’ wealth by means of the vote, it would be the end of our democracy. He further said that the imposition of equality in all things between the sexes would inevitably lead to “weak men and disorderly women.” He was a very prescient fellow, but you have to be careful what you refer to him in support of.

    As concerns “a strong, stable legal system,” we appear to have had that even during the times when federal government confiscated only a scant fraction of our national income, compared with the twenty per cent and climbing that it steals today.

    And as concerns giving up a house and living under a bridge, there was a time called the mid-twentieth century when a single-income family could afford a house and the bridges were in much better shape.

  • Lisa

    Dear CBS News,

    The government shut down is very disappointing to me. I who have always voted Democrats decided that I wanted to have some Republicans in the house to see if they could help in getting the economy back on track. It turns out that they are on better than having a house full of Democrats. The American People are very disappointed with this. Do these people think of anyone else but themselves? They act like our teenagers. This is very bad. The American people need to find an entire new group of people to put into office next election. The group we have now is setting a very bad example for our country, our children, and for families. Maybe this is because they have nothing to lose.

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