Demonstrators To Protest At Holy Name For Women Priests

CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM) — Demonstrators will be outside Holy Name Cathedral Tuesday afternoon, when priests of the Chicago Archdiocese celebrate mass in preparation for Holy Week.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports, the protesters will be showing their desire for the Roman Catholic Church to ordain women as priests.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

Demonstrations are happening all over the country in support of women being ordained as Catholic priests – especially in light of the threat by the church last week to remove a priest who said he thinks women should be allowed to be priests.

“There were women in Jesus’ followers, and Mary Magdalene was a key leader among this group, and she witnessed the Resurrection – which is the core of our faith,” said Laura Singer of the Women’s Ordination Conference.

Singer says she personally does not feel the call to become a priest, but she knows many women who do, and she says they have wonderful gifts to offer.

Late last month, Maryknoll Rev. Roy Bourgeois of Georgia was given 15 days to “publicly recant” his support of women being priests, or face being kicked out of his holy order, according ot the National Catholic Reporter.

  • Not a member of the Club

    The arch-conservatives in the Roman Catholic hierarchy will never allow it to happen. They’re content to keep the child molesters in place, instead.

  • Kman

    It would be more honorable to resign from the Catholic Church and begin an independent congregation than to subvert the Church founded by Jesus. These radicals have no understanding that obedience to authority is a keystone. Breaking the first commandment and asserting their opinions against the magisterium is a sin. Isaiah 65:2-3 “I have stretched out my hands all the day to a rebellious people, Who walk in evil paths and follow their own thoughts, People who provoke me continually, to my face…”

  • glira

    “Obedience to authority is a keystone..” Really? Jesus obeyed the religious leaders of the time? The Catholic Church like other large religious institutions are out of touch and especially insulting to women on this stance.

    • Kman

      Denying that Jesus is God is the only way your logic makes sense. Jesus is the ultimate authority – it is our obligation to obey Him and the Church He founded and the successor of Peter to whom he delegated authority. You represent “…a rebellious people, Who walk in evil paths and follow their own thoughts…”

  • kevgood

    Good idea, Protestants. Protest during Holy Week. All that will get you is the support of a bunch of other Protestants who already hate the Catholic Church. Good intention. Bad plan. Back to the drawing room, dummies.

  • Mercy

    Kman is right. These women follow their pride. They don’t want to follow Jesus or any other man. It is a known fact when women take over the men leave. I seen how one nun who called me a traitor to my sex wanted to be a priests when I came right out and told her it is witchcraft! If Jesus wanted women to be priests, he would have made the Blessed Virgin Mary one but Mary chose to be humble in serving her Lord and her God. This same nun latter would not defend the Eucharist! You tell me what happened to her?

  • Gonzo

    The male track record is utterly poor so, why not ?

  • Sassy

    Jesus appointed 12 apostles to take over after he left. Women! follow the lead of the most Blessed Virgin Mary. Let her be your model. The Catholic Church is the church founded by Christ and the only church which has remained obedient since His death and resurrection. The Catholic church is filled with sinners, this is true but if you don’t want to follow the church set up by Jesus Christ, there are many other churches who didn’t like it either and formed their own. No one is forcing anyone to stay in the Catholic Church if they don’t believe the tenets of the faith.

  • George

    GOD is celebrated many different ways, with many different churches. Go and find the one that appeals to you. Leave the Catholic Church a lone it will not change as fast as you want it too.
    Keep this in mind that no matter what Church or place of worship you go to it is also without SIN.
    We are all (hu)man who we look up to for guidance.

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