WASHINGTON (WBBM) — A wounded U.S. Marine hopes to come home to Antioch next month, one year after losing both arms and legs in Afghanistan.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Regine Schlesinger reports, Marine Cpl. John Peck, 25, is now at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, learning to live as a quadruple amputee.

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Peck suffered a head wound when he fought in Iraq, but when he recovered, he re-enlisted and went to Afghanistan.

A year ago while on patrol, he volunteered as his unit’s minesweeper to look for IEDs.

“I took a step forward; the next thing I know, I’m being flung through the air. Dirt’s in my eyes; I can barely see anything at all,” Peck said.

When he woke from a drug-induced coma two months later, Peck had lost both arms and both legs. He says it’s a struggle, but he has no regrets about his service.

“If I still had my arms, and I was missing a leg or even both my legs, I’d still probably go back,” he said.

Peck says he hopes Americans appreciate the sacrifices of so many soldiers.

His message to them is: “Care about someone besides yourself. Stop bickering. There’s guys out there every day fighting for your freedom.”

Through 27 operations, Peck has had 81 transfusions of blood products. On May 9, LifeSource and the VFW will hold a blood drive for Peck at the VFW Hall in Antioch.

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