Girl, 4, Served Alcoholic Mudslide At Chili’s, Mom Says

UPDATED 04/18/11 5:25 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — An Applebee’s in the Detroit suburb of Madison Heights, Mich., made headlines after a 15-month-old boy was mistakenly served margarita mix and alcohol in his sippy cup instead of apple juice.

An Olive Garden in Lakeland, Fla., also made headlines recently for serving a 2-year-old alcoholic sangria rather than orange juice.

Now, a Far South Side mother says her child was served alcohol at a Chicago Chili’s Restaurant.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, Tyree Davis said she was having dinner with her daughter at a Chili’s at 1750 W. 119th St. in the Morgan Park neighborhood around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, when her daughter’s chocolate shake got swapped with a mudslide alcoholic beverage, which contains vodka.

Davis said her daughter, Brooklynn Morris, 4, was later diagnosed with an alcohol overdose.

The two drinks look similar, and both contain chocolcate. Davis later took a picture of them side-by-side with her cell phone camera.

The restaurant chain released a statement giving a different account about how the drinks were served.

But Brooklynn drank from the cocktail three or four times, and her mother said the little girl noticed something wasn’t right.

“Brooklynn said, ‘I don’t like it,’ and she said, ‘You don’t like it? Why? Let me taste it,’” Davis said, “and when I tasted it – alcohol. I knew immediately it was alcohol.”

Davis said she tried it herself, and that is when she realized it was an alcoholic drink.

The server said perhaps the drinks had been swapped.

“That’s when I saw the waitress approaching me with the chocolate shake,” Davis said. “How can you make that mistake? And then the manager said they were sitting on the bar side-by-side – the cholocate shake and the mudslide.”

Davis said she called police, who responded to the restaurant and told her to take her daughter to the emergency room, because the girl was dozing off.

“While we were at the hospital, they said that her chest was tight. They called respiratory; they came down and gave her a breathing treatment. Since we’ve been home, she did vomit,” Davis said.

A doctor at Metro South Medical Center in Blue Island diagnosed Brooklynn with alcohol ingestion overdose.

“I’m very upset because it could happen to anyone,” Davis said. “And if you don’t pay close attention, you wouldn’t notice, because it looks so much like a chocolate shake.”

She said the mix-up is particularly upsetting given that similar incidents have been in the headline recently.

“I don’t want it to ever happen again … to any child, because I know this just happened last week to someone, and I heard about it, and it’s crazy that it just happened to us yesterday,” Davis said.

“You know, they need to be more, I don’t know, aware of what they’re doing. I know you’re busy, I know things are going on. I know it’s crowded, and it was crowded. But you served my child an alcoholic beverage,” she continued. “That’s not good.”

Davis said she was told by a manager Sunday night that someone would be calling her within 24 hours, but she said she has not heard back from anyone either.

The specific Chili’s restaurant where the incident happened referred all calls to media representatives at the regional company office.

The following was sent in response from ERJ Dining, the franchisee that owns the Chili’s where the incident happened:

At ERJ Dining, the health and safety of our guests is always our top priority. Yesterday evening, upon being notified of this incident, our local management team reached out to and spoke with Ms. Davis.

• Our managers, bartenders and servers all receive alcohol awareness training, and we hold them accountable for adhering to our policies and procedures. We take the responsibility to serve alcohol to our guests very seriously and, as such, we have checks and balances in place as far as containers in which we serve alcoholic and kids’ drinks. We’ll immediately be re-emphasizing our policies and procedures to our team members.

• We take claims such as this one seriously and we have begun a formal and thorough investigation.

• Initial findings in our investigation reveal conflicting details of how this story is being reported and what occurred in our restaurant. The drink in question was served to an adult, in glass barware, not to a child or in a kids’ cup.

• To our knowledge, Ms. Davis and her daughter ordered a kids’ drink (red fruit punch) and a chocolate shake. The fruit punch beverage was served to Brooklynn in a plastic kid cup with a lid and straw. The beverage Ms. Davis received was served in glass barware.

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  • Jane

    Bull copy cat

    • Patti

      The lady did not order a drink that contained alcohol, I would think that if she were trying to make a buck, she would need to have ordered one with it in it. I can sure see a child wanting to drink some of mama’s shake too. What if the mother had an allergy with alcohol and was served it? This seems to happening more lately, sounds like there needs to be a nationwide retraining of employees on serving and telling the difference between their drinks.

