Man Arrested After Going 123 MPH In Plainfield

PLAINFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — For the second time in nine days, Plainfield police have pulled over a driver who was going more than 100 miles per hour along Illinois Route 59.

At 2:35 a.m. Thursday, a Plainfield officer spotted a Honda Accord speeding down Route 59 between 119th Street and 127th Street. The officer’s squad car radar system recorded the car going 123 mph, in a 45 mph zone.

“At 123 mph, a vehicle would go the entire distance of a football field in only 1.66 seconds,” Plainfield Police Traffic Sgt. Eric Munson said in a news release.

The driver, Abdelhalim Khoga, 24, of Lisle, was arrested and charged with aggravated speeding, a misdemeanor.

The arrest comes nine days after a teenager – who also was driving a Honda Accord – was pulled over on Route 59 near 135th Street after he was caught driving 108 mph.

If convicted, Khoga would not be eligible for court supervision and could be sentenced to up to a year in jail and fined up to $2,500. He also could have his driving privileges suspended.

  • Chris

    Maybe the speed limit should be raised. I hope he’s got a good attorney, maybe they can get it knocked back to basic speeding. We will all pray for him.

    • AK

      Thank you
      prayers are appreciated
      an for the record i was not arrested

  • Mister.trouble

    srdib you’re very angry..get help..everyone has a right to express an opinion

  • Chris

    That’s not a very nice thing to say srdib. It’s not like he robbed a liquor store or stabbed somebody, all he did was exeed the posted speed. Jeez

    • Chrisplat

      Hey, Chris. Go ride with the guy and see if you really like driving down at high speed, crashing through the window with all your weight and have your brain splattered all over the highway. We won’t deal with you anymore.

      • Paul

        He didn’t crash. He was just speeding! Take it easy.

      • Tim Z

        So that makes it OK???????????????????????????

    • David

      There was no crash, just speeding.

      • John R

        But by that line of logic it’s OK to drive drunk as lonmg as you don’t crash?

      • Fred

        No, it’s OK to drive drunk as long as you don’t get caught.

    • srdib

      all he did? what a dope. he could have hit an innocent family and killed them, but thats ok?

    • Evergreen Park

      Yeah, but kinda by a lot. That’s reckless for other people around, you know?

  • Marquette

    It’s actually 1.7 seconds, the cop need to work on his significant digits.

  • srdib

    yeah, angry is right at the stupidity expressed on here. mister trouble get in the back seat with chris and this crazy driver. what if your familiy was tboned by this punk? you know what they say about opinions dont you?

    • Charles

      He didn’t crash, it was only speeding.

  • Dan Rakow

    Plainfield Finest should get REALLY STRICK about all this on what’s going on Illinois Highway 59 and someday there could be a Tragedy if somebody was going 100 MPH and this is extremely serious.

  • Vicky

    Pretty sad that people need to speed in a Honda now; back in my day we had ‘vettes and GTOs.

  • kels~

    THIS is where i live, right there! Me, my family, friends and neighbors are in and out of the those 2 intersections multiple times a day… this person should serve time in prison and have to ride in ambulances for a long time till he sees enough bad wrecks due to speeding till he ‘gets’ it.

  • Tim Z

    To… “Back in the day”… early 70’s GTO’s and Grand Prix had an 85mph automatic engine shut down chip. I

    Anything over the posted speed limit in that area is wrong. Does not matter who did it? It’s still breaking the law. INNOCENT people could have been killed in a split second… Not to mention the driver

    • speed racer

      engine shutdown chip????? Timmy. your a no brain republican jerk. go back to the kid channels where your IQ is even. lol

      • Westmont

        yeah I don’t reall any chips in my 72 cutlass.

  • Tim Z

    “HE” didn’t crash this time!??? So that makes it OK?????? What world where you raised in????? Now I understand why there are so many idiots on the roads today!

  • AK

    The report is not completely correct, the driver was NOT arrested.

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