State Accounting Systems Called Outdated, Messy

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WBBM) — The way the accounting systems for Illinois government work – or don’t work – has some lawmakers up in arms.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Dave Dahl reports, at a state Senate committee hearing on the subject, Auditor General Bill Holland described his findings of a yearlong investigation. Holland said the accounting systems are, in a word, disorganized.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Dave Dahl reports

“The State of Illinois’ current financial reporting system is comprised of over 260 individual financial systems, ranging from manual spreadsheets to computerized databases,” Holland said. “The majority of these systems are not interrelated, and half are over 10 years old.”

Sean Vinck, chief information officer for Gov. Pat Quinn’s office, also made it sound as if financial reporting in Illinois were a haphazard, ramshackle mess. He said it is composed of myriad systems which are out of date, inaccurate, and don’t communicate with one another. Thus, it’s hard to figure out which dollars are where, he said.

As for solutions, Vinck said: “It’s a management solution and it’s a technology solution. We can put out for bid to identify a vendor who can give us a new accounting system. But it’s not a question of just spending money; appropriating money and buying a new system. It’s a long-term process that carries risks and rewards.”

State senators said they were shocked. They want to start by forming a task force revisiting the problem next month.

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  • bob

    The dead beats don’t want a top rate interconnected accounting system-it would then be too easy to spot the graft, corruption, and waste.

    You watch-some “connected” firm will wind up getting a huge no bid contract to automate everything

  • Darlene

    Sure form a task force to look into why the accounting system for the state is horrible. Spend more money that the state doesn’t have to pay for it. That make no sense at all.

  • Love paying taxes

    why would the crooks wanna vote for an accounting system that would work? that sounds like it would make it to easy to spot what thief is stealing how much and from where!! I bet they think the system they have now of just grabbing a handfull of dollars out of the tax payers pockets every time they want sumthing works just fine for them!!! Afterall the taxpayers have deep pockets and wont notice a million here and amillion there!!!!!!!

  • KE

    You do not know how CORRECT all of you are.

    I work for former politicians and when I purchased an automated accounting program — I was almost immediately fired.

    Most politicians do not want ANYONE keeping accurate records.

    Because I set up all the accounts and oversee ALL of the financial transactions, I am the only one who knows the truth with regard to what they report to the government — specifically the IRS.

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