Task Force: Grade Schools On Their Response To Bullying

CHICAGO (CBS) — He was knocked to the ground, kicked in the face, punched in the stomach — the latest target of a bully.

The 13-year-old victim is telling his story just as a task force is releasing recommendations on how to prevent what some call an epidemic. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

“I can’t protect myself from the bullies. I been picked on everywhere I go,” the seventh-grader victim, “John,” told Tucker.

“I feel weak, just real weak, unprepared for the bullies,” he said.

He’d been verbally abused for weeks, and then came the beating a couple of months ago.

“He started pounding my face and I fell to the ground, and he kicked me around my mouth and nose area,” John said.

His mother, Colleen, had no clue her son was being bullied.

“He’s shy, he’s quiet. He keeps to himself. But now I find out that’s what bullies prey on,” she said.

Attorney Brooke Whitted used to be one of the victims. Today, he’s a member of the Illinois task force that recently prepared a 100-page report in hopes of strengthening the state’s bullying law.

Among the recommendations is a mandate that school districts receive a detailed report on bullying cases within two days after the incidents. Districts would monitor schools and grade them on their progress.

Another recommendation: more counseling for the bullies. Colleen definitely supports that idea.

“This time he kicks somebody in the face. What’s going to happen when the weapons get involved?” she said.

The task force has sent its report to state legislators. They’ll be introduced in the fall session.

As for John’s situation, the bully has been removed from the school — for now. John and his mother are hoping he’s not allowed to return.

  • rule of law

    What is the punishment to the bully and what is the reaction of the bully’s parents? Do they realize that they are rearing a future criminal?
    Altho, the bully himself has problems, further investigation of the bully’s homelife is necessary ! This type of behaviour is not, and should never be acceptable anywhere! … What is happening with kids today? Where has society gone wrong ?

    • MrDent

      society weht wrong when society deemed it inappropiate to paddle a kids rear..wether it was from the parent or teachers..i caught mine from family and neighbors when i was wrong…neighbor caught me swearing swack..tell my parents more swacks..act up in school swack..get more at home…seen a commercial for 1800 charlie..a child abuse hotline..made a threat to call and never thought to say it again..it went wrong when children were allowed to be emancipated and divorce their parents..spare the rod and spoild the child..not in my home…

  • James

    Parents need to be held responsible for their children’s behavior. Problem solved. Once again common sense prevails.

    • Elly Helcl

      Unfortunately not all parent’s are willing to disipline their children and many parents feel it is the schools job to “handle” the issue of bullying.

    • Father

      James, this is exactly how I feel, the laws need to be changed. The current laws do not hold the parents responsible their child’s actions so these bullies should be treated as adults and tossed in jail. This particular bully did this to another child a year ago.

  • Elly Helcl

    If my daughter did something like this….I would totally take a belt to her butt….I have never used corporal punishment on my children but I would teach then a lesson for doing something like this…

    Unfortunately, my daughter was the victim of bullying today…she is in 2nd grade and was CHOKED at recess by another 2ND GRADER!!!!

    What is going on that we are raising kids today who believe it is okay to behave this way????

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