Blagojevich Says He’s Never Considered A Plea Deal

CHICAGO (AP) – Rod Blagojevich says he’s never considered a plea deal with federal prosecutors even though the impeached Illinois governor could face the possibility of spending decades behind bars.

Blagojevich spoke to The Associated Press on Saturday, just days before his retrial on corruptions charges is set to get under way.

His first trial ended last year after a jury deadlocked on 23 of 24 counts against him, including allegations that he tried to sell President Barack Obama’s vacated U.S. Senate seat.

For his retrial, prosecutors have dropped some of the charges and say they plan to present a more streamlined case.

Blagojevich said he “acted honestly” and his “heart is in the right place.” But he also says he understands what he would lose if he doesn’t prevail in the retrial.

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  • Suzanne Anderson

    Will the former governor be allowed to take his crooked wife with him to jail? She is more guilty than he is with her phoney real estate commissions. Let them serve time together and place their children with some honest people.

  • Thomas Frankli

    Hey Suzanne’s comments are a real hoot! I have to agree with her though. Just please don’t let the poor kids near the Daley family as they have the Blago’s beat by miles when it comes to being crooked. The Daley’s have their crooked friends in high places and that is the big difference. Don’t worry Mayor, the law will never catch up to you as you actually did the crooked things instead of just shooting off your mouth. Too many people owe you for helping them make huge amounts of money off the backs of the poor Chicago taxpayers.

  • Mike Fangman

    Of course he won’t. He’s too arrogant to admit guilt.

  • Star Carlton

    Free Blago

    with the purchase of an equal amount of Blago

  • Katie Kullen

    You all don’t seem to understand that although Blago is guilty of this crime and many others he won’t be convicted because the U.S.Attorney’s office is under direct orders NOT to implicate the President or even mention his name….and Blagojevich know’s without the testimony of these key players (who have damaging knowlege of Obama’s ‘wrong doing”) the fed’s probably won’t win…The fed’s lost the last time for the same reason and they’re about to do it again.

    • Release the tapes

      Yes and unfortunately costing tax payers millions of dollars for a second trial they can’t possibly win. Release the tapes!!

      • Katie Kullen

        Release the tapes and the rest of the files on Blagojevich/ Obama / Rezko / Frawley / Alsammarae and Mahru…..the\is current fed’eral administration and U.S.Attorney’s office are the most corrupt in American history…They have protected Obama for over 8 year’s perpetrated the biggest fraud in the history of our country.

  • Mrna Chick

    wrong katie, it was just ONE holdout juror. NOT THIS TIME BLAGOANATOR!!

  • Katie Kullen

    Wrong Chick, I have been following the corruption trials of Blago, Rezko, Frawley, Mahru for a long time….there is ample evidence to convict Blago in many other deals specifically the Companion Security deal where the fed’s have evidense of direct pay-offs to Obama, Blagojevich and Aiham Alsammarae…Which they have chosen to ignore in order to protect B.O….The U.S. Attorney’s could have had witnesses that showed money changing hands but they didn’t let them testify because they would have collapsed under cross by the defense, putting Obama smack dab in the middle…They lost before and they’ll lose again unless they let Rezko testify…

  • Gloria

    Leave Patti alone. She married the wrong guy, and is hoping she hasn’t hitched her wagon to the wrong train. She did, but she’s hoping.

  • mike

    i am on the jury pool,hope i get picked he will walk on all trumped up charges

  • Ellen

    We all want to see him act as Superman and Patty as Wonderwoman. That will be great. They set for it and they will make millions of dollars for the movie fants to enjoy. We all know that they love to act and be recognized as the pillars of the community even though they have their weaknesses as having too much money to spent on suits and ties that cost thousands and thousands of dollars while the childrens educattion is suffering so much. With the unemployment running amok… they should start thinking on filing unemployment benefits like some others have done before.
    He is certainly running out of money and will need help from somewhere.
    Would you help them come afloat?

  • Larry

    Lots of silly comments here. The bottom line is that Blago is a convicted felon and has no credibility. He needs to go away and for the media to stop giving him the attention he so craves to help get him sympathy from the public, from which the jury will be drawn.

  • Diane

    Saw Blago jogging down my street today and it sure felt good to outrun him on my bicycle and leave his huffing puffing butt in the dust. Some kids hollered out Blah-o at him and he yelled back, “Hey there!” Some people around here are just happy that a “famous person” lives around them so the police response time is decent. Otherwise they could give two farts about him.
    I just know that by the time he gets to my block he’s all worn out – like running west is a real chore for him, and though I don’t know how long his runs are, I think he’s trying real hard to enjoy his freedom while it lasts. It won’t be long.

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