    • Barbara

      Parents should taking jr. size apple juice to restaurants with them, or restaurants only served children’s drink in the 4 oz original closed containers. That will solved that problem.


    • ron

      she just wants to sue someone — probably never made an honest dollar in her life

    • Martin

      Totally agree. Copy cat. The fact that they called the Police instead of an Ambulance tells you right there they wanted it on the record. Pitiful.

      • SkepticalSkittle

        Excuse me, “alcohol ingestion overdose”, not poisoning.

      • SkepticalSkittle

        ITA, bull. Alcohol poisoning? Really? After 4 sips? And treatment only being a breathing treatment before you aresent on your way? No stomach pumping? Right.

      • joanna

        Skep u r an idiot. Alcohol is a depressant and can cause shortness of breath and if u go online to see how many ounces of alcohol it takes for someone to be arrested for being legally drunk, u probably shouldn’t talk!!

  • Jane

    3 or 4 sips will not cause an alcoholic overdose to a four year old … seems like someones trying to make a buck

    • JAy

      That doesn’t matter , She’s a young baby. 4yrs. old….
      — Her body can’t hold all that liquor in side her…

    • Torre J LaBarge

      Jane your an idiot and yes 3 or 4 sips can poison a small child. If you want to be an idiot and dont know what your talking about maybe you should shush.

      • Kay

        If you’re going to all someone an idiot, at least make sure your grammar and spelling is correct. Your – something that belongs to YOU. Your sweater, your apple juice. You’re – you are. Really, the only idiot here is you.

      • Justme

        @ Kay LOL Really? If you are going to correct someone else’s grammar, you might want to check your own spelling and/or grammar before posting. I will give you a hint, the 5th word of your 1st sentence. ;-)

  • Zach Nepermann

    How do you drink a chocolate shake through a sippy cup??? This is a farse…

    • pak31

      Where does it say it was in a sippy cup?

    • MsKarenL

      Re-read the article and PAY ATTENTION! This child was not served her drink in a sippy cup. That was with a different child last week in a different restaurant who was served a margarita in his sippy cup. It’s not rocket science. Letters make words, words make sentences and sentences make paragraphs. Now, go back and try it again!

      • gjones

        MsKarenL You are the one that needs to use your second grade education and reread the full article. Pay attention to the last 3 paragraphs the state the parent company’s version of the incident.

      • LizGam

        Read the article… the last paragraph states it all:

        • To our knowledge, Ms. Davis and her daughter ordered a kids’ drink (red fruit punch) and a chocolate shake. The fruit punch beverage was served to Brooklynn in a plastic kid cup with a lid and straw. The beverage Ms. Davis received was served in glass barware.

      • Marie


  • stevw3

    Sounds like a big fat lie to me. Somebody’s trying to make a quck buck!

  • Tripweaver

    Zack, Jane, I’m with you. This rings fake to me for several reasons. It’s unimagineable that this could happen three times in a week. Next, a single mudslide in a sippy cup wouldn’t have enough alcohol to cause an alcohol overdose. Also, there have been many examples of people orchestrating their own mishaps for personal gain. I thnk the last two were copy cats, but that’s just my analysis.

    • Tw1tch

      never said it was in a sippy cup, the sippy cup was referring to the boy in detroit who got margarita in his sippy cup, and to a 4 year old a few sips of an alcoholic beverage would have much more impactful effects then it would on us, i really think if your going to bash an article for being “fake” you might want to pay attention to what it says next time.

      • Lisa Ladonski

        I couldn’t agree more!

    • MsKarenL

      Tripweaver…You and Zach need to go back and take 3rd grade reading comprehension. Nowhere in the article does it say she was served her drink in a sippy cup. Try paying closer attention when you read.

      • gjones

        Last paragraph of article “plastic kid cup with a lid and straw”. Is that not a sippy cup??

    • Marie

      She was not giving the Mudslide in a sippy cup, it was in a regular size glass cup! The sippy cup incident was another kid on a different day at a different location! You maybe right about the copy cat idea, but again not on the causes you just stated.

  • Olivia

    4 sips..she tryna make a tip lol

  • Roberta Waker

    Can the mother PROVE any of this or do we just have her word? Hope they have security cameras to catch this. Unfortunately, even if it DID happen; having three incidents in one week will make it look fishy. Let the investigation prove or disprove her claims.

  • grace oremor

    If you read carefully, it doesn’t say the mudslide was served in a sippy cup, that was a previous mishap. If a doctor diagnosed the 4 yr old with overdose of alcohol, how do you not believe it? Are you thinking the mother gave the toddler alcohol before the trip to Chili’s? I really do not know what to believe. It could go either way.

