CHICAGO (CBS)– In President Obama’s home neighborhood of Kenwood,  security was tight Thursday.

But neighbors say it was a small price to pay for a chance to see the commander-in-chief in person, CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.

No parking warnings are a sure sign the president’s back home. Tow trucks were circling to make sure cars didn’t park too close.

Adama Ba sells African clothing at his shop in the no-parking zone on 47th Street. Because of that zone, he says, there were no customers trying on fashions.

“I mean, it’s great that he comes home, but I wish that people can park around my store because I need my clients,” Ba said.

Security is blocking areas near the president’s home, creating detours.

“Oh yeah. Get blocked off, ID searches and everything. But it’s cool,” area neighbor Sylvia Clausell said.

“I had to walk three blocks out of my way just to get one place but it’s also cool when his motorcade goes past, so it’s kinda worth it,” another neighbor, James Coates, said.

The president’s barber doesn’t feel cut off by the visit, either. Zariff has Mr. Obama’s honorary chair and photos on display and supports his impending run in 2012.

“We’re very excited about it. Definitely another four years for him,” he said.

“Oh yeah. Yes ma’am. Give him a chance,” one customer said.

That same feeling was in the air at the Valois restaurant, where customers glanced at Obama photos, hoping he’d stop in for coffee.

They had personal messages for Mr. Obama.

“We do care about you. We do believe in you. We know that you’ve really worked hard,” Teresa Hayes.

People who live near the Obama home will see their lives return to normal Friday. The president, who attended three fundraisers Thursday, was scheduled to return to Washington at noon.

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