VANCOUVER (WSCR) — The Stanley Cup playoffs are one of the most exciting postseason tournaments in all of sports. In the history of the playoffs, eight seeds have upset the top seeded teams roughly 30% of the time.

There’s a good amount a parody in the playoffs, but at the same time no eight seed has ever won the Stanley Cup. So if the Chicago Blackhawks want to repeat as champions, they’ll have to make history along the way.

But are the Blackhawks good enough to raise the Cup once again?

“Oh of course they are,” Mike Emrick, of Versus and NBC, said on the Danny Mac Show. “And the reason for that is, I think, their depth…If it’s possible for David Bolland to get back and Troy Brouwer to get back, that adds an immeasurable amount to the Blackhawks depth in terms of checking and dealing with the Sedins.”

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Brouwer will play for the Blackhawks in game one, but Bolland has been ruled out. Both players traveled with the team to Vancouver and participated in practice on Tuesday.

“Yes Vancouver has the Sedins,” Emrick said. “They’re a pretty deep team. But if you can handle that part of it, then the rest of the team is going to have to respond and make up for that.

“I like the fact that defensive players can be important players at playoff time, kind of like they were last year. Kind of like Andrew Ladd was last year and John Madden was last year. It doesn’t require, necessarily, a multi-million dollar player to do this, just one that’s dedicated to defending rather than worry about getting a pass that he can get away from.”

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