Gas Prices Climbing Toward $5 Per Gallon

UPDATED 04/11/11 10:57 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — At one time, $5 per gallon gas seemed like a far-fetched idea, but that is no longer the case.

As of Monday, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in the Chicago area is $4.11, compared with $3.71 a month ago, and about $3.10 a gallon at this time a year ago.

Some experts say $5 per gallon gas is possible by Memorial Day-or sometime in summer. Others caution that reaching that mark is unlikely over the next six weeks. In Chicago, the prices keep rising to near-record levels–with no relief in sight.

Right now, oil markets are so skittish that records set in 2008 could fall.

Drivers Monday morning were practically numb to the price spikes.

“What are you going to do?” said Shannon Thompson. “We’ve become so gas-dependent in this country. There are so many SUVs. I mean, I’ve had a hybrid. It worked great. Right now, I’m just going to deal with it.”

Prices at some gas stations outside the city were still below $4, a bargain compared to the $4.29-$4.40 range at some service stations downtown.

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“It’s painful,” said Lamar Magee. “You’ve got to make a decision on where you drive and where you go nowadays.” He said he is “definitely” making changes to his routines.

Magee says it will cost him about $120 to fill up the 30-gallon tank on his van.

But even that pales in comparison to the big rigs. Truck driver Mark Kanarowski says his truck holds 200 gallons.

“It’s got to be a huge expense for the company,” Kanarowski said. “I went to St. Louis over the weekend to fill up my own car, and I was paying about $4.13 a gallon. It hurts.”

A limo driver shared his thoughts as he filled up his tank at the Des Plaines Oasis.

“Normal-sized tank, big price – when you get done at the pump, it’s killing business, and a lot of one-way trips now,” he said, “like I’m going to get somebody this morning, and I’m not bringing him home. His wife will probably bring him home, because everyone’s trying to save a little bit here, a little bit there.”

The Lundberg Survey says the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded as of Monday was $3.76. That is up 19 cents since March 18, and up 91 cents since this time last year.

The sharply rising prices hearken back memories of the summer of 2008.

That year, oil prices were driven well above $100 per barrel, and in June of that year and gas prices were well over $4 a gallon. The highest average record price was $4.34 per gallon, set July 2008.

No one is eager to break that record. But with no end in sight to the turmoil in the Middle East, analysts say we’re likely to do just that – and just as holiday travelers hit the highways for Memorial Day weekend.

  • Roberta Waker

    It isn’t only the oill barons and gas companies making millions; it’s the traders that drive the price of oil up. We need to drill in our own country where supplies are unlimited in the Dakotas alone. Maybe it’s time to outsource our government and replace it with outsiders that will look after the American people.

    • Not Unlimited

      Unlimited supplies? You must not have paid close attention in science when you were a kid. Eventually, the supplies WILL dry up, and we will be forced to either look elsewhere again, or look or another source of fuel.

      • Dan

        Yeah, key word eventually, agree…but when is that?…there is enough to all us to transition to other alternative sources of fuel…till then we should consider drilling it for ourselves. JIMHO

      • D

        Supplies are essentially limitless. To think otherwise shows extreme hubris. Humans need to develop new fuel sources but simply put, fossil fuels will not be used up anytime soon

      • Drill Baby Drill

        Ok ‘eventually’ is a long time, by current estimates we have more than 100 years of proven reserves in this country alone if Nancy and the Dear Leader would let American companies produce them …. That’s a fact.

    • Terry

      UNLIMITED???? It’s a sphere for crying out loud. It will dry up, it’s jst a question of when?

    • hunsaker

      The Donald will put a stop to this dung.

  • Somkey Kielbasa

    Mike what has your president done for you lately,the same as he did for me NOTHING!

    • s

      Do something for yourself!

  • sick & tired of bing ripped off

    it’s all due to speculators, and we are just sitting back taking it. We need to clean out the Gov. and get people in there who will start to take action. Gas Comp are just price goughing us.

    • EndTheFED

      Ron Paul 2012!

      • bored

        anybody but obama or any liberal thats for sure

      • Gibbs Bentley

        “Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction in stolen goods.” ~ H. L. Mencken —

      • j0nx

        I always loved that quote. Unfortunately it is not required reading by today’s youth or else they don’t understand what it means.

    • GozieBoy

      Sorry, you guys just don’t know how “speculating” works, and it’s just too easy a boogie for you to blame. Speculating actually helps to moderate a market. If I feel that a market is overpriced (such as now, if you believe that certain people are trading up the market artificially). If so, then I will also “speculate” and short the market because I believe it would inevitably come back down since it is artifically high. My and others shorting the market will then dampen any unsubstantiated price inflation. If you believe that the market is articially high due to unscrupolous speculators, then short some oil and beat them at their own game.

