Alderman Wants City Sticker Fee Discount For Hybrids, Hike For Gas Guzzlers

Updated 04/13/11 – 4:19 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM) — A Chicago alderman wants to change the pricing for city vehicle stickers to force motorists with big, gas-guzzling vehicles to pay more and give those with more fuel efficient cars a break.

At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, Ald. Proco Joe Moreno (1st) introduced a proposed ordinance that would allow the owners of electric cars to have free city stickers.

As CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports, owners of hybrid or electric cars would get a big break on city stickers. Owners of small hybrids would have to pay $25 for a sticker, rather than the current $75 for passenger vehicles, while large hybrids would pay $65.

All other motorists would have to pay more.

Smaller gas-fueled vehicles would have to pay $95 for city stickers.

Vehicles that weigh more than 4,500 pounds — such as vans, SUVs and trucks — would pay $155, an increase of $35 over the current sticker fee for those vehicles. The largest vehicles, those weighing more than 16,000 pounds, would also pay $35 more than they do now: $455.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780 Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

The alderman said his proposal could bring in an extra $21 million a year in city revenue, but he said money is not the only goal.

“Two goals: short term, it’s going to raise $21 million in additional revenue, long-term, hopefully it will help our citizens make wise purchasing decisions when they go to purchase their vehicles,” Moreno said.

Moreno acknowledged there would be opposition to his proposal, but said he’s open to compromise.

“I’m very open to and want to push an exemption to those that need larger vehicles for work; legitimate work purposes, the carpenter … someone that needs a larger vehicle,” Moreno said.

He said larger vehicles create more wear and tear on city streets, take up more parking space on the street and put a bigger strain on the environment, so owners of those vehicles should pay more for a city sticker.

But some drivers weren’t too keen on paying more for a city sticker just because they don’t own a hybrid or electric car.

Chicago motorist Chris Garrity said “that sucks.”

But the sticker shock wouldn’t be quite enough to prompt Garrity to trade in his car for a hybrid or electric car.

“I’ve gotta keep the same car, I can’t just keep buying a new one,” he said.

But SUV owner Mary Frances Brumfield said she might be willing to trade in her current SUV for a hybrid version.

“Yes, definitely. That is something we’ve been wanting to do anyway,” she said.

Moreno said he believes most Chicagoans would agree that owners of gas guzzlers should pay more for a city sticker.

“No one wants to pay more, but I think more Chicagoans are going to look at this and say ‘This makes sense,’” Moreno said.

He pointed out that sticker prices haven’t changed in more than ten years, but the economy was much better back then. It’s a different ballgame now.

  • Angel

    You are targeting the poor. Don’t you think that if the poor could afford a more economical vehicle they wouldn’t buy it. And don’t come out with well if they can afford expensive gas they can afford an efficient car. No it doesn’t work like that.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      Nothing says ‘poor’ like an Escalade, Navigator, or Titan.

  • Shiron


  • Teresa

    I agree with Angel’s comments.

  • Chicago's broke

    The city is broke and this guy wants to give away the city stickers ?
    What a moron.

  • Jim W

    When did Ald Moreno become a republican…

  • G

    How about all the aldermen take a paycut to help compensate for the city’s budget shortfall…

    • iris

      Thank you..

  • tom

    I have a van because t is my handicapped parents way to get around. That is unfair I should have to pay more. I already pay more at the pump with high gas taxs.

    • Really?!?

      If you read the story, you would see that the Alderman was willing to take suggestions for exemptions, and one for handicapped plates might be a suggestion. I’m sure there are hybrid vans. Then you pay nothing!

  • fed up

    People with more than two kids knew when they were having them that their expenses would be higher. It’s not up to me to subsidize their decision to have a large family. If poor people drive less fuel efficient cars that’s their decision and I’m not going to subsidize that decision. people who drive less fuel efficient cars drive up the cost for everyone, cause more pollution and send more dollars to foreign countries. It’s time we tax them big time.

    • Full

      This isn’t public aid. Everyone BUYS a city sticker you fool.

