Walter: Not All Springfield Pay Cuts Created Equal

CHICAGO (CBS) — There is nothing a politician likes more than to get credit for saving the taxpayers’ money.

So the leaders of the House in Springfield are yapping about how they’re saving money by making a sacrifice -– not only cutting salaries by 10 percent, but also rejecting a cost-of-living increase. 

Wow! Aren’t they the best. Are they ever.

Until you consider who’s really making the sacrifice. It’s not the leaders of the House, those old heavyweights in Springfield, because they’re not cutting their own salaries or cost-of-living increases.  They’re slicing into the new member of the House, cutting that 10 percent (about $7,000 a year) off the rookie salaries.

Proof of the pudding that the Illinois General Assembly is a place where you don’t have to earn your pay, just your clout.

  • Karen / Mom / Grandmom

    I think those who have signed on to the overspending should cut their pay by a % of what they have signed their name to spending to put us in this place …what do you think?

  • Bonnie

    If the politicians in Springfield really cared anything about the Illinosians they would all cut their salaries and cancel any kind of cost of living increases. At least they get to keep their jobs. Like so many of us will lost our jobs with these cuts. At least these politicians will not have to worry about where they are going to live, how are they going to feed their children (family), where will they get health care if a member of their family get sick. No they want, yes they can still send their children to private schools, go on their regularly scheduled family vacations, go grocery shoppong without hestation, run to their private physicians with free health care, pay their household bills these politicians got it made. Yet instill thses same politicians with their cup of coffee seats around acting like they actually care about the Illinois People.

    • Jim

      They will tell you that you are the most important person in the world and then turn and spit it your face; the only reason they care about you is because you are paying their fat salaries. They care about your wallet and how they can get their hands on more of your hard earned money while working a part time job. I would rather pay our military solders on the front lines $84k/yr instead of the worthless politicians.

      • My thoughts

        …they all need to be voted out, set term limits, public service, not public welfare, these political hacks are just as bad as those welfare slobs who doesn’t work. the ethics should be once you leave office cannot get a state job for ten years, ALL hiring is posted for thirty days open results on interciews since WE are the “suppose” bosses ….any tpye courruption, hiring family,friends…cery stiff jail time no chance parole …say twenty years , should detour the nosense….public watch dog,…stream line ALL local goverment….WE need to take OUR country back, instead these hacks welcome illgal crimmal invaders.

  • Jim

    Our Government does not work. We need to change the way it operates and reduce or eliminate all of these crooks. Turn management functions over to Management companies.

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