      Having said that, oil moves up and down due to supply and demand, as well as perceived risks in the markets (maybe like what we are seeing now, and a possibility of unrest in Saudi). That is ALL that I see.

      • BuddyPopcorn

        The oil market is going to crash down with a stupifying thunder just like it did in 2008. In spite of everything going on the market is glutted with product. Wars, earthquakes, lack of drilling in gulf have not even dented the glut we have right now. The consumer does not have the cash to pay for the product at this cost and the run up is not sustainable. Repeat 2008.

      • Klaus Larry Fischer

        Well heck Gozie, you’re no fun al all :P, let’s see a little more reckless panic driven dialog eh?

      • finalturismo

        Cant wait to see the look on your face when we arnt using dollars in this country any more….

      • J0nx

        Funny watching you guys flail around for why this is happening. Look to Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve for the reason as to why you are paying out the a$$ for food and fuel these days. It’s called quantitative easing aka debasing our currency. Speculation in the oil markets is some of it as well. Supply and demand and OPEC have exactly D**k to do with the prices we are seeing now.

      • Roberto

        The way speculation works is like this…If the interest rates are low and the dollar is worth anything then traders place their bets against oil and gold raising their value. Is has to do nothing with demand or risk in the middle east althought maybe a little. The problem is oil should not be in the market, it is a first necessity item like it was years ago. The problem is there are some greedy people that on purpose create speculations and rumors to artificially raise its value and that is the real problem.

      • Larry

        That’s all that you see because you are gainfully employed or a company owner. As for me, a Computer Scientist with nearly 30 years of experience and several degrees, I can’t find work. So this is a back-breaker. Think outside yourself… you may “enjoy” a similar experience one day.

      • Teacher

        Not enough players in oil to make it work like a normal market. Too much oil is controlled by too few speculators so price manipulation is easy. The hammers have no choice but to keep driving the price up until they can attract enough suckers into the market for a rally they can sell into and then open up their short positions to ride the crash on the way down. That suckers rally is not there yet. It’s still the same hammers buying and selling to each other to drive the price up. Or, if you live in GozieBoy’s world, everything is fine. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    • fthomas cain

      Thank a Democrat, Liberal and Environmmentalist – for the high gas prices- they have not allowed exploration drilling or a new refinery since 1976 even though demand has qaudrupled. Dems energy policy is having us all drive a bycycle and read by candlelight ieating tofu and wearing our little green HEMP MAO suits!

  • Pcc

    Why doesn’t Congress make spectulating on oil against the law????

    • Mark

      I’m one of those evil speculators (a retail trader) I am currently long on oil and you are saying this is my fault? Let me clue you in a little. Speculators take all the facts in and try to figure out where oil prices will be in 6 months. Here are some of those facts. Emerging markets are using more and more oil. There is a limited supply, even a minor drop in supply ie Libya will make prices go up. Obama wants to stop off shore drilling in this country and is opposed to drilling in places like Alaska. And most of all, the feds are spending like drunken sailors causing the dollar to drop (oil is directly pegged to the dollar). And you blame people like me for buying oil? Get your facts straight buddy…

      • scott vines

        You are 100 percent correct! Also, when oil eventually gets too expensive, guess who will have the capital to develop alternatives? The “speculators” (and not just oil speculators). Anyone who has a 401k, a pension plan or any other investment is a speculator, so this guy is probably either a young punk, a bum or a hypocrite. Unfortunately, it seems most people are either too ignorant or stupid to figure out how markets work. They just want somebody to lower the price, as if price and supply are independent of each other and can somehow be effectively manipulated on a whim.

      • Greg

        You’re part of the problem. I can’t wait until the bubble pops and vermin like you are out on street corners with cardboard signs. Then we’ll all be broke together, bro.

    • Clark Nova

      The plan is to sell all oil from ANWR to Japan, just like all of the oil that comes down the Alaska Pipeline ends up overseas. Oil goes where the price is highest. Shipping Alaskan oil to the lower 48 is prohibitively expensive.

    • SuBo

      This reply is directed to gphx: When George Bush was in office deregulation and no oversight made the housing and bank collapses inevitable. Gas prices in 2008 were equally outrageous not to mention the Presidential slap in the face when he advised us we are “addicted to oil” then offered no solutions. These were the original contributors to our currency losing value.

