The Chicago White Sox have one of the most powerful offenses in the American League, as well as one of the best
pitching staffs. But their defense has committed 13 errors on the season, and led to them losing games.

The team’s shaky defense hasn’t gone unnoticed by the fans either. While manager Ozzie Guillen defended his team from the booing fans on Wednesday, Steve Stone believes the boos are simply the result of poor defense.

“At one point [Tuesday] night, they were the only team in the American League in double figures in errors,” Stone said on the Danny Mac Show. (Juan Pierre made his third error of the season in the third inning of Wednesday’s White Sox-A’s game).

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“So you have to figure when you’re not making the plays, and you’re not helping the pitching staff or the ball club win games, the fans here are going to boo.

“They’re knowledgeable fans, they understand the game, they realize that when routine, or relatively routine plays are out there to be made, they should be made. Because as the pitches start to pile up, as the outs over three start to pile up in a given inning, you open yourself up to be beaten, and that’s exactly what has happened.”

The White Sox are just over half way through a 10-game home stand, they’re 4-2 over that stretch and 7-4 on the season. With a more reliable defense, things could be much better for the White Sox.

“This should be an undefeated home stand,” Stone said. “It’s not, but we have some tough road trips coming up, we have a very tough home stand coming up. So after this particular stretch, it gets a little more difficult for us. You can’t afford to give away the games you already seemingly have in hand.”

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