Family With Insurance Denied Urgent Medical Care

CHICAGO (CBS) — When a child runs a fever on the weekend or gets sick in the middle of the night, parents often rely on a local medical care center for treatment.

That is where a suburban family took their 5-year-old daughter, who was struggling with a fever and asthma. Instead of getting treatment, the family was turned away, even though they had insurance, CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini reports.

“I was really angry to find she needed medical care, and the place that they went to turned her away,” said Michelle Wysocke, whose daughter, Isabella, had to be raced to an urgent care center on the advice of her pediatrician.

“She was breathing very tight,” said Wysocke. “That could have led to a full-blown asthma attack.”

Paul Smith, Isabella’s father, drove her to a facility in Schaumburg that had a sign on the door saying “urgent care” and a neon “urgent care” sign in the window. Facilities using the term “urgent care” have to be affiliated with hospitals and must follow the emergency room rule: Patients can not be turned away.

However, Smith said, his daughter was refused treatment.

“They turned me away,” said Smith, because his daughter was on Illinois’ All Kids insurance plan. They were turned away even though the center’s website said they, “accept all health plans.”

“So, I said, ‘She’s sick, so please see her,’ ” said Smith. “I was aggravated. I was worried about her health getting worse.”

Azzy Baig, administrator for the center, Schaumburg Immediate Care, says he made a marketing mistake. The facility is actually an immediate care center, which is a step below an urgent care facility. That means his facility could turn away patients.

In this case, Baig says treatment was denied because of a rule change with the All Kids program. Patients now have to list his center’s doctors as their primary care physicians in order for the visit to be covered. It could be difficult to make that switch on the weekend.

“It breaks my heart to see this guy, anybody who comes in, and I’m not able to serve them,” said Baig.

Baig admitted his website stated all insurance is accepted, and the “urgent care” signs on his door and window are both wrong and could be misleading.

“I understand the law,” said Baig. “I know it’s wrong.”

Baig got rid of the window signs and changed the website.

In Isabella’s case, her father ended up rushing her to a hospital emergency room and they stabilized her.

Smith says he was worried during the drive to the hospital. “Her breathing could have gotten a lot worse. She could have stopped breathing in the car. I could have to call an ambulance and wait for an ambulance. I mean anything could have happened.”

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  • chicagoannie

    Baig is lucky the girl didn’t have a full blown asthma attack and suffer respiratory arrest and DIE because of him. What a creep. He knew the Urgent Care signage on his facility was not the correct designation for his clinic.

    • diane

      chicgoannie, How do you “know” that Biag’s knew the urgent care sign was not correct, I read Nothing in this story that gave ANY hint that he had knowledge of his mistake.

      • Katherine Luck

        Looks like you’re an idiot, Diane. Here’s an exerpt I got from the article you “read”.

        “I understand the law,” said Baig. “I know it’s wrong.”

        Shut your mouth before you say anything else.

      • James Cady

        read it again, please.

        Quoted from original story:
        Baig admitted his website stated all insurance is accepted, and the “urgent care” signs on his door and window are both wrong and could be misleading.

        “I understand the law,” said Baig. “I know it’s wrong.”

      • Roberta Waker

        Didn’t the article say that “Baig admitted his website stated all insurance is accepted, and the “urgent care” signs on his door and window are both wrong and could be misleading.” Sounds like he knew about thie mistake, which wasn’t totally his fault. If this little girl had died; they would OWN him.

  • kb

    whatever… drama daddy should have called an ambulance in the first place if she was that bad… if you are on public aid you gotta take what you get

    • me

      For your information, Illinois Health is NOT public aid, it is offered to anyone living in Illinois regardless of income, that is why the program failed a long time ago.
      And to he was correct to take her himself, an ambulance might not have gotten
      their that fast. You’re a real humanitarian, let’s hope this never happens to you.

      • bobsky


      • Don Keith

        YES ME !