      Speculation is a huge part of this issue but oil prices are also being influenced by the various uprisings in the middle east. We will need to get serious about alternative energy and we will only be able to do this is we can keep politics out of it. If not…we will go the way of ancient Rome. We’re halfway there now.

    • Dan

      Why can’t we drill our own oil? 3rd wold nations are going to be drilling for us soon in the gulf…why do we have to prop them up?

      • Clark Nova

        It wouldn’t affect the price. Oil extracted in the US is sold on the world market like all other oil. Our few drops would make very little difference in price. Price is driven up by a handful of criminal hedge fund managers on Wall Street. Every extra cent you’re spending on fuel today ends up in their pockets.

      • earl

        Why don’t we buy oil from everyone else while it’s still cheap, and then sell them ours for outrageous prices when they’re all tapped out?

      • Paxnhymn

        where you been? Cuba now has 3 rigs drilling less than 100 miles off the Gulf…

      • LibsSuck

        Those are Chinese rigs drilling in the Gulf – the Chinese made a deal with Cuba in 2009 – right about the same time the Dems in Congress banned US drilling in the area. Our govt is full of short-sighted morons…

      • Neal

        Simple answer… because of the environmentalists in this county.

      • Tom

        Why? It’s all about the transfer of wealth. America is evil and must become dependant upon 3rd world countries to even things out. We have become dependant upon foriegn oil, moved our jobs off shore, and subsidize just about all the nations on earth. Give ’em the wealth baby, give ’em the wealth! Now that’s change we can believe in, ain’t that right Obama!?!

      • seegerch

        Obama just gave money for Brazil to drill offshore and the oil goes to China.
        Not the United States!
        What’s wrong with this picture?

      • tyrone

        because democ rats despise their own country and want it destroyed so they can take over completely and to do this easily is to make oil as high as possible and in addition cause as much anarchy as possible by allowing 30 million illegal aliens to run wild across the usa unchecked

      • jevus

        just think about how much money these oil are going to make when the year is over , if gas prices continue to increase were seeing oil companies making billion dollar profits even trillion dollar profits. What I am getting at is how much of that profit is taxable the answer is nothing. With a big us budget deficit why isnt the federal goverment taxing these oil companies who this year are going to record profits.In the end the poor and middle class always loose.

      • Rally2xs

        tyrone – you got it, but its even more insidious, with communists and socialists in the EPA that are driving this nonsense. Sure, there are the democrat Cloward-Piven “tear it down and build it up into utopia” loons, but the evnrowackos are also going about a strategy to eviscerate America.

    • Are Speculators Financial Terrorists?

      Maybe because of such a huge oil lobby making backroom deals with a corrupted system. IMO one has to reinvent the energy supply chain by replacing the gas at the pump with a device that will attach to a generic type of carburetor, that will accept the “cracked” form of H2O, and convert it into hydrogen gas and oxygen, and use the H2 gas to power the vehicle. Electric sucks unless it’s extracted from something like a magnetic motor – then it’s REAL cheap. Otherwise, hire mercenaries to protect the drilling and production of oil at home, then the enemies will be the EPA, government, and just about every other organization that will suck the blood out of a turnip.

      • Roberto

        yes just like speculators created a bubble out of mortgages(financing homes) and insurance (derivatives) that later on crashed deswtrying our economy.

      • jb

        LOL! Why not just install the Mr Fusion from Back to the Future?

      • Mike Sulhoff

        Obviously you don’t understand that “cracking,” as you call it, cost way more energy than you get out of the molecule of Hydrogen.

        Um, electricity from a “magnetic motor?” I don’t even know what that means.

        Congrats on thinking outside the box, but you have to stay in reality, too.

      • texaswhimp

        Electric is never going to be realistic. Down here is Texas we have travel trailers, boats and toys to pull around. Also there is a hidden cost to the smaller fuel efficient cars and that is they are really dangerous if you get in an accident. Are you willing to trade in your safety for a few bucks? How many people have died as a result of being echo friendly?

      • RogerCfromSD

        Roberto, you are wrong. It was the Democrats and their Community Reinvestment policy that lead to the housing bubble. That, in turn, lead to garbage mortgage loans that banks were forced to make. Forced to make because of Democrats. Then, these garbage papers were turned into what Wall Street called toxic assets; which were used to speculate with.

        Wouldn’t have existed to the extent that they did had Obama, Frank, and other Communists not threatened banks in the firt place. Government interference!

