Ryan Waiting For Hearing On Latest Bid To Go Free

CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM) — Lawyers for former Governor George Ryan say they are waiting for a federal appeals court to set a date for arguments in their latest attempt to get Ryan freed from prison.

Former Gov. Jim Thompson – the attorney for imprisoned former Governor George Ryan – says briefs have all been filed with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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And he says he’s just waiting for the court to set a date for oral arguments.

These are arguments on the motion that was denied by the trial judge in the Ryan case – asking that the mail fraud counts be thrown out.

Thompson says Lura Lynn Ryan is at home and continues to receive chemotherapy.

Ryan’s lawyers have said that Lura Lynn Ryan has incurable lung cancer which has spread – and three months ago they said Mrs. Ryan had only weeks to live.

Thompson says she is “hanging on.”

More than three months ago, Ryan was allowed to visit his wife.

Thompson says, to his knowledge, there have been no visits since then.

  • ee(15#

    why should he be allowed to go? He made the conscience choice to break the law, so he shouldn’t be allowed to walk away from the punishment just because he doesn’t want to do it. Who cares if he doesn’t see his wife again, he got children killed who won’t see their families again. Dumb a hole ryan

    • KE

      You have some valid points.

  • "Big" Jim Tompson

    his wife only has hours to live…eeerr… i tryed that one, ..eeerrr…those willis kids were not his fault it was his greed , and he really ,really feels bad about getting caught…or, he’ll start naming naming …on the corruption wagon, we know madigans, daley mob…and how about mr. big “C”….yep better call osama obama, cause this rat is ready to talk….
    sweating to the oldies in the land of corruption………

  • Jay

    You do the crime, you do the time. Ryan and his spouse knew what was going on and are both culpable. Lura is still alive. Was her critical condition a hoax?
    Ryan could have pleaded guilty, done his time, and be home now. Th trial cost thousands of unnecessary dollars. Other convicts of less ‘privilege’ are denied these rights, and so should he.



  • KE

    Ryan needs to stay behind bars
    Perhaps if his wife dies while he is behind bars – he will have some time to really think and finally show some remorse for just one or two of the illegal and immoral acts that he did thoughout ALL HIS YEARS as a politician.

  • KE

    Has the Criminal Justice sytem ever heard of SKYPE?
    Stop throwing money away on prisoners to go and see their family members !

    If some prisoners were allowed out to visit their sick family members — most woulf only go back to their prison cells for vacation.

    One prisoner alone confesses to have fathered some 100 children — imagine the size of that family and extended family and the amount of “Get out of jail ” trips THAT wouldbe

  • Tom

    There are tens of thousands of people in federal prisons. I would venture to guess that a percentage of those people have wives, children, siblings, or parents who are in the same medical state as Mrs. Ryan. So how is it that this guy (Ryan) can have a hearing just about on a monthly basis that he should be released from prison? If he wants to serve as an example to others (which is what he always wanted to do) shut up, do your time and hope for the best, like all the rest.

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