    • Shane Truax

      Thank you Grace for having comprehended the article and not being so jaded with life. The preceding comments are the reason things never get understood. The case was clearly made and the doctor is a bit more educated then others on here I’m sure. This page reeks with fools most of the time.

  • mike, abingdon,il

    I dont believe this either, 4 sips of a mudslide would not cause alcohol poisoning in anyone. should have checked her purse for a bottle of vodka. and how do you drink a shake out of a sippy cup? plus i seriously doubt that a bartender doesn’t know the difference between the two .i really dont believe the other two incidents that happened either.i think they made it up as well. when she sues and i know she will. i hope i’m on the jury.


    I wish my drinks had as much alcohol in it as this toddlers.

    • youreadumba$$

      then you should weigh has as a 4 year old and I am sure it will have the same effect.

      • youreadumba$$

        then you should weigh has much as a 4 year old and I am sure it will have the same effect.

  • Mike

    The second incident was brought to the attention of the mother by the restaurant! Yes, it did happen!

  • Tanya

    Read read read before you comment… NO WHERE DID IT SAY A SIPPIE CUP… U all are confusing two different stories. I have been to this resturant and they are beyond triffling there. Yes I believe it could happen there. Duh this is a 4 year old not a 24 or 34 4 slips may be all it take for her little body. Some of you I guess want your 2 mintues of fame on here and are saying anything. Do us all a favor and go drink a mudslide.

    • mike

      Baloney. Three or four sips might cause an overdose in a hamster, not a child. You don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Torre J LaBarge

        Mike you should join Jane because your an idiot to..

    • Tiffany

      Tanya, what are you wearing? Can I cover you in a chocolate mudslide?

  • dan

    They do serve shakes out of a plastic cup with an oversized straw but I would imagine the chocolate shakes (and soda) are gotten by the waitress from the back area near the kitchen nowhere near the bar and not by the bar tender. Sounds like BS to me also!

    • Erin Pivoney

      At most restaurants, the bartenders make the milkshakes.

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  • jessica

    people please read this story again the 15 month old was the one with the sippy cup which was applebees that gave him margarita mix in his sippy cup
    instead of apple jucie
    olive gardan gave sangria to a 2 year old instead of orange juice
    and know chilis gave a girl a big cup with mudslide in it instead of a chocolate shake what is going on maybe she is lying who knows i guess we will have to wait and see

  • Shane Truax

    Can you try not to show your lack of humanity or go to the nearest ‘teabag’ site and become volunteer spokesman. What drives people to show the world just how cruel and stupid they can be?

    • Dave

      If you don’t like the comments, don’t read them, cupcake. But you know the old liberal motto: If you can’t argue the issues, attack the opposition. Call them names.

      • Westmont

        Roger that, cupcake.

  • Erinn

    Why turn an alcoholic child specially at an early age. This is outragours. It is disgusting. We have allready tons of children born of alcoholic parents who are struggling to survive and it cost taxpayers money millions of dollars.
    Fine the pandlers and the stores that sell all kinds of alcholic beberages. They should check the age and the Id of those who start to drink at an early age.
    No wonder there is so many accidents where innocent victims are killed for no reason. Just stand on the side of the road and someone will come and hit you dead and the result will be a drunk driver that failed to stop and help the victim.

  • Hugo

    While it looks like this is yuet another case of a child being served an alcoholic drink, I am sure we are going to see someone purposly serving their kid a drink to csh in-that is, if it hasn’t happened already.

  • yikes

    Hey come to glenview there are places here that will serve anyone, ask the police :)

  • Evergreen Park

    It’s pretty hard to imagine this really happening unless the waitress did it on purpose, which makes no sense at all.

  • debcakes

    I don’t understand the need to show the photo of the child … is that really necessary?

  • princessMom

    If it was true, wouldn’t you see the ice through the glass? I’m highly sceptical.

  • Liar

    What kid is going to take 3 or 4 drinks of something they say taste bad ?

  • S.M.

    The mothers comment about previously hearing about this happening makes it all the more suspicious that this isn’t a scam. Also, at Chili’s the bartenders have nothing to do with making shakes. Even if whoever made the shake accidently used mud slide mix, the alcohol is added separately!

    • Mike

      There is no mudslide mix. It’s made with vodka,Kahlua, and Baileys

  • S.M.

    *is a scam

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