      • Rally2xs

        texaswhimp – “Never” is a long time. All we need is the magic battery breakthru, and you will have electric 18 wheelers that store more electricity than the diesel they replace. We just need that battery, and then our vast resources of multiple ways of generating electricity, from conventional coal, gas, nuclear, and hydro, to the exotic stuff like solar, wind, etc. We have no lack of energy resources. We just don’t have enough oil under production here. Electricity – and the magic battery – will change that.

    • Glubber

      You are correct, sir! When Bush dropped the drilling moratorium in the gulf, oil prices dropped DRAMATICALLY!! If you remember, it when down by HALF! But what did Obama do? He put the ban back on. Don’t liberals see this? Of course they don’t, which is why I have a bumbersticker, “I’ve NEVER met an intelligent Democrat…”

    • gphx

      The problem of rising oil prices in the US isn’t currently due to supply. It’s due to Obama and the Fed turning our currency into toilet paper. When a given currency is based it takes more of it to buy the same products. Inflation is theft. Thanks to Obama we have the Carter years all over again.

    • mark

      because that’s not legal – it’s a free country. Congress should not mess with the markets – that is how we got into this mess with mortgages in the first place. There’s a simple lever, it’s called demand and supply. Right now demand outstrips supply – so let’s allow drilling, oil shale and really invest in the domestic resources we have to increase supply, and the prices will fall

      • erik

        mark, pull your head out of the sand. There’s more supply than OPEC knows what to do with it. gphx is right about the Fed and Obama (mostly the Fed) and their involvement in the devaluation of the US dollar. You might as well wipe with a dollar now – it aint worth s&*t!

      • JC Austin

        There’s plenty of supply right now. That’s a load of BS.

      • a different Mark

        Just because you don’t see the amount of fuel being used in China and India (two emerging markets), you think, “there must be oil laying around everywhere”. There is a tremendous supply of oil, however, the demand still out paces it. This isn’t to say that speculation isn’t driving up the price as well. Merely pointing out that demand is much greater than supply. We could add to that supply by drilling in the gulf and ANWR, but the tree huggers will never allow it. Nobody wants it in their back yard. I would like to point out that if there was oil in my backyard, i’d gladly pump it from the ground.

    • Animal

      Too bad about that pesky old Constitution, eh?

    • Billy

      Good idea more government intervention and less free markets.

    • yakko

      better yet..give us a 3-enviro-whacko bag limit per month.

    • Mark

      SuBo, if there was a viable alternative energy source that could replace oil, we would already be using it. Natural Gas is a better solution currently than oil, but we won’t even use the 200 years worth of nat gas. The Bush administration’s over spending started devaluing our currency, however, since the present administration is printing 2 trillion a year. How can you expect our dollar to be worth anything. It is the policy of the fed to keep our currency undervalued. Yet, we criticize the Chinese for this almost every day. Please stop with the deregulation talk. Unnecessary regulations are put into place and held sacred like its religious and areas that need regulation, get none. I heard former Speaker Pelosi and some of the other democrat leaders over the weekend say that to keep the internet we must regulate it. You don’t keep anything by regulating it. Regulation is just code speak for controlling the message and the sources of info on the internet. Do you think that if Ms. Pelosi could just wave a magic wand and get whatever she wanted accomplished with the internet, that there would be equal access for all. Or would it be George Soros wall-to-wall? Thanks for your time. I hope everyone has a great day.

    • AJ Baker

      Clark Nova you are wrong. None of the Alaska oil goes overseas. It is a law that it is only to be used in America. The same would happen with ANWR oil. It would be used in America only. I have lived in Alaska since 1952, get your facts straight.

    • Gibbs Bentley

      “The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business.” ~ Clarence Darrow


    • deimos

      because it is done on the world markets and a law like that would have no effect at all. the only thing that would help is more gas. drill here drill now and build refineries.

    • Fedora

      This is a free country, Pcc. If you believe this is a speculation-driven increase, you can always “speculate” that prices will keep going up. Not that sure after all, are you? Then stop trying to tamper with the free market.

    • Biffdavenport

      Where is the outrage? How many socialist did they interview before they found complacent lemmings who will just accept this? This is BS and the socialist regime in charge needs to change THEIR ways, we should not be held hostage by the communist Green No-growthers.

    • Lauren

      In one of his speeches, Obama has stated that the best way to combat global warming is to push the price of gas up, and that his short term goal is $ 7 a galon of gas….

  • Lew

    Hey DG,

    What about the evil Democrats that consistently nickel and dime us? Did our income taxes ever jump this high under a Republican governor in IL?

  • Jim

    The reason why gas prices in Chicago are typically the highest in the nation is because of the taxes. Those damn Republicans that run Chicago are horrible…oh wait who runs Chicago?

