Brutality Victim: ‘Sergeant Was Brought To Justice’

CHICAGO (CBS) – He was handcuffed up against a car and then slapped repeatedly by a Chicago police sergeant. Surveillance video captured the incident and led to criminal charges.

The alleged victim is talking publicly for the first time since charges were filed against the sergeant. CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot sat down with Greg Jeffries.

Last October, Jeffries was arrested for trespassing at a South Side restaurant. The charges against the college freshman were later dismissed. 

While being detained, he says Sgt. Edward Howard Jr. hit him four times.

“It was a slap hard enough to bust my lips and injure me,” Jeffries says.

Howard, 48, was among the officers responding at the scene. A restaurant surveillance camera was rolling, and after an investigation, he was charged last week with aggravated battery and official misconduct.

“It was surprising to me, you know, Chicago police treating citizens like this,” Jeffries says. “I didn’t even know what I was getting arrested for in the first place.”

The attorney for Howard, a 25-year veteran of the police department, had a different version of events when the sergeant appeared in court last week. He said Jeffries attempted to spit on the sergeant.

“Somebody’s attempting to spit on you, of course you have a right to defend yourself,” Robert Kuzas told reporters.

Jeffries denies the attorney’s claims. Jeffries’ lawyer says the video only reinforces her client’s claim.

“It forced the department to actually do something about it,”  says Cindy Tsai of Loevy & Loevy, a firm well known for representing victims of police brutality. “The charges against the sergeant probably wouldn’t have happened if there was no video.”

Jeffries has filed a civil suit against the sergeant and officers for allegedly failing to intervene.

“It’s a good feeling this officer, this sergeant, was brought to justice,” Jeffries says.

  • Jerry O Henderson

    Gee-refg,I would be willing to give you one of the same,anytime.any place.

    • gee-reg

      Say when

    • gee-reg


  • Taxpayer 2

    The whole police department need to be audit. Each department, one at a time. Get rid of the demonic police first. Then get rid of the over weight police officers second.

    Keep the godly police offices and in shape officers.

    • Bishop Magic Juan

      And we need to get YO butt offa parole and SSI and LINK card, whiles we at it!!!!!!

      • NWA

        Then we’d be eliminating yo momma too.


  • Sean

    “Somebody’s attempting to spit on you, of course you have a right to defend yourself,” Robert Kuzas told reporters.

    If that’s the case, why do people who defend themselves against corrupt officers who use excessive force & brutality get 60 years in prison?

  • Dee

    Taxpayer 2, what does godliness have to do with anything? grow up and unless you can do the job shut up. Everyone thinks they have a solution but in practice it won’t actually provide the intended results. police officers are short staffed and overworked. We need to hire more.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    I bet this turd is arrested 10 times in ten years and begins the slide into lifelong institutionalization. Getting arrested, spitting in cops faces…..and claiming not to know WHY and going on the NEWS and saying so??

    He’s hanging over the toilet water at this moment.

    • NWA

      Like yo momma?


  • greg wash

    Another “PIG” bites the dust.

  • Doubting Thomas

    Did Ms Le Mignot do a backround check on this little creep,I`ll bet not, I`ll bet he`s already got a lengthy arrest record and I don`t think he`s even a colledge student.When things are proven differently then I`ll feel sorry for him.
    C`mon Susan do some checking and let us know about Mr Jefferies

    • NWA

      Like yo momma’s boy friend?


  • Witness

    Yea Susan be a real reporter and find out if Mr Jefferies is who he claims to be
    an “innocent victim”!
    Now if CBS will only report the truth that`s the question????

    • NWA

      Like yo momma’s to?


  • Sistah Queen Umfufu

    What type of young man SPITS or ATTEMPTS to spit into the face of a police officer called to the scene due to the behavior of that young man?

    I think we all know what type, unfortunately.

    • NWA

      A young man that dates yo momma may?


      • Laughing @ NWA

        @ NWA

        You are cracking me up. lol

  • gee-reg

    That ain’t no man—–A real man takes his pumishment like a man and then walks away head held high—-but these people always blame someone or something for their mistakes

  • smooth

    The officer was wrong in what he did.
    The other officers were wrong for not intervenining.
    questions for the “Victim”
    1. He doesn’t even know why he was being arrested?
    2. “Surpirisng to him that Chicago citizens being treated this way”

    This “I’m a victim” syndrome will result in the Police getting unfair publicity against them. Wonder if this kid is out for a monetary settlement. Am sure his lawyer will make him out to be a martyr in the Chicago “Hall of Shame”

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