    • Katherine Luck

      An asthma attack is instaneous, and within five minutes, you are DEAD. The chances of an ambulance arriving at your house in less than 5 minutes in Chicago are NIL.

      Let me repeat that …

      N………..I……………L !!!!!!!!!!!

      How do I know? I’m from Chicago, and I moved out for a lot of reasons – the response time being one of them!

      • James Cady

        But they are in SCHAUMBURG, where the FD meets the national standard of ‘on scene in 4-6 minutes or less, 90% of the time or better’. Plus, Schaumburg (as well as the surrounding towns) are paramedic staffed, so Isabella was really having trouble she would’ve been treated right there before they even left for the hospital.

      • joe

        This incident happened in schaumburg, not in chicago.

    • Joe

      KB You ae an idiot. You obviously have never seen anybody in a full blown asthma attack. Plus who are you to judge who gets what care and where they get it.

  • ah

    dear kb: if one is on public aid they do not have to “gotta take what you get” we’re humans and entitled to adequate health care. it is disgusting that Baig views this as merely a marketing mistake. you don’t potentially endanger lives and call it a “marketing mistake.” He was trying to pass his clinic off as something it is not, and should be prosecuted for intentional fraud.

  • Isabellas father

    I did this so other parents know not to go to places like this. And you have the nerve to bash me for thinking of my kids health. It’s always easy to bash when you haven’t been in that type of situation.

    • Danny

      For the record Isabella’s DON’T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE!!! All Kids is just another fancy form of medicaid…what are you ASKED to pay? $2.00? Sorry your kid was sick but it’s called responsibilty. I see all the abuse of the medicaid/healthy moms and kids/all kids…whatever you wanna call it and it’s just plain wrong…If your child’s health is that important to you then get a job, start paying taxes and get real insurance, I guarantee you won’t be turned away. Stop leeching off the system and looking for someone else to take care of your problems…

      • Gene

        Danny, clearly you don’t understand Illinois’ All Kids. It’s primary users are not the unemployed, but employed parents who are unable to obtain health insurance for their children through their employers. Whether Isabella’s father has a job I don’t know, but you are in the wrong to assume he does not.

      • LittleMissMonk

        How do you know that he doesn’t have a job??

      • Pants

        all cost of all kids is based on the number of people living in your home and your income. it is not at all FREE or even that cheap. i had to research all kids when my husband was about to be laid off. with my income and the number of people in my home, it would have cost me half my income. middle class gets the short end every time. poverty gets for free. rich people have little problem getting employer coverage or paying their own bills. middle class gets less and less employee health care coverage options. ALL KIDS IS NOT PUBLIC AID. it is a place to buy into a group healthcare plan that may be slightly cheaper than your own family policy not through an employer.

      • joanna

        Danny u must be the biggest moron around. do u think that the elderly on medicare are ‘leeching’ off the system? there are lots of businesses out there that cant afford to give insurance to their employees. I hope u never are in a pisition to use the services offered by this state! Idiot!

    • Lesley Korthase

      Dear Isabellas father…… I commend your actions and steps you took. I have run in to this very situation several times both with insurance from my job and from the “All Kid’s Program”…..Of course…. If my child’s deadbeat dad had been paying his child support….. I would have simply paid whatever the cost out of my own pocket. Those that are ignorant to real life situations make that choice to remain uninformed about how things actually work….. unless, of course, it’s about them.

    • Sam

      What do you mean by taking care of your kid ?
      You got health care and went to the wrong place, first time around. Cry baby!
      You are an idiot for going there in the first place.
      Next I think you are lying when you say your Childs doctor sent you there. They would never do that and you know I am right.
      You are so used to milk the system and come up w excuses. If you thought she was sick, really sick like you sound, why not call 911?

    • Mike

      Your comments say what this story is about.

      “I was aggravated. I was worried about her health getting worse.”
      What symptoms did you see?

      It is all about your inconvenience !!
      You got inconvenienced and are now complaining!! Grow up please.

  • Mark j

    I don’t think it’s the immediate care but it’s a public aid issue. The rule is so wrong that limits people to get medical care. I have been to this center it’s a very nice center and very convenient.

    • joe

      I agree with Mark. It’s Public aid issue. They have a new rule which says U should be seen only by your provider.

      • Isabellas father

        Joe your an idiot.

      • Lesley Korthase

        Wake up people…. It’s NOT only publilc aid….. every single insurance company out there has the exact same rule!! Do you not read your insurance paperwork??? I had Blue Cross – (supposedly) “OPEN ACCESS” plan…… lived in Mokena… and in order for my child to go Rush for her cleft lip and pallet…. we had to have our primary care physician all the way up in Aurora…. Rush-Copely Hospital system….. look at a map and see how far that is …. so when if my child ever got sick with anything….. we HAD to go to Aurora….. as a single parent…. that’s a full day off work…. It must be wonderful for you not to want for anything for your children (if you even have any)…… it’s so sad to see folks only looking at the misinformation that’s being fed them by faux news….

  • Isabellas father

    Funny how you guys can run your mouth about this. I did what I had to do for my daughter. If the tables were turned what would you do?

    • Elizabeth

      To Isabella’s Father, I have a 5 year old Son that has Asthma and its scary. I would have done what you did. You didnt do anything wrong, you were a concerned parent.

    • Sam

      Call 911!! Duh

    • Joe

      Isabellas father- you are right in what you did. Ignore all the ignorant comments. As a father myself of a child with asthma I know how frightening it is. If that moron Baig knew what he was doing then why was the website wrong and the signs were still on the door. How hard is it to take signs down.

  • Lana

    Kb … what world are you from?

    • Lesley Korthase

      hahahahahahahahahhaa… right????

  • Lana

    People stop talking stupid … cuz if it was ur kid i wonder if ud be saying the same thing …

  • Chris K

    I took my kids to this location. The doctors and the staff are great and take care of you with great care. If needed I will visit this location again.

    • Lesley Korthase

      And that’s really great…… just hope that your job does not change your insurance carrier…. which most companies will do ever 2 to 5 yrs…. and just hope that that new carrier is accepted by that clinic…. or you will be faced with the same situation…. no one said that the folks working there were not nice…. so please do NOT make it into something it is not. And Lord help ya if you get caught up in life and find yourself all of a sudden without insurance… you folks all seem to think that you are immune to this kind of stuff…..

  • rm202

    The headline is so wrong it should say” Family with “public aid” Insurance denied ” not with Insurance… instead of making this as a public aid issue isabella’s father is making this a clinic issue. I wonder why he didnt question PUBLIC aid office about why was he denied

    • Helen Gesell

      All Kids is NOT public Aid… It’s insurance a family BUYS when they don’t have insurance through work and want to make sure that the kids are covered! It is NOT PUBLIC Aid – rm202… get that through your head…. I hope you never have to deal with a situation where you are turned away – but if you do than you will probably deserve it..

      • Lesley Korthase

        Well said…. but unfortunately… they will not listen……

    • Kristen

      Rm202…did you even listen to the interview…it’s not that the insurance itself was denied but the urgent care denied him care because of the type of insurance it was. It’s not public aid…if a child is sick, she needs medical attention and per that urgent care they except ALL insurance types then she should have been taken care of no questions asked…It could have happened to anybody regardless of insurance carrier or type…and from what I understand it happens a lot but the down side is not every child is so lucky.

  • Rici

    Isabellas father: I commend you for speaking out, I have run into the same situation with one of my children on the same insurance, I am a newly graduated RN and am appalled at some of the loopholes places take. Ironically, you can sue the person who denied her treatment. During my CPR class, I learned that if we, as health care providers, walk away from someone needing medical intervention, we can be held liable. My suggestion is that you research 24 hour facilities that ARE capable of taking your child(ren) for ANY reason. Good luck, and hope this never happens again. Prayers for your daughter. A letter to the senate might seem insignificant, but if this happened to us, it has happened to countless others. 1 tickle in a pond ripples to the other side! Keep speaking out!

  • Kristen

    Healthcare is healthcare…it shouldn’t matter what type it is. Sometimes depending on where you live urgent cares are closer than the ER and 911 isn’t always quicker. Isabella’s father took quick measures to make sure his daughter was taken care and the health system failed at no fault of his own. If your a parent you would understand that. Isabella is 5 years old and no urgent care should turn away any child regardless of their reasons.

  • isabellas father

    Thanks to those who stand behind me. And those who talk bad about it. I hope you never put in the situation I was out in. Easy to throw stones

  • Martin

    What a misleading story headline. Really. This is how you get to not address the issue. The problem is not the doctors office. The issue is how public aid sets the rules. Please keep that in mind. I am sure the doctor wants to get paid like every one of you guys, including CBS.
    More than Baig, this childs PCP should have known that the family needs to go to the ER. Isabella’s dad, who is the PCP or pediatrician. You need to go talk to the childs doctor for misleading you to go for this place instead of an ER. Next go to Public aid. Let us know what they say.

    • Helen Gesell

      All KIDS is not public Aid – get a clue!

      • Joe

        Helen, Your pin stucked here!!!!!!

      • Sam

        You are so dumb.
        All kids is public aid!

    • Lesley Korthase


  • maryj

    All this is baseless, I took my 3 year old and 5 year old at 10:00 Pm at night and the doctor was nice enough to see us even though they were about to close.. I do not its clinic fault if his insurance is denied!! I would totally recommend this place to everyone..

    • Joanna

      the insurance wasn’t denied, they didn’t accept the insurance. BIG difference!!

      • joanna

        I have an education. And i work in a hospital and am well versed in publuc aid and all insurance as i am an ‘insurance verifier’. So since u do not know me i can forgive u for your obviously ignorant comment.

      • Kathy

        I don’t think you understand how public aid works. They cover some things and don’t cover some “place of service” But, you need an education to understand how the system is setup. My apologies to you!!

  • DaCoach

    There’s no way you all who are bashing this man can be serious! I hope this is some sick ploy to invoke emotion because I could care less what kind of insurance this man has for his daughter. Where is the effin humanity? Ive been in this situation before and even though the hospital I went to was officially closed from admitting or conducting business; The ER doctor did stabilize me and waited until the ambulance got there to transfer me to a closer hospital. Thats the least this other doctor couldve done. What happened to treating people no matter what?

    • johnjj

      Wait til you all get the new world of Obama Care!!!!!!! if you think this is bad.

  • Isabellas father

    It’s the immediate cares fault for having urgent care on his door and a neon. Maybe you idiots should watch it again,

    • joe

      It’s your PCP’s fault who advised u to go there. Why your PCP didn’t check your daughter? Is your PCP not capable? Whats the use in keeping PCP when they can’t treat U. Infact u sue your PCP for not seeing your child.

      • me

        this is ridiculous. if the PCP told them to go to the nearest “urgent care”, and they drove to the nearest place with a sign out front that said “urgent care”, how is that the PCP’s fault, as opposed to the guy who knowingly put up the wrong signage?

        if your doctor told you to take your child to the nearest ER, and when you got to the place that said “ER” on the outside, it turned out to be a bakery inside, who’s fault would that be? yours, for being so stupid as to go to the wrong place, or your doctor’s for not knowing that this place had the wrong sign out?

    • Sam

      Cry baby! You got yourself on tv. Idiot

      • LittleMissMonk

        Oh, I’m sure that Paul Smith’s dream has always been to be on T.V. Maybe he GAVE his daughter asthma just so he could get on T.V. Lots of people do that, you know.

  • iileen

    Thank God she is better. Your negative opinion should be kept to yourself – keep living. You’ll have your own personal story to tell. Good job dad!

  • Teresa

    I think you guys need to look at it from a doctors point of view.
    Immediate Care is defined as medical care that accommodates patients who “need to see a doctor now” but who do not have a life-threatening condition warranting an emergency room visit.
    “Urgent Care” is a term commonly used throughout the United States that some consider synonymous with “immediate care”.
    Some insurance companies will group both urgent and non-urgent care facilities under an ‘Urgent Care Center’ umbrella while some distinguish the two using “Urgent Care Center” and “Walk-In Clinic”.

    Those facilities falling under the ‘Urgent Care Center’ or ‘Walk-In Clinic’ umbrellas provide complex medical care, roughly halfway between that of a regular doctor’s office and that of an emergency room (not to be confused as an actual emergency room.

    Once you guys understand this that makes it clear.

    This place looks like it followed the rules of public aid. Did this father actually take the kid inside the clinic. Did he take neccessary care and precaution to call ahead and confirm that the insurance he is on is accepted.
    From what I know as a medical professional, public aid requires patients to talk to their PCP for all health care related issues. That is the whole idea.

    Also Public Aid in an effort to inculcate primary care, has limited use to immediate care facilities. They do not accept “Fee for Service” facilities like this one. So they are always sent to the ER.
    The childs pediatrician should have known this as a rule.
    As a medical professional, I am sorry for this child’s situation, but if the child was really sick, you thought that this was the right place to go. Seems that the father is seeking vigilante justice and trying to pin the fault on the doctor office as opposed to the insurance which in this case dictates how the patient gets treated.

    • Isabellas father

      I went inside the place. This has to do with other parents not going threw what I went threw. It’s the fault of the immediate care for also displaying urgent care.

      • RachaelG

        “THREW??” Now we can see why you can’t get a job with real insurance…….

      • Armserad

        Like you would have known the difference! Einstien!!

      • Joanna

        WOW RACHEL!!!! I commend you for being one of the biggest IDIOTS on this thread! How old are you? 5? This is an easy grammar mistake, but since you probably didn’t finish high school and are currently in a psych ward, I can understand your need to lash out in this very unclever way!

    • Kristen

      Ur a joke if you think that’s what Isabella’s. Faher was doing. Do not understand his daughter was turned away even though though they stated they except all insurance types. As a parent I would have done the same thing. I don’t care if your in the medical field or not..a sick child is a sick child. If you have kids I pray they never get sick. All kids, cigna, or bcbs its insurance and isabella should of been taken care of!!!!

  • Isabellas father

    What is wrong with you people. It’s not public aid.

    • joe

      You ….. how many guys should explain you, Public Aid & All Kids are one ambrella.

      • Gene

        Joe, define “public aid”? If it is any sort of public service that is provided as a result of public funding then you are right/. But then Social Security which pays out more to recipients than they paid in and public roads that are paid for by taxes and not tolls would also qualify as public aid As for what All Kids actually is, according to the state of Illinois “over half of these children came from working families who earned too much to qualify for assistance programs like SCHIP or Medicaid.” Yep, it is publically funded like much of the rest of our society, but it doesn’t sound like what most people mean by public aid, this is not an income based program, but is based on a need for access to health care.

  • James Cady

    What a poorly used little girl, I feel truly sorry for her. She is being victimized by 3 (count ’em, 3) villains here.

    First, we’ll take the nitwit who knowingly mis-advertises his clinic’s level of service and insurance practices, he should be fined heavily and/or shut down, though we might also ask where the hell were the people who were SUPPOSED to be regulating him. Shame on him, and them.