    • David H

      Look at all cities run by Dem’s or Lib leaning cities, San Fran. L.A. Chi, N.Y. Taxes and gas prices are at the highest.

  • Carr Mann

    We all are feeling the pinch. This prices are so ridiculously high that many will decice to take the bus or train. Is there any rocket scientist that would design and build a car that runs on water?
    At the turn of the century trains were runing on water to get to the far West. So, if there are any brainy individual out there… please… design and make vehicles that are solar powered because the intensity of heat due to the warming of the earth will make cars run faster and more durable on the long run.
    We also need more electric cars and busses that will takes to work and not spend so much on gas.
    Does anyone knows if there are at least some ideas on how to proceed on this wonderful ideas so people will have a chance to save some money and clean our air that is full of menacing particles that comes from car, bus and airplane exhaust systems?

    • jes2

      Sorry, Carr – great ideas, but they aren’t practical or energy efficient.

      The trains that you speak of ran on steam…. and coal or wood to heat the water to make the steam. The engines were high maintenance and downright dirty (air quality). I love trains, but you’re not likely to see them come back.

      Solar powered cars? That technology may never be developed, and PLEASE don’t start that nonsense about “global warming” – that has been totally debunked and discredited.

      Electric cars and busses? Fine – how are you going to make the electricity? You’ll find that they are a pure negative from an energy perspective, and totally impractical in half the country during cold weather.

      “Menacing particles”? Please – our cars and busses are burning cleaner than ever, our overall air quality has been meeting EPA standards, and if you want to ride, you’ll have to put up with the rest.

      May I suggest that you yourself embarq upon a mission to find an alternate energy source for transportation? Then, and only then, will you learn that it is far easier to wish than to receive…

      • ron lewis

        you’re being polite, Jes2. Carr Man’s post was a waste of pixels. You say “good ideas” as if he came up with that. Any 2nd grader has as much insight as CM offers.

      • Darren

        Global warming is far from a debunked or discredited theory my friend, perhaps it is you who needs to do some of your own research

      • Julie

        Hey Darren, my friend, you’re right “Global warming is far from a debunked or discredited theory”…It isn’t far from it at all because global warming/climate change or whatever new theory cliche you wish to use, IS and HAS BEEN debunked and discredited. Now go back to your studies of Al Gore talking memos. You know Al don’t you? He’s the guy who is so sure the oceans are going to rise 20 feet that he just paid $8 million for an ocean front mansion overlooking the Pacific. *LMAO* FOLLOW THE MONEY Darren. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

      • pat barker

        is that you Albert….albert “the hutt” gore???

      • Gunny G

        Lay off the crack pipe. GloBULL warming/cooling/climate change is a hoax. Man-caused? Yeah, right.

      • darren

        I’ll be you spell evolution “evilution” too. I’d hasten to guess you’re another navel gazing creationist muppet.

      • jxgrab

        Global Warming is Man-Made-Up

      • ellysnow1

        Global Warming is a natural occurrence that has happened through out time.

      • zorki1c

        Darren: you and the pu$$y in the White House are both idiots.

      • darren

        Actually we both have university degrees but that’s where the similarities end my friend.

    • Gary

      Carr, where in your comment did you say you would do what you say others should do? Didn’t think so…that’s exactly how libs view the world and why we are in the trouble we are in today…because of lib thinking being enacted into the law for all.

  • David H

    Lately, what has he done since he took office?

    • Carolyn1111

      Gone of vacation

  • Jerzey Boy

    True, drop outs vote for clowns that will feed them. God forbid they actually have to work for a living.

  • CCPony

    That’s just about the stupidest thing that I’ve ever heard.

    • Brian

      Ditto what CCPony said!

    • pray4war

      well said…

    • Hercules

      And this guy probably votes

  • Dan

    He’s done too much if you ask me…

  • Eugene

    So by this reasoning, the Democratic congress caused the 2008 meltdown?

    • Steve In Tulsa

      In 2007 democrats doubled the deficit with their budget. In 2008 they purposefully destroyed three million jobs in the two months following the Minimum Wage Hike. In 2009, well Bush never even SAW that budget because Democrats did not want the budget to influence the election so they just didn’t pass one. Sort of like this year when the democrats refused to pass a budget for this year. In 2006, the last year of Republican budgets, the deficit was 168 billion and unemployment was at 4.6. Here we are after four and a halfyears of democrats writing the budget and teh deficit is 1.7 TRILLION and real unemployment is 17%. In many areas it is much higher. Thank democrats and, especially, Thank Obama who promised to raise the cost of gas and energy and to bankrupt energy companies.

