Dog Rescued From Fire, Revived With CPR

CHICAGO (CBS) – Chicago firefighters rescued two pet dogs from a Bucktown fire Friday afternoon and used CPR techniques to revive one of the animals, which had stopped breathing.

Firefighter and paramedic Tammy Rodriguez was beaming as she appeared with the resuscitated pooch, a female named Howdy, at a Friday evening news conference at the Engine 57 station.

Rodriguez said one of her colleagues carried the lifeless dog to her outside the fire scene, a three-flat at 1833 N. Wood Ave. She started working on the animal immediately.

“(The dog) was completely out,” Rodriguez said as the now-energetic dog perched over her shoulder. “And we just started putting the mask (on) and giving it straight oxygen. I started performing CPR, and for awhile there it wasn’t reacting, but I think just the positive pressure of oxygen made it start breathing, which was exciting.”

“All of a sudden she started opening her eyes and we’re like ‘Oh, my God’ … and then she got up,” she added.

A second dog, a puppy, was rescued from the fire and received treatment, Rodrigquez said.

Jorden Grennan, the owner of the two dogs, said the younger pet, a male named Hossa, was spending the night at a veterinarian’s.

No people were injured in the blaze, which began around 3 p.m., but the occupants were displaced. A cause was under investigation.

Rodriguez said she owns three dogs herself and considers them a part of the family. She was just doing her job Friday in bringing Howdy back.

“It was a great feeling,” she said.


    Way to go Tammy! I’m proud of you!! You have always been a leader in our community.

    • jessica bailey

      What an idiot. Its a dog.

      • jack

        Oh I’m sorry, that saying applies to you too Jess.

      • Honu

        You sound like the idiot! We need more people like Ms. Rodriguez.

      • FamilyJules

        FrankeC, First of all, you can use the word “other” to describe anything, living or not. Second, the last time I checked the owner was HUMAN. When you are saving a pet, you are saving a human from grief and pain.The people who hate animals to the point they try to ridicule other people for caring, do not care about people. They come across as pompous ignorant stupid and heartless.

      • kew

        How sad you are. This is one of God’s creatures that is in its situation and totally dependent upon humans. I pray you don’t reproduce as you seem like a cold, cold creature.

      • FrankeC

        “I take it you don’t have any animals? I understand. Some people are too selfish to give to others. It happens.”

        LitlleMissMonk: Some people are too selfish to give to others? A dog isn’t an “other” nor is it a “someone” or a “somebody” or anything else that references human beings. Perhaps you should mater the language of your own species before you start engaging in inter-species breeding, etc.

        The humanization of dogs by a certain crowd is a bizarre trend.

      • LitlleMissMonk

        I take it you don’t have any animals? I understand. Some people are too selfish to give to others. It happens.

    • Irene

      You’ve made my day. Congratulations!

    • Albert Watson

      I was a dog for goodness sake, not a human. There is a difference……

      • John Taglieri

        Albert, you’re an ass…

      • jack

        Haha. You know the saying “dogs are better than most people” ? Albert; you’re the reason that statement was born!

      • kew

        How sad you are. This is one of God’s creatures that is in its situation and totally dependent upon humans. I pray you don’t reproduce as you seem like a cold, cold creature. Maybe you and Jessica are related. Scarey.

    • I'm just saying

      Tammy is a hero, as is the firefighter who carried the dog out of the burning building. Tammy and her partner are also both union firefighters, both members of Chicago, IAFF Local 2. So, the next time you hear politicians who want to strip firefighters of their right to be in a union, eliminate firefighters’ pensions, eliminate their health care benefits, or reduce their salaries, remember those politicians are taking rights and benefits away from Tammy, her partner, and the other nearly 300,000 union firefighters who risk their lives to save others (human and otherwise) every day.

      • Fred Lopez

        one good act does not reverse all of the bad of unions. unions should be OUTLAWED

      • Matt Jones

        hello!!! It’s a dog, not a human…..Why bring up her “partner?” What does her preference have to do with anything? GLAD to know she would have let the dog die if she wasn’t a union hack.

      • Honu

        Amen to that! Thanks Ms. Rodriguez!

      • Judym

        Thanks to Tammy for what she did. I still think public service unions should be abolished as they have become an unholy alliance between the Democrats and the union at the expense of taxpayers. It is just wrong. No one wants to eliminate pensions or healthcare benefits. We just want them to be tied to reality. Shame on you for putting political BS into a story about a wonderful firefighter who did a great job.

      • abe_noxious

        Would she not have been as diligent in her job if she wasn’t a union member? Perhaps the Armed Services should be unionized as well~

      • Wilder Napalm

        Oh I see if a firefighter wasn’t union he/she would be incapable of doing the job?

      • WDW

        Kudos Tammy, you rock!!!
        (From a retired firefighter…)

      • Alessandro

        The reason people are against unions is because of one simple reason: money. There is not enough money in the system anymore to allow people to enjoy the benefits of such lofty pensions and salaries. It’s not personal; it’s just simple economics. Unions are mostly bad for the economy. Anytime a person is taking more out of a system that they are putting in then the system is broken and it will eventually collapse. You must take out an equal or less share in order for the system to sustain – period. Simple economics. This is what we are seeing across the US – the system is collapsing.

