Woman Stalked, Fatally Shot In Oak Brook

UPDATED: 4/14/11 5:00 p.m.

OAK BROOK, Ill. (CBS/WBBM) — A 20-year-old Canadian man fatally shot a Westmont woman he once dated by pinpointing her location in Oak Brook with a tracking device planted in her vehicle, prosecutors said Thursday.

Demetry Smirnov of Surrey, British Columbia, was charged with first-degree murder Thursday afternoon, according to Oak Brook police.

He is accused of the Wednesday shooting death of Jitka Vesel, 36, in a parking lot near 22nd Street and Windsor Drive in Oak Brook.

Smirnov met Vesel on an online dating site in 2008 and went out with her for a time, DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said. After they broke up, Smirnov harassed Vesel via email and cell phone and plotted her murder, the prosecutor said. He said Smirnov researched to see whether Illinois still had a death penalty before crossing into the U.S., buying a gun and shooting Vesel.

To find her Wednesday, outside the Czechoslovak Heritage Museum, Smirnov employed a GPS tracking device and shot her several times. He called Chicago police after the killing and surrendered in suburban Romeoville, later giving a videotaped confession, Berlin said.

“Clearly it was premeditated, and part of that premeditation was the defendant researching the status of the death penalty in the state of Illinois,” Berlin told reporters at a news conference in Wheaton.

State lawmakers and Gov. Pat Quinn ealrier this year abolished capital punishment in Illinois, a move that many prosecutors criticized.

Murders are extremely rare in Oak Brook, but on Wednesday night, Vesel, was found brutally shot to death in the parking lot for an office park.

As CBS 2’s Susan Carlson reports, around 9:40 p.m. Wednesday, Oak Brook police were dispatched after someone called 911 about an unconscious woman in the parking lot for the Windsor Office Park, near 22nd Street and Windsor Drive. Upon arriving, officers found Vesel dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bob Roberts reports

Prosecutors said Smirnov had served in the Canadian military but was most recently an unemployed computer technician. 

At the time they met online, Vesel was 33 and he was 17.  They had a brief relationship, which prosecutors say ended when she went back to an old boyfriend.

Smirnov moved back to Canada but remained obsessed with the older woman.  Prosecutors said she filed a harassment complaint against Smirnov in 2009.

 Judge Michael Wolfe denied bail to Smirnov. He returns to court May 9.

An acquaintance of Vesel, who contacted WBBM, said she was “a pleasant, bubbly person,” and said the murder was “a shame.”

People who live and work near the murder scene were disturbed to hear about the killing.

“I did hear, and I thought, ‘I wonder where that’s going to be in relation to where I’m going to be today,” said Sue Rand, who woks nearby. “It is bizarre, because this is a very nice area.”

Jason Lewis lives in the area.

“It’s a little shocking,” Lewis said. “It’s unexpected, as you know, and so it draws a little concern. I would imagine that it’s someone that knows her, because this sort of thing just doesn’t happen.”

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • jeffrey

    your sick

  • Centurion

    Demetry Smirnov is not CANADIAN. He is a Russian national who emigrated to Canada. Calling him a Canadian, is like calling a homey a french man because his name begins with a LA, or a DA….LAWONDO, DAWONDO, LA BRON, LA DON, etc etc etc. Smirnov is an embarassment to Canada. He should have emigrated to Brooklyn.


    Looks like the Democrats in Springfield, doing away with the death penalty,led to this death. Another smart move by the Bozo politicians in this sorry state. Illinois,Land of Ill-repute,paybacks,kickbacks,and now a state where murderers can now be supported for the rest of their lives with your tax dollars.

    • dot

      you’re an idiot getting politics into this. the guy was a psycho

      • The Truth

        Actually dot, you are the idiot! Please, next time read the article and if you are unsure of the content of that article, please raise your hand and ask for assistance.

      • Mitzi

        Really? Did you see where he researched whether or not Ill had the death penalty? I take from this article that he would not have killed her if he stood a chance of receiving a death sentence…..am I wrong?

  • me

    we should have left the death penalty around for canadians and russians. close the borders!!

  • lyndia

    The politicians in this state brings stupidity to an all time high. This Lightford senator is a disgrace. She comes from Maywood and if you have ever visited that small village, you would have to agree that there is a lot of things that need to be done. Drug dealings, a lack of jobs and some raggedy streets.

  • SaveALifeHugAThug

    Well Quinn, if it saves just one innocent life? And those who felt that the threat of the death penalty failed to act as a deterrent? Looks like a plate of crow is on the menu.

    • Kay

      SaveALife…in the first place, just because the guy looked it up doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have killed her had Illinois still had the death penalty. The guy is an obsessive stalker…we’re not talking rational decision-making here.

      In the second place, how many innocent lives have to be executed before you realize that not executing innocent people is *also* a good thing? After all, that’s why Illinois no longer has the death penalty. Innocent men executed. Ring a bell?

  • Mr. Justice

    I agree with most everyone who is posting on here. Stupid, Stupid, politicians. No Death Penalty brings death to a 36 year old woman. The woman was in the prime of her life and some punk, buys an illegal handgun, and murders her.

    PERHAPS, if we had Conceal Carry here in Illinois, the woman might have had a chance. Do not something similar happen to you. Call, right now, today, your State Representatives and State Senators and ask them to support Conceal Carry. Many of the Chicago and Cook County senators and representatives say it is about Gun Control, but actually it is about “control’. Do not allow your politicians to get away with this anymore. Forty-eight other states have Conceal Carry, we should too. It is afforded to the Law Abiding Citizens by the 2nd Amendment. Call Today!

    • janeyre

      There was no mention of the gun being illegal. He bought it in the State of Washington…

      • Mr. Justice

        There is no mention that he purchased the gun in the State of Washington.

  • pari

    One more innocent dead!.! So so so shameful…. This is the result of having GUN in peoples hand

    • Mr. Justice

      I agree with your first portion of comments. BUT not the second half. Guns are not the problem. People are the problem. Criminals will Always get firearms, use a knife, a club, vehicle, whatever. No, guns are not the problem Pari. Don’t forget a teenager was just murdered earlier this week by being stabbed with a knife. Are you going to get rid of all knives? Please do not believe the verbal vomit the puking “gun control advocates” are spewing.

  • Kelli

    Interesting to me is the fact that no one here is mentioning the fact that a 33 year woman had an affair with a 17 year old Boy ~ what did that, plus military, plus imigration do to him?? Why blame politicians, when he held the gun & shot it?

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  • A. Saxon

    What a dopey looking white cracker.

  • Trixy

    Who cares how old they were… who knows if it was a relationship as quoted..Maybe that’s why it was over so quickly, the question should be considering he hatched this plan to kill her in Canada…bought the gun in Seattle.. then traveled across many state lines with this gun.. used the internet to stalker her.. then killed her in IIll.. Is there not a way to convict him in any other state where the Death penalty is active?? He crossed thru many.. all with the intent on killing her. Poor girl tried to fight back.. throwing coffee on him trying to run away as he emptied and re loaded and continued to fire on her.. My Heart goes out to her Brother and Boyfriend..

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  • J.G. Wentworth

    I find it ironic that if the roles were reversed and the guy was 33 and the woman was 17 when they dated, half the people on here would be calling the dead guy a pervert and speculating that he was a horrible person who manipulated a poor innocent girl and messed her up to the point where she just HAD to kill him. Ah, the double standard.

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