    • fthomas cain

      They were very complicit-as their failed fiscal policies from 2006 to 2008 spent unprecedented amounts of money and forced banks to make loans to people who were not qualified and had little or no down payments or equity. The Dems spent 5.6 trillion under Pelosi and Reid and what do we have to show for it? Failed banks, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the bailout of their big union supporters so they could fund their unsustainable pension plans in both the private and public sectors. Do you think Obama really cared about GM? no it was the UAW, SEIU, Goldman Saks. AIG and all the unions that contributed 500 million in campaign contributions

  • George

    OK, so please underline the connection for me as I am a bit daft. The republicans took over one half of one third of the government and they suddenly control gas prices? Give me a break from your idiocy dude. I can just as easily say that Obama’s cronies were holding down prices in the hope that Democratic losses would not be so big. But I am not that big a dimwit. Its pure and simple – the more this government gets itself into hoc, the higher prices will go as inflation starts ravaging our fine land. PIMCO just announced its going to short US bonds and dollars because it just does not trust us to stop print dollars.

  • Gerry

    Gas prices were under $2 within the past 2 years. Whose head needs to roll for this insanity?

    BTW I stopped driving at $3/gallon

    • boffmann

      Cheapest gas in Southern California was around 25c/gal before the Arab oil embargo. It then went up into the 60-70c/gal range. Don’t know where you got this $2 price, unless that would be it adjusted for inflation

    • brook ashby

      gas was at $1.24 in September of 2007 MORON!

    • StopBreathingAlready

      you’re an idiot

    • dannyboy

      Not true.

    • Grrant

      You are completely wrong! I bought a new econo-box in 2003 when I felt it was too expensive to own an SUV any longer. Gas was around $1.50 a gallon. I had a long commute, and made the decision that at $1.75 / gallon I had to move closer. The higher rent that went along with the move worked out to be cheaper than the gas at that price. What used to be $15 for a full tank is now over $40.

      Why don’t you research before you start calling people morons. You’re about 30 years off with you 1974 number.

    • JohnnyCon

      Merlin, you are really uninformed. And you call someone a moron? It was under $2 when he was inaugurated, and MANY time since 1974. You are just not too bright.

    • NYC sucks

      More like 2002. Back in the 1990’s gas went above $1.00 and stayed more than $1.00.
      2002 is when gas prices became outrageous.
      Thank London and New York for the crazy prices. Commodity traders.

    • Jason

      Interesting, considering I paid $1.90 a gallon less than 18 months ago, moron.

    • Chris

      What planet do you live on merlin? I paid 79 cents for a gallon of gas in 1999, in Albuquerque NM.

    • PatBattle

      Really? Since 1974?!? Gas was below $1 a gallon in the 70’s and much of the ’80’s.

    • AJsDaddie

      $1.60 a gallon, January 2009.

    • BBurt

      That is not correct. In mid-December 2003, a USA Today article said: “The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline was $1.465 this past Monday.” They were referring to the official national average price.
      Quit calling names, and do a little basic research before you mouth off.

    • LibsSuck

      Merlin, have you perhaps lived in Europe? I started driving in 1983 – gas was around $1.00/gallon at that time. I remember thinking $1.79 was a lot. You might want to yank your head out of your posterior…

    • Larry

      Uhhhh. Don’t know where you get your numbers dude. As one who was born in 1955, I can assure you that gasoline was no where near $2.00 per gallon in 1974. I graduated from high school in 1973 near SF California and was paying around 65 cents per gallon. Just because you have a “smart” phone and live on Twitter doesn’t mean you are an expert.

    • Mary

      Gas was 99 cents a gallon in Seattle when we lived there in 1998-2000 so you are the moron and are incorrect.

    • Mark

      I wonder where Merlin went.

    • Stuart Morrison

      Apparently you have been living under a rock mr Merlin sir. Gas didn’t even break $2.00 until 2002-2003 in California at that!!! Maybe you should check your facts before you call someone else a moron.

    • Phenry

      Good lord what planet were you on in 1974????? I remember driving to work in 1978 when we had Obama 1, aka Jimmy Carter, and got extremely angry when the price of gas went to 0.75 cents a gallon!!! Do some research, you made yourself look totally ignorant.

    • Bob Rhea

      Sorry Moron, Gas was $1.81 when O’bummer took office Could Obummers decision to shut down drilling in the Gulf, stop drilling on the East and West Coast, stop Oil shale projects in Utah, and shut down drilling in Alaska, one where Shell Oil paid his Administration 2.5 Billion for, plus not drilling Anwar, have anything to do with rising gas prices. If you remember he promised #4 to @5 dollar gas prices to encourage conservation.