  • Roger Craig

    God bless you Tammy! Please give Howdy a big hug for me. You are the kind of person that makes it all worth while. There was a reason that you were on the job that day and at that particular emergency. You are in fact an angle. God sure knows who he can depend on. Tell the rest of the crew thanks from me for making my day.

    • otbro

      And not only that. You’re a cute angle!!

      • CCRider

        Does that make Roger somewhat obtuse?

    • christine


      • Pete Mansbrige

        Really? Harping on an obvious typo? Lame.

      • Rod Anders

        Not harping. That’s for the Angles.

  • Kathleen , Antioch, Illinois

    God Bless you Tammy you are an angel sent from heaven. Thankyou for a wonder job well done. May God watch over you always. Howdy is thanking you too. What a beautiful picture of you and Howdy.

  • byrdman

    Wow tammy there r no words to describe how fantastic of a thing u just did for the dog and the owner. Our dog had heart disease we didnt know about just collasped dead my wife brang him back using cpr 3 different times but the 4 th time we had to let him go one of the worse days of my life. So i know the owner just has to be so happy. Ty tammy.

  • Kelley

    Thank you, Tammy!!

  • TParty

    Nice job firefighter! Great to wake up to a nice story for once!

  • phill

    great gooing you’ve won phills top dog award thanks from the pitbull gods and myself

  • Moriah

    CPR techniques are so important to save a life of a child, and adult and even pets. All school personnel and teachers and students should learn how to do the Heimlich maneuver and give mouth to mouth resucitation for those who are choking to death. We know that lots of people die from smoke inhalation and choking but with the help of mouth to mouth resucitation life can become a reality again and again for those who are perishing.
    Please, allow all students to learn and practice this technique so they too can save a life.
    Thank you.

  • Tom

    CFD and CPD are always there for man and beast. Thank you FD and PD.

  • Just a Dad

    on behalf of our son and his girl friend who lost everything in the fire, thank you for rescuing our puppy Hossa. He is still at the vet but hopefully will recover thanks to your help.

    • Helen Boudreaux

      Prayers are with you and your Fur Baby!

  • floco

    They should give this Fire crew Life Saving Awards

  • jos-b


  • Firefighter Pulls Pit Bull From Fire, Revives With CPR « InvestmentWatch

    […] document.getElementById("fb-root").appendChild(e); }()); CHICAGO (CBS) – Chicago firefighters rescued two pet dogs from a Bucktown fire Friday afternoon and used CPR […]

  • Dave

    That’s a pinch collar, there’s no such thing as a “choke” collar. What you’re ignorantly referring to is a “slip” collar and the ONLY thing that works well for training/control/safety. It has the lightest correction level of ANY piece of equipment and shouldn’t be demonized by morons. 35 years a pro trainer listening to idiots like you preach ignorance and troll-ism. Go away.

  • J Beck

    Seriously, if some company doesn’t make a kick@ss commercial w/Tammy about this, they’re really dropping the ball. Female firefighter giving mouth-to-mouth to a PIT BULL?!! Freakin’ AWESOME!

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Oprah…

  • Shinea

    Got out of bed on the wrong side this morning? Go get a cuppa, it’ll make you feel better.

  • Go_Chgo

    Good news. I’m tired of hearing about New York’s bravest parasites.

  • rushoiw

    Thank you so much, Tammy, for your kindness in helping the dog.

    Those horrible collars should be demonized. Any “trainer” who uses them is an animal abuser. Perhaps I should put one on you and yank you around to force you to do exactly as I tell you. Then we’ll see how wonderful you think they are.

    Animals can learn the same way children can learn and violence is rarely necessary.

  • edpowers

    Dog owner said that the paramedic was just doing her job. Now Rescue breathing and CPR are definitely NOT part of a n emergendy response team’s job. Nowhere ishould it be expected for these teams to rescusitate an animal. Sorry abut that but that i sthe way it is. Don’t think I am not an animal lover but the described sdnerio is NOT and should not become a protocol for EMS. If so I sould ddefinitely quit the joab and loook 3elsewhere for survival of myself.

    • LittleMissMonk

      Huh? Your grammer is so poor and unreadable that I can’t understand a word that you’ve written. Please go back to school. It’s not too late for you.

      • allie

        Um grammAr…how ironic.

      • LittleMissMonk

        Ok. You got me. I got a laugh out of that one myself. I was multi-tasking at work and missed that one when a co-worker started talking to me. I realized that I made that mistake as soon as it posted. Even my friend/co-worker cracked up over it! It’s good to know that I have a good friend like you to correct me when I make a horrible mistake like that! At times, my spelling has been known to take a dive. All kidding aside, at least you could decipher what I wrote. I spelled one WORD wrong. “Edpowers” had a post that was unreadable. “Joab” “Sdnerio” “Loook” Allie, come on! One word vs. an entirely unreadable post? However, you bring up a good point that I spelled a word wrong. Even my “spell check” didn’t catch that.

  • edpowers

    Enimals have a personality that is developed by environment and attachnment to a person. They do become dear to owners and sometimes displace affection that belongs to their children. Sorry folks but animaala are not your children no matter how much attachment you have toward them. Animals are part of your environment and not a real part of your family in the same way your children are. Animals may be referred to as “my baby” and all that but animals are not in the line of God’s greatest creation and will never become human no matter hoe much we desire to humanize them. A fireman, Paramedic, or any other pet lover who rususcitates a loved pet is to be commended but not expected to attempt revival of every pet they might come across. No matter hoe hard we try and humanize animals our pets shall not in any way begint oposess himan attributes even though your emotions tell you different. Think aabout it! I have two dogs I love better than I love my children who i don’t have. But these two dogs are not my children and will never become. It is not a fireman’s pr a paramedic’s job to resuscitate either one of hese dogs. If it is any ones job, It’s mine. That’s the way it is sorry to make all you emotionally crippled pet owners but I have told you the blunt truth.

    • Helen boudreaux

      see comment below

    • Helen Boudreaux

      I agree with some of your comments. But I am disabled and I never realized how attached I could get to my Fur baby.. She was a service pet and I would not expect a Firefighter to lose thier life for my dog. But if they choose out of thier own will,Then God Bless them. And Sir,They are a very deep part of your family. You just do not have a heart for Animals..May you be beaten and someone drop you off in the wilderness to starve. Then maybe you would have compassion. You can not dictate to people how much to love any one thing.It’s thier choice..something,Because it’s either in you or not.

    • Hayley

      I think you’re making pointless statements here lol. Nobody thinks animals are human, but as for being family, it depends on what family is to you. I view family members as those I love, who support and care for me like our german shepherd does, but she is definitely a DOG and treated as such(with rules and a structured exercise regime). You can mentally ruin a dog if you treat it like a baby and any decent dog owner knows this.

      Nobody expects every paramedic to treat pets either. This article is for the recognition of a paramedic going BEYOND their call of duty, it was unexpected and a great act of kindness to something you seem to deem unworthy.

      And lmao. God’s greatest creation huh. I dunno about you but I thought maybe an entire universe, with stars still actively forming, new worlds arising etc, was cooler than a hairless ape with a proficiency for murdering it’s own species(even it’s language skills can be harnessed by other higher apes, our close relatives). Then I remember that we assigned the title of greatest creation to ourselves, because religion isn’t real and humans are egotistical jerks. The blunt truth indeed.

      • melanie

        thank you hayley. you said it perfectly.

    • Susan

      First of all it’s YOUR truth, not necessarily anyone elses’; and secondly, go away if you can’t say something nice.

  • David

    Like you’re running into burning buildings to save people every day, right jack ass?

  • Gary

    I understand that it’s not your fault that you’re ignorant. Maybe you were dropped on your head. Maybe you ate lead paint chips as a child. I don’t know. But please keep you low IQ to yourself and don’t put it on display by making comments about things you know nothing about.

  • Rhonda Geissinger

    No Lee, it’s you who’s the idiot!

  • Brian T

    Since your more likely to be bitten by a Labrador retrieve, or a Chihuahua than a Pit Bull, perhaps we should put them down instead. Or take your logic a little further and since illegal aliens from south of the border kill more people than pit bulls, should we euthanize every one of them for your safety? My 85 lb Pit Bull is a HUGE baby. He’s been attacked by a dobernman and a Wolf hybrid. Both dogs bit him first and he only bit them back once, letting go as soon as they stopped biting him. You need to do some research about the animals BEFORE you start advocating for their destruction. They say it is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. Pit Bulls aren’t the problem, stupid owners are. Pit Bulls, like any other breed, are what the owner makes of them. Mine was raised around hundreds of people and animals on a routine basis. He loves people and animals. People who were deathly afraid of pit bulls have found him, despite his large size, to be so playful and gentle with kids that they have gotten pit bulls for pets. Even many of Michael Vick’s fighting dogs have become loving family pets.

    • Evan Cowart


      So, so true, Pits are my dog of choice, they are extremely friendly. Had some nice elderly couple petting my dog while we talked, he was a 85 lb dark chocolate male Pit, intact no less. He was a great dog, loved him and he returned the love. They, after 30 or 40 minutes of chat asked what kind of dog he was, told them a Pit, they were extremely shocked, but decided he still deserved pets as he had not exhausted his love for those who showed love in return. A great dog, used to be the most popular dog in the US back when people had a clue about dogs.

    • LittleMissMonk

      My Pit Bull is a big baby, as well. It’s all in how you raise them.

  • Hank Warren

    Dog rescues, Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, all distractions. As the Mainstream Media creates illusions, the US gov’t (and their corp. friends),start more illegal wars, ban books like “America Deceived II” and bail out banks.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

    • Dee in Pa

      Maybe……just maybe we need a happy story like this once and awhile. I know I do and that is one heck of a good woman. The lord will surely bless her for her compassion.

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