  • Steve

    Families belong in minivans and sedans. Not in SUV’s. Dads and Moms dont want everyone to see their married with a family so they get a SUV instead of a minivan. Tax the hell out of SUV’s and America will become a better place for our children.

    • SUV Owner - no kids

      Do you even have a clue what you are saying? People get an SUV because they “don’t want everyone to see they are married” – what does that have to do with anything!?!? FYI – I am married, my wife and I do not have children, and we have an SUV – it’s a hybrid SUV! BUt in your twisted world we should get taxed more… America will become a better world by re-enforcing education and healthcare – not taxing SUVs. Wow – I never stop getting amazed….

  • Relax

    This is a great idea. It is time we adopted more accountability at the local level. Ald. Moreno is taking an initiative for Chicago drivers to start buying more fuel efficient cars, how is that a bad thing? Fuel efficient cars are not just expensive battery powered cars. Hybrid cars or cars with smaller engines can be bought at a variety of different price levels.

    Shiron – How is this a way for the rich to get richer, he is offering an incentive to drive a fuel efficient car. Meaning the ‘rich’ would make LESS money from city stickers?

    Jim – How is this a move to the right? Moreno is supporting a green initiative.

    Angel – I do not think he is targeting the poor. To your point, “don’t you think that if the poor could afford a more economical vehicle they wouldn’t buy it,” my answer is “NO!” There is a reason that the most popular selling vehicles in this country are gas guzzling SUVs and pickup trucks, both of which are not fuel efficient. You can buy a lot of domestic made cars for a lot cheaper than SUVs that are more fuel efficient.

    He is giving a break for fuel efficient cars – how that targets the poor or makes him a republican, I have no idea.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      “He is giving a break for fuel efficient cars – how that targets the poor”

      It’s the fact that people are idiots. When they see someone get a better deal than themselves, even if the terms of their deal were not changed, they feel that they’re being targeted, not that the other group is being rewarded. It’s all part of the ‘me me me me’ complex.

      • Allen

        But the terms of their deal is being changed. The info is literally 11 lines down from the beginning of the article. The prices are going up for anyone not driving a hybrid. If the alderman just kept it at owners of hybrids getting a sweet deal and everyone else paying what they already do, then there wouldn’t be such a big deal. This is why some take it as a slight against “poor people”. And really, by poor people, they mean someone who doesn’t have $12,000 laying around to buy a new car. Unfortunately, I’m sure that happens to be many Chicago residents.

  • Shiron


    • Really?!?

      I am. What do you have against America not sending its wealth overseas and its young to die in foreign wars? Grow up!

  • Skorps

    And this money would o WHERE, to do WHAT? If you want to LOWER it for some cars, and leave it what it currently is for other cars, fine. Just another way that Chicago is raping their subjects.

  • Jason

    If his goal is revenue, encouage all to buy gas guzzlers to increase tax revenue. I certainly needed my SUV in the winter!

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      Unless you’re plowing a driveway, there’s any number of cars that perform just as well in winter as an SUV, better in many cases.

  • Jorge

    Electric cars will drain municipalities of tax money. No gas tax = no federal highway funds. You’ll see a lot of problems with electric cars. Letting owners of electric cars get away with everything isn’t the way to go.

    Punishing SUV owners really sucks, too. Having to trade in your SUV for a little death-trap? No thanks.

    If automakers wanted us to drive the death-traps they would stop production of SUV’s.

    • Northside Ziggy

      “Letting owners of electric cars get away with everything isn’t the way to go.”

      Owners of electric cars will scream the loudest when their “free ride” is taken away.

      • StupidPeopleFTW

        They dont have a ‘free ride’ to start with, unless you fail basic economics.

  • aRain

    Mr. Alderman this is not a solution your proposal is typical in Government. ITS ALL WRONG JUST AS YOU ARE IF YOU CONTINUE TAKING FROM THE WORKING PEOPLE!

  • HCW

    Maybe the government should just seize our bank accounts and paychecks. But would that shut them up?