    • Nancy

      Have you been out of your cellar in the last 37 years?

  • Joe

    This #$@@@@@@ “president” has to go. He MUST be voted out, or kicked out, ASAP. I’m tired of seeing my country ruined.

    • mooster65

      The problem is most of these people complaining about him probably voted for him. I hope that hope & change is working for those morons!

      • Monnie

        The problem is that we who realized that he had never so much as run a lemonade stand and had only distributed money taken from tax payers who earned it, and distributed it around to those who hadn’t, called “community organizer” had NO idea how to run a government, and we still don’t know who all the “czars” are, or how much of our money they are paid!

    • dannyboy

      We’re all stuck with him. But, his voters need to suffer so they won’t make the mistake again. 2008 showed us how we needed, more than perhaps ever in the history of this great country, an exceptional leader. We got Obama instead.

      Everyone with half a brain could see this coming, and we tried to warn them, but they were too starstruck to listen.

      • mauibucky

        so… you tried to warn us ? How, by voting for Palin and her cranky old running mate? Yeah , right!!!

      • Hope & Change

        Yup… CHANGE they wanted… now they just HOPE they’ll have some left in their pockets…

      • LibsSuck

        Danny, HIS voters are all recipients of aid (actually, 47% of the country receives some sort of Federal aid) – they certainly won’t bite the hand that feeds them. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this poor excuse of a POTUS win a second term – after all, Dems are experts at buying and rigging elections. Just look at Connecticut – thousands of mystery ballots from Bridgeport put Malloy in the Governor’s mansion.

      • Bill

        dannyboy…After McCain was nominated, I KNEW we were in trouble! I saw Obama as a charismatic orator and he fooled the people. I didn’t like McCain and had to hold my nose to vote for him. Actually it was vote AGAINST Obama.
        I knew the man would win after he fooled the American people…

  • Rose

    Author: the poll neglects an obvious possible answer, giving higher gas prices only.

    Q: have higher fuel prices _already_ caused you to alter your driving habits?

    A: yes

    • AJsDaddie

      Agree with you there, Rose.

      Heck, I already have changed my shopping habits. If I have to drive ten miles to save a dollar on some groceries, it isn’t worth it.

      • Linda

        I haven’t worked in so long and never received any unemployment and I can’t drive anymore anyway. How can I change my habits if I can’t drive my car that my car insurance keeps going up and I’ve drained my loving family who are going down next!

    • Dewey


  • Arthur

    nice to see all the Obama voters get their butts kicked at the gas pump. This is what Obama voters deserve.

    • LibsSuck

      See, you’ve got it all wrong. This is what Obama and his voters want. They want us all driving little electric cars and using recyclable shopping bags. It’s all part of the agenda… The enviros (who voted for O) think we should be paying $10 a gallon – they don’t think this goes far enough.

      • Diana

        Are you including Social Security and Medicare recipients in that suspiciously high percentage? After 50 years in the work force I don’t believe my modest SS payments are the same as “aid”to the needy. I think 47% is a serious overstatement of the % of people actually getting support payments.

    • Dave

      All democrats deserve this – they started the Dept of Energy in the 70’s to curb our use of imported oil. That didn’t work. They halted the drilling of oil and the construction of nuclear power plants. That didn’t work. All they have done is make us less free and more dependent on government and foreign goods. Vote the rascal out of office!

    • watso

      You got it Author!
      I wonder how much oil stock the beloved Obama has in his portfolio? If he took 18 cents a gallon away (Federal tax), started using the federal Reserve and allowed coastal drilling the price would drop by half.

      • Clark Nova

        Half a cent, maybe. There isn’t enough oil in the US to make any real difference in world oil prices, which are presently controlled by economic terrorists on Wall Street more than by OPEC.

        What makes you think that oil companies would give Americans special low prices just because the oil came from here when they can sell the oil for more overseas?

      • EllieEnlightened

        Clark wake up there is more oil here we wouldn’t need thier oil. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

      • CaspertheGhost

        There is enough oil under the US to make the rest of the world look like a mere drop of oil. Saudis don’t have but about 1/2 of what US does.

    • t from NJ

      Art,your right .Here in NJ I saw a heck of a lot of large SUV’s,luxury SUV’s and those large pickup trucks with “Laborer Local XXX for Obama” “Electricians Local xxx for Obama” and the SUV’s with that donut hole “O”. Let them pay!!!

