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Dan and Laurence,
I am so glad they finally released a report explaining the death of Declan Sullivan. No one person is at fault. I learned two things…first i learned that when coaches say they dont pay attention to what is in the papers they were telling the truth because the newspapers, the tv media, every radio station in the midwest, the weather that they reportedly checked said that the wind event was the strongest storm in 70 years. The second thing i learned is if i screw something up, add more people. only one person can be blamed at a time so if i add more people, then nobody did it.



After PsychoT stole the ball and dunked it.  I was irate.  And I was really mad at you and Terry for some reason.  I even tweeted you that.  I’m not sure why, I don’t have a reason, but listening to your show everyday, I felt I was led to believe he sucked.  I know, your probably right, that you guys never led me to believe it, but it sure seemed that way.

Hi Dan.

Did you happen to hear the way that Frank Vogel described Derrick Rose in the postgame interview? I thought it was the highest compliment that I’ve ever heard about Derrick Rose so far.

He said “Derrick has the quickness of Allan Iverson, the vision of Jason Kidd, the shot of Chauncy Billips and the athleticism of Michael Jordan” he then concluded “How do you stop that?”

He looked like he just lost game 7 of the NBA finals as well.

Great show.



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