    Second, we have this girl’s father: When his daughter is sick, does he call 911 (which despite his comment about having to ‘wait for an ambulance’, can and does actually move FASTER than he can because they can go through red lights and exceed the speed limits, and he can’t) and have his daughter treated by trained paramedics and taken to an full-service emergency room? No, he didn’t. He put her in his own car and drove down to the local doc-in-the-box. Did he REALLY think she was that sick? Obviously NOT. Then, when the doc-in-the-box won’t take his (heavily publicly subsidized) insurance, did he call 911? Or, even offer to pay out of his own pocket for his daughter’s care? No, he didn’t. So, again, did he think she was that sick? Again, obviously not. So, he put her back into his own car and drove to an ER. Miraculously, he didn’t think his daughter was at death’s door until it was necessary that she be so he could get back at a business that INCONVENIENCED him. Using your daughter to get revenge on someone that ticked you off, for shame. (Looking at this from the other side: If you truly believed that your daughter was that sick, you had several, better, options for getting her care much more quickly, and didn’t take them. Someone should call DCFS and inquire as to why you’re allowed to neglect your child and then crow about it in the news.)

    But, who is the third villain using this child? Why, the news media, for using this little girl to create a story where there is none. Shame on you, Dave Savini, for not researching your story, checking some basic facts, and ‘not letting the facts get in the way of a good story’.

    • joe

      There u goes….My words too….

    • RachaelG

      EXACTLY what I was thinking… Seriously–a mistake in the wording on the sign… like the dad would have known the difference in the first place between “urgent” and “immediate” care. And they did not DENY TREATMENT — they simply couldn’t accept his government insurance. He could have accepted the bill himself if it was that important. What an idiot: to sit there and whine to the news, and then the icing on the cake: the moron spends HOURS online bickering about it on a comment board. Loser.

      • Isabellas father

        Rachaelg. I told to bill and even offered my credit card. Don’t talk like you have a clue on the whole situation.

      • Parth

        Isabella’s dad! Look at the story again. It never says you offered to pay.
        You are such a pathological liar and I guess savini is not that smart.

      • Joanna

        Rachel, you are the biggest loser and the weakest link here. i hope that someday, you never are in need of public aid. and if you are, i hope you get denied.

      • Sean

        Big fat liar

      • You know who

        Party. I was wondering when you put a comment. Tell me something. How are the pancakes and the roast beef? Haha

    • Katherine Luck

      You’re STUPID. My step-daughter has severe asthma. She has to be on a breathing machine several times a day, for fifteen minutes each session. If she has an attack, and does not have access to the machine, then she is dead within three minutes. Do you really think that an ambulance can get to you in CHICAGO… in LESS THAN 3 MINUTES? No. Period. Open and shut case. That doesn’t even count the wait while the ambulance GETS you to the hospital, but by then, that girl would have been a cold corpse.

      • quitcherbytchin

        Katherine, you’re the one who is stupid. 1) the kid wasn’t having an attack, or the father could have called 911 or driven to either of the TWO emergency rooms within 5 minutes of that area. 2) They are in SCHAUMBURG, not CHICAGO. Schaumburg ambulances arrive in 3-6 minutes.
        Open and shut “your mouth” case.

  • steve

    First of all,best wishes to your daughter,thank god she is ok. The real tragedy here is the FACT that healthcare,regardless of what type,SUCKS. Healthcare is pathetic in our so called great country. Greed driven, One gigantic scam. there are great doctors,yes,but for the most part,they just milk insurance companies,and really dont care about anything other than getting over paid and underperforming. Our country needs a new government that actually does Something that is just for the good of all,not to line their pockets like greedy pieces of shat. Thats why we are all in trouble,and broke. Thank your politicians for the national disaster we are paying for.

    • Isabellas father

      Thanks Steve.

  • Isabellas father

    James cady. For your information I did offer to pay out of pocket. Takes a lot to talk negative until you are in that situation. The news helped me show the place they were in the wrong. But yet you have the nerve to run your mouth. I think it’s funny how some of you can talk so negative about what I did. Idiots. Every one of you that says anything negative.

    • joe

      I think that immediatecare is not after the money, otherwise they would have accepted your “out of pocket” offer. It’s a matter of rules & regulations set by All Kids..

    • Roberta Waker

      So the article didn’t say you offered to pay. This wouldn’t be the first time the AP printed erroneous and incomplete information. You did the right thing; THEY were wrong. Glad Isabella is doing well.

  • LittleMIssMonk

    I really can’t believe how mean and stupid some people can be! Many thanks to the person who removed Bill’s awful comments, although I do feel the need to respond to him. Lately, it seems as though there is a battle between the have and the have-nots. Not everyone can afford top of the line health care. Even those who have jobs cannot always afford heath insurance. Some jobs don’t provide heath care or sufficient heath care coverage. I have a relative that HAS a job, but his heath insurance DOESN’T cover his family, ONLY him. The company doesn’t offer heath insurance for family members. I’m sure Bill would have some nasty words for my relative! Second, although I didn’t see this story on the news (I read the story on this website), you can’t assume that just because a couple doesn’t SHARE a last name, that they aren’t married. My husband and I don’t have the same last name, but we are married. And even if they aren’t married, that is THEIR decision to make, not Bill’s! Shame on you, Bill, for your nasty, catty, vindictive remarks! I can only hope that you never have to go through what this father had to go through. And poor Isabella! I can’t even imagine how scared that little girl was. It breaks my heart to think of the fear she must have felt during this ordeal. People like Bill like to insult, bash and criticize other people until something horrible happens to them. Then they are the first to cry about how “unfair” life can be!

    • Bill

      My comment applies only to those that GAME the system!Joe hasn’t told you the whole story.Only what you want to hear!For example….e.g.If you get married,then you have more responsibility.You do not qualify for govt. assistance unless your a single parent showing limited income.By the way this story was presented,I saw potential lawsuit written all over it!Joe didn’t say he was married.Joe couldn’t find the 11 on 911!If he thought it was a REAL emergency,he would have treated it as such!He wants the urgent care center to take responsibility for his own ignorance!I personally have heard people advise others on how to get free medical care and quicker service by going through the E.R. They HAVE to treat you in the E.R. It sounds like little miss isn’t very street smart and fell for the sympathy trap set by father,not DAD of this child!It’s called trying to hit the ghetto lottery in street terms!He played Dave Savbini like a fiddle!Watch….now he’ll say he’s married!

      • LittleMIssMonk

        I believe you mean “Paul”, as in Paul Smith, Isabella’s dad. You referred to him as “Joe” in your post. I guess it doesn’t matter as it seems that you didn’t read the entire article, or pay attention to certain statements in it. BTW, the reporters name is Dave SAVINI. I’m not sure I can even begin to decipher the whole “father, not DAD” comment, as it doesn’t appear to make any sense. And again, with the “not married” dig. What difference does that make?? I shutter to think what life is like with you, especially if you are MARRIED or have CHILDREN of your own. Your vitriolic criticism of this man and his family crossed the line of common decency.

        “You are entitled to your own opinion, but NOT your own facts.”

      • Kristen

        Bill…he’s not think your so smart and know everything about everybody. His little girl was sick and he took her to an urgent care.they refused care because he had all kids. No where did he state she was dying. A fever and trouble breathing is a concern a lot of parents get. He called his PCP amd they told him to go to the closest urgent care…because urgent cares r not suppose to turn anybody away. Your missing the point of the whole story. And do u know where he lives? Because in a lot of cases an urgent care is closer then the ER. You got some nerve assuming you know this man and what actually happened. You really need to get a life.

      • Joanna

        Not true Bill!! You don’t have to be a single parent to get public aid!!! If you are married with children and can’t afford insurance, you can qualify for certain public aid programs. Please research your comments before you make them!

  • steve

    Its funny that state and federal workers have healthcare beyond our imagination,which we ,the peasants pay for,and a workin man cant afford it period. YEAH great country we live in,work in fight and die for,and better pay your taxes to or else. WAKE UP ! Your vote doesnt even matter, we lose regardless. Take a reality look at the big picture, Im sorry gordon geko,greed is ruining everything our founding fathers did to make this country great. Everyone complains but nobody is willing to step up and say ” we demand change”. Do something about it. Together ,we can move mountains

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