Lawmaker Seeks Ways To Pay Off State’s Bills

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WBBM) — The state of Illinois has a backlog of bills, and one lawmaker is outlining hopes of changing that.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Lisa Fielding reports, state Sen. John Sullivan (D-Quincy) says to his knowledge, Illinois has never owed as much money to doctors, hospitals, school districts, universities and businesses, as the state does now.

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“The state owes in the ballpark of about $4.5 billion,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan says he requested the numbers from state Comptroller’s office to get a handle on exactly what is owed and how much. He says he wasn’t surprised by the numbers, but he is concerned about how to fix it.

“What I’m trying to do is build a consensus; build some support; come up with a solution to try to pay our bills,” he said.

The state budget year ends July 1, but under current law, the state has until Sept. 1 to pay off any lingering bills that part of the previous budget.

Sullivan says the recently-enacted tax increase may help with the bills a bit, but it’s still not enough.

  • Neal Thompson

    Adjust the outrageous pensions being paid now, you have to adjust them for today’s realities. How would a 10% reduction in payments affect the budget?

  • Nancy

    Well don’t look to me for any more money…….start with no pay raises to the entire staff of every single legislator in Springfield (including themselves), or maybe a 10% cut in pay for all, force all teachers, state legislators and all state employees to pay for half of their health insurance and retirement fund and stop adding “pork” to bills just because you want them. Get rid of the planes, cars, cell phones and tell our governor to stop traveling to Chicago as often as he does….it is not needed….he wastes money

  • Terry Jones

    Quit whining! Start getting involved and find out who is voting and what they are voting for. Every vote should be explained to the public and every representative should start representing their people. Hold them accountable. Every year the lawmakers give themselves raises or increase their pension and healthcare benefits while the majority of us in the private sector get nothing. In fact I am asked to pay more taxes and more of my health costs while lawmakers are reaping rewards and so are the company’s they work for. Every year 20-30% of the public comes out to vote yet 60-70% are complaining. I am I the only 1 that sees the problem. YOU MUST GET INVOLVED AND YOU MUST VOTE. That is the only way to get rid of the crooks in Illionois and Washington ruining this wonderful country.

  • Jim

    I have a novel idea…why not start cutting bloated pensions, pay, benefits, etc.? Oh because it would affect the politicians that would need to vote for that. We the people have 1 thing to say…No more taxes!

  • Terry Jones

    While no taxes would be great, i think i would perfer to have public schools and paved highways and the like. We need taxes to support the economy. The way taxes are collected and spent is the issue we need to address. Federal and State nneds to be clearly defined and seperated. Why do we need 2 Senators for each state in Washington and then additional Senators for the state here in Illinois. There are too many politicians and it is causing a strain on us and the economy. Let’s simplify our Government.

  • Mr Voter

    ….well for a start lets get rid of all their lackies, family, and friends….now thats near half, next we stop corruption, set these thiefs up, get them…post all state business on the net every day…term limits, cannot do business with the state for ten years …if family member works for company they cannot bid, sorry charlie…..all state worker elected will take a 50 % pay cut, and pay their own bills, after all it’s called public service, not a public carrer, next…any corruption case conviction twenty years no early out ….special branch to investagate goverment corruption answers only to the feds!….Balane the books, it will be hard by making deep cuts and consolidateing townships, etc…streamline goverment…it can and must be done…cut off all forgien aid also!

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