Three Busted For 80 Pounds Of Cannabis In Car

WHEATON, Ill. (STMW) — For the second time this week, authorities in DuPage County have filed charges after uncovering drugs that were allegedly being shipped to the area from California.

Three people were arrested outside of a Lombard motel as an exchange of 80 pounds of marijuana valued at $350,000 was to occur, Assistant DuPage County State’s Attorney Audrey Anderson told Judge Michael Wolfe in bond court this morning.

Julian Iannino, 23, of Lombard, and Steven Brooks, 21, and Eric Krzywicki, 20, both of Redding, Calif., each were charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, authorities said.

Brooks had driven a vehicle into the area when agents of the DuPage County Metropolitan Enforcement Group stopped him on Sunday and discovered the drugs, Anderson said.

Under instructions from the agents, Brooks called an unidentified person in California, who instructed him to proceed to the motel and wait for instructions. On Monday, Brooks, who spent the night at the motel under surveillance by police, was instructed by the person in California to go to the vehicle in the parking lot and wait for two people.

When Iannino and Krzywicki appeared and began taking the drugs out of the parked vehicle all three were arrested.

Wolfe set bail for Brooks and Krzywicki at $350,000 ($35,000 cash). Bail for Iannino, who had attended college in California, was set at $750,000. ($75,000 cash), Anderson said Iannino had been charged earlier this year with a similar drug trafficking crime in Chicago.

A police search of Iannino’s home in the 1000 block of South Fairview Avenue in Lombard uncovered $10,000 in cash and some small amounts of marijuana, Anderson said.

Anderson said that Brooks claimed he was to be given $8,000 for driving the marijuana from California.

Gene Ognibene, a defense attorney representing Iannino, told Wolfe that his client “was merely providing a ride” for Krzywicki.

If convicted, all three face a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

A Carol Stream mother of four had bail set Monday at $1 million cash after being charged with driving 20 kilos of cocaine, valued at $2 million, to the DuPage area, where she was arrested on Sunday. She had admitted driving to California several times for $4,000 to $12,000 a trip.

“For the second day in a row, my office has charged individuals with serious drug trafficking offenses,” said DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin. “Drugs continue to be a problem in DuPage County and I would like to thank officials with DuMeg for their continuing efforts in keeping our neighborhoods free from drugs and the pain and heartache they can bring.”

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  • tