Illinois House Votes To Ban Trans Fats In Restaurants

CHICAGO (CBS) — In an unprecedented move today, the Illinois House voted to ban harmful trans fats in places like restaurants, movie theaters and vending machines at schools.

If it becomes law, Illinois would be only the second state, behind California, to ban the artery-clogging ingredients found in a variety of foods.

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports on how that will change the food you eat.

The Daily Bar and Grill restaurant, 4560 N. Lincoln Ave., serves up an American staple–french fries, but the establishment uses tanks of healthier soy bean oil to cook the potatoes. Soon, all restaurants across Illinois could be required to take similar steps if a statewide ban on trans fats is approved.

Artificial trans fats are formed when liquid oil is processed into artery clogging solid fats – that raise the risk of coronary disease. They are used for frying and extending the shelf life of packaged products.

“Well it’s so bad partially because it’s manmade, so our body doesn’t know naturally how to process it,” said Cassie Vanderwall, clinical dietician at Rush University Medical Center.

Bakeries, which use large amounts of trans fats, would temporarily be exempt under the legislation. The ban wouldn’t apply to school cafeterias, which may not be able to afford the switch.

It would impact vending machines at schools and in any other location, as well as movie theaters serving fatty popcorn and candies.

Health conscious diners we spoke with said they’d appreciate the move that takes the mystery out of what’s on the plate.

“I don’t like guessing,” said one customer.

The Illinois Senate still needs to take action, but if approved the ban would go into effect in January of 2013.

  • NWA

    Mmmmmmm… Doughnuts


  • tom sharp

    Transfats?? Is that like aldermen, legislators, and ward healers? If so, good idea. Those guys should have to eat in the alley!

  • Paul Chapman

    Is this what we are really paying you lazy politicians for?
    There aren’t more pressing issues that who is eating what in a restaurant?
    Can’t imagine why we are in debt and the jobs are gone in IL, You’re worried that someone is going to have the wrong version of Frito’s instead of doing something about the gangs, drugs and lack protection from unemployment that is going on in this state. Way to Go

    • Roberta Waker

      Amen, Paul. There ARE many more pressing issues that need to be addressed in this state. How about doing something about the ILLEGALS that are bankrupting this state? How about getting rid of the gangs and drug dealers that are killing people? If this is the best they can do, they ALL need to be fired.
      If I want to eat fatty foods, that should be my CHOICE under the Constitution – a right you want to take away along with many others.

      • Heather

        While I agree that it is your choice to eat what you want, don’t bring in the constitution. It does not protect your right to eat fat & nasty products. Personally, this country is lazy and ignorant, and as a whole, we don’t care about health… which explains why our health care system is expensive and can barely be called “insurance”.

  • are u kidding me

    talk about a socialist idea!!!! what in the world is this state of il becoming. now the idea is you cant eat this or eat this. whats next? tell me icant drive a suv or truck. maybe how about leaving people be and stop justifyhing your jobs and making up silly idealistic views on others

  • Vinay Thatsall

    thank you fat people for ruining it for everyone

    • Roberta Waker

      It’s NOT the fat people. Young, skinny people have health problems too and THAT’s why they want to violate our Constitutional rights to make choices. WE are responsible for our choices, NOT the politicians. And, don’t blame the fat people as they are the minority in this. Cancer hits both fat, medium and skinny people and that is what’s behind this “law”. We don’t need any more freedoms taken away. What’s next, bald people need to wear hats? Stupidity at its prime.

  • EvergreenPark

    To hell with trans fats, Lets get some jobs in this state

  • Springfield

    Illinois has long since left reason behind. As long as the non-voting public avoids replacing the Chicago/Cook County monopoly on the rest of the state, we will continue enduring mismanagement of tax money and we will continue to endure a banana republic one party government. Even the down-state Democrats have been cut out of the process. This is just another case of misdirection. They want the media and lazy public to focus on minor issues while they continue getting what they want; power, perks, and well hidden financial gain.

  • Dionysius John

    The incidence of obesity is rising so quickly, that is in the news constantly.. if obese ppl are in the minority, it is barely so! We now need ambulances that are larger than standard, hospital beds that are larger than standard, and children are suffering from Type II diabetes at earlier and earlier ages. Most of this is due to POOR DIETARY CHOICES!
    If anyone is ready to accept the responsibility for their own healthcare, and give up ANY claim to ANY medical care under ANY STATE OR FEDERAL program, you are entitled to the AUTHORITY to determine to eat whatever you want… IF YOU want ME to accept the RESPONSIBILITY of taking care of you when your arteries are clogged causing cardiac muscle to die, then I demand the AUTHORITY to tell you what you can eat…..

    NEXT: A big FAT TAX on fast food (similar to the one on TOBACCO) that helps offset the cost of a grossly obese population resulting in increased incidence of diabetes, end stage renal disease, and cardiac artery disease.

    • Amber

      The same then can be said for people who engage in risky behavior like skydiving or skateboarding for that matter. Why should public funds go to providing their health care when they break a bone or sustain a head injury?

      Obese people pay taxes just as YOU do. You should have NO SAY whatsoever in what anyone else eats. People need to mind their own business and worry about their own choices.

    • Bubba Rufis

      It swings both ways Dionysius. I personally don’t like being responsible for all of the unwed mothers and their children. If they can’t afford to raise their children they shouldn’t have them. Unwed mothers are no better at controlling their urges than are the fat people you hate.

      By your logic we should be able to force all women of child bearing age to accept an under the skin birth control device.

  • pokey

    Don’t worry everyone, you can still get fat! It is just blocking man made fats! It kind of seems ridiculous to ban it everywhere EXCEPT schools where kids cannot make a decision on food they are served! What a crock!

  • Puff

    Get used to it. Fed & State gov’s have been allowed into the health cares sytem. Now that tey are in they can start telling you what to eat and what behavior you should not do because “taxpayer dollars are being used to pay for your healthcare” Its only going to get worse.

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