      • Aldo

        Right. And all of those Teapublicans are driving Hybrids or walking to work. Sure. Funny, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that construction workers will drive big trucks and they usually are members of a union. That’s it idiots. Keep slitting your own throats. Meanwhile, the corporate big wigs are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • John

    Obama is giving 2 billion American tax dollars to George Soros, so that he can fund a drilling expedition in Brazil, so the Chinese can HAVE the oil? Can this be true? Shouldn’t such a president be impeached for treason? Check it out for yourself.

    • Stephen

      If you doesn’t the Chinese will stop buying our treasury notes. If that happens, you can forget about Medicare, Social Security, defense spending and/or deficit reduction. This would lead to much higher unemployment, a big decrease in consumer spending or a big increase in inflation, a much lower standard of living and civil unrest throughout the U.S.

    • moon

      yes this is true thanks for posting the link i read up on this last year funny how things work.. hopefully more people will know this now thanks again

    • EllieEnlightened

      You just are realizing this? George Soros owns stock in that company. They are also putting in floating storage tanks. NEVER DONE IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY. No this isn’t Obama’s fault at all.

  • gerry

    I agree! Time to pull an Egypt over here.

  • Eugene

    No it isn’t. There is alot more to supply and demand when it comes to everyday commodities like oil. If you took any economics past 101 you would have learned about all these variables.

    • Jim

      Don’t be so quick to spout your knowledge. His point was the speculators have as much to do with the price of oil as supply and demand does. Maybe you didn’t realize it, but the last year or so oil tankers were full and floating around off the harbors because the supply was so great. We didn’t see prices come down then due to an overage in supply.. Supply and demand is a basic economic theory and a big part of capitalism. Problem is we have not had capitalism in America for quite a few years. In this world today we have to factor in political corruption and economic manipulation by the wealthy and powerful in order to correctly forecast.

  • Hank Warren

    Obama’s failed energy policies, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  • Eugene

    And the evil democratic congress which caused the 2008 meltdown 2 years after being elected. Let’s not forget that.

    Funny how liberals thought this logic idiotic at the time and now they are using it to make their policies look good.


      You are a typical republican moron. Your hero G.W. Bush destroyed the economy so of course you have to blame the democrats for it.

      • Jmac5280

        George bush had an average national unemployment over 8 years of 4.999%, the DOW hit its all time high of 14,000 before the leftist invasion inWashington DC later that year. Gas prices spiked just in time to get Obama elected and dropped as soon as he got the votes. Obama on the other hand has had continually rising gas prices, Exploding deficits that far exceed Bush’s, 9.4% national unemployment, and a classically fascist healthcare policy.(govt working in tandem with corporations to create law over its citizens). You now must but a Gov’t approved heathcare plan from a private corporation or possibly go to jail. Remember it is not simply enough to obey big brother…… you must LOVE big brother.

      • Jmac5280

        Obamas deficit for Feb 2011 was more than George Bushes deficit for the entire year of 2007. Democrats have added 5 trillion to the deficit since 2007.

      • Richard_Iowa

        Federal tax receipts under Bush were at quarter century highs.

      • Joe

        And you are a typical left-wing nut job. You can’t seriously believe this is all the fault of Bush. He was a God-send compared to this little inept twerp of a president. What a freaking joke we have in the White House.

      • Paxnhymn

        Fact check. Ecomony started tanking in 2006 under the new DEMOCRATIC controlled congress Captain Revision!

      • joe

        That all you got? Memorized the talking points eh?

      • Dan

        @ Jeff Gordon – and Obama is fixing it? LOL

      • Howard Scream


        Jerk Giordon, I am SO impressed with your tsunami of intelligence that you have bestowed upon us.

        You see, folks, even a blood clot is capable of speaking – not intelligently because of the highly limited brain, but at least speaking.

      • The gas is too damned high!

        you’re right… it’s Progressives, both R & D.

        Ever notice there’s not much difference between the two? Haven’t had a real choice since 1980.

      • Jay T

        The economy was just finr until NANCY PELOSER and her DIMWITS took over…… Congress controls the money….. she not only has diarrihea of the mouth but of the wallet…!

      • watso

        What is the problem Jeff? Didn’t get your food stamp money this month?

  • harry

    What? Are like four years old? Holy Cow, stunning, no wonder the country is going to pieces, any more brain trust comments like this and we will be goners for sure.

  • Gas Prices Climbing Toward $5 Per Gallon «

    […] Source- […]

  • Basil

    MIke, the prices started climbing this summer after Obama and Holder stopped all drilling in the gulf. You obamoron pukes will say anything.

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