CHICAGO (WSCR) — The Chicago White Sox are off to a respectable 7-5 record, but if it weren’t for a shaky bullpen things could be looking much better on the South Side of Chicago.

“Panic is not something that should be happening, by us, that’s for sure, by us as coaches,” pitching coach Don Cooper said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “We have to be determined to go out and put the work in…I’m convinced we’re going to see better, you know, from the bullpen.”

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Throughout most of spring training, the White Sox had a pretty wide open competition for the closer role. At the time that was seen as a strength, but there may be some who have come to doubt that now.

“Our strength is our flexibility out there,” Cooper said. “It may not seem it at the moment. The frustration can’t overcome us. (Because if that happens) we’re not going to be thinking straight, we’re not going to be going out there as prepared as we need to be to get the job done.”

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