Tea Party Activists Rally In Daley Plaza

CHICAGO (WBBM/CBS) — A few hundred Tea Party activists rallied in Daley Plaza at noon Monday for a Tax Day protest, calling for a smaller American government.

They started with the Pledge of Allegiance: “One nation, under God, indivisible…”

Indivisible? Perhaps. But as WBBM Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports, the Tea Party supporters said they are ready to part ways with the current thinking in Washington.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports

“My sign says, ‘Not my brother’s keeper,'” said. activist Jonathan Hoenig, of Chicago.

Hoenig said he doesn’t want the government to tell him what to do.

“I help a lot of people. I gave a guy a dollar on the way over here on LaSalle and Madison, but I do it out of my own self-interest and not because centralized planners in Washington tell me to,” he said.

Among the speakers: Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh, a Republican from the northwest suburbs, who says he’s refused his congressional pension and health care benefits.

  • Charlie B

    Followers of the Tea Party movement scare me.

    • jim landon

      Why?Do you know something nobody else knows?Or are you just afraid of losing a “FREE LUNCH” of some sort>

  • Native Chicagoan

    The Tea Party is independent and really should not scare you unless you are a coward. Unless you’re too scared to do it, look up what the movement is about and you will find it is the furthest position away from racism. It is about fairness and confronting political hacks that live to scheme and take away the peoples money, from all races and all cultures while lining the government pockets. The Tea Party is a threat to NCAAP base because the Tea Party speaks to their base. All made up cases of “racism” were found to be false. It was outrageous the NCAAP did such a thing as pass a resolution about racism in the Tea Party. They should look at themselves first as they exclude everyone who is not of color, which in itself is blatant racism. The NCAAP should be ashamed of themselves but it has money to lose and appears it is trying desperate measures to hold onto it. Just like the Unions, it is not the Unions itself which is the problem, it is the Union Administrators, living high off the hog and using the union members money to play games with politicians to get the Union Bosses way, not necessarity the poor mopes union members who are tying to make a living. I saw the teamsters mega mega bus up in Wisconsin. Parked it’s fat fanny outside the capitol there. Wonder if it had mega wide screen TV’s in it and couches. It was a wonderful piece of machinery that has the Union Bosses unside of it watching their underlings doing their bidding. It has become clear what the whole game is and the wretched Union Bosses, one reportedly getting $400,000 a year and the NCAAP are finally starting to really sweat. About time.

    • Mack

      I’m in the union and I’m starving because of the misappropriation of my hard earned money……I need help

  • Steve

    The NAACP is criminal as well as racist. All they do is start trouble.

  • Jack Dawson

    Are robes and hoods mandatory or optional?

    • jim landon

      you can wear a hood and robe if you wish.

    • Stan

      I don’t get your comment. The tea party has nothing to do with racism.

  • LaKeisha

    Smaller government, lower taxes, less spending. What the heck is wrong with that? It sounds like a step in the right direction. Keep in mind, people, racism is based on intelligent analyzation of the statistics. Read all of the stories every day and you will see who is responsible for the negative image of the black community. It’s the actions of so many blacks that create racism.

    • mic

      dont you mean lower taxes for the rich…

  • Steve

    The media has a hard time giving credit to the “Few hundred people” that came out on a 36 deg. day to protest taxation without representation.

  • P Murphy

    The tea baggers are union breaking racists who would set this country back 100 years ! they claim to be for the people but take away from the poor and children to give tax breaks to the filthy rich !

    • brenda

      And how UNAMERICAN is it to try to break and blame the unions, if it were not for the unions, we woujld not have 40hr work weeks, sick time,vacations and overtime pay, healthcare or safety in the work place, it amazes me how people seem to forget how we all got this in the work place, because if you left it up to be corp america, we would have none of these benefits, and we would all be working for pennies,like the people do in CHINA and INDIA, this is why big corp america takes the jobs overseas,its all about cheap labor, so they can fill their greedy pockets with even more. Wake up america!!!!!

    • brenda

      Amen to that!!! I agree 100pct with you, If the teaparty had their own way, the american people would have nothing….and yes they are trying to take us back 100 yrs ago, when no one had any rights, or anything…except for the wealthy.

    • jim landon

      brilliant- p murhy!where did you come up with such an original idea?

    • beastmeister

      Hrmmm…seems like you have a few stereotypes you need to get out of your head first.

  • Alma

    It’s obvious someone’s bought the leftest rhetoric.

    • brenda

      It’s obvious someone’s bought the right wing rhetoric, as well!!

    • brenda

      It’s obvious someone’s bought the right wing rhetoric!!!

  • jim landon

    When beliefs are this polarized ,maybe it is really time for a separation or divorce of territories.i.e. like a bloodless civil war.The liberals(who really aren’t liberal at all unless you agree with them-actually henceforth should be referred to as “intolerants”)could never survive on their “idealism” without the support of hard working conservatives.Since when is believing in the Constitution and self preservation a bad thing?It’s worked for over 200 years.Why stop now?

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