  • Mr_and_Mrs

    Did you say “free”? Alrighty then! My wife and I are going to buy the biggest electric SUVs on the market!

    Let’s see you SUV haters complain about that!

    • Bill P

      Oh damn! I’ll show you! Roar I’m huge!

  • iris

    Let me see..Taxes are up, gas is up, food is up, rents are up. People are are losing their jobs, homes and probably their life’s savings if they had any and now Moreno wants to raise city stickers. The City of Chicago could bring in 100 million a year and they still would not balance the budget because no one has the brains to do it.

  • makecuts

    f..g as$%#e try driving small car doing construction!!!We all contractors struggle with construction work..maybe its time make some cuts in city workerkers specially in office???i wish i can be paind $30 per h/with great insurance and all benefits for whole family!!!and dont have to thinking if i have enough work for support my family,my wife just have to paid $800 each month from her pocket for insiurance coz she got passmaker,so how about food and other things???…yeah make all of us down coz u have to make $180thousands

  • Common Sense

    Seems like the alderman has touched a few nerves. Even if you agree with the premise, the idea misses the mark. Owning an inefficient auto / truck doesn’t cause pollution, driving one does, hence, tax gasoline (the hybrid and electric folks are rewarded, the gas-guzzling folks are punished, and the city gets more revenue!). Of course, the city could always decide to spend less, but that’s something elected officials seem to be incapable of considering.

  • Bill

    We could live with 25 aldercreatures and not miss the other 25 with a great savings!311 is really all of us need unless you’re a developer or looking for special favors.As for the regular guy or gal we don’t need much more than a garbage cart,pot hole fixed,street light replaced etc 50 aldermen are not needed in this computer age.They were in place historically to keep the political machine alive and well!They should quit acting like pigeons pecking at our dwindling money(taxpayers and non-taxpayers)!!!!!Go get a real job and quit telling me that you helped a lot of people when you really just helped yourselves!!!!

    • Really?!?

      Sure, make it twice as hard to be heard by an elected official, devalue my vote by 50%, and ‘save’ literal pennies on my tax bill, (and I pay a BUNCH of them) because you zealots think it’s somehow better government. Pat Quinn thought it was a good idea to cut back the Illinois House, but all that did was make it easier for Mike Madigan to control things for his funders and ruin the state’s finances!


  • Terri

    I do not think this has anything to do with what income anyone has. Isn’t this our choice on what kind of car we drive. Some people have to drive what they can afford. Gas is coming out of our pockets. That would ruin the Gas Stations owners. They count on large engine cars to fill up. They do not make that much on selling gas. I have a 2007 that is tuned up right. I drive 2 stop lights daily to work. Takes, 5 minutes. Shop in the nieborhood. My car is 4 years old and I just turned 20K miles. Yes it would be more money in my pocket for a smaller car, but I love my car and I do not drive it very offen. Why should I be decimated because I own a nice car. We already pay HIGH prices in stickers City and State. Leave the people alone. Next they will tell me what kind of underwear I can buy. Stop it Just Stop it.

    • Really?!?

      You’re going to be ‘decimated’ by $30 for a year? Even with the way you drive, you already pay that much more in gas in a month, and that money’s going to Saudi Arabia. Tell me you have more say in how Saudi Arabia is run than you do in how Chicago is run, despite the fact that Rahm won’t give a freak what you think.

      Get real.

  • Bill S.

    Why not just photocopy somebody eleses sticker and stick it in the window

  • Chiefie

    The idea that some would not pay at all is ridiculous. They still use city services. If they don’t pay, they should not drive.The city needs to look at other areas first, before rasiing sticker prices. What about looking at how many employees they send out to fill a hole in the street? The Alderman can give up some of the Limo services that they use for personal reasons. If a raise is needed how about $5? I know people that say thye never but stickers. How about more enforcement of the requirement? If I had a job I would maybe buy a fuel efficient car.

  • Gus Philpott

    RIP-OFF! I’m so glad I don’t live in Chicago. I hate Chicago and all it stands for. I never go into the City.

    • Really?!?

      Yay! You’re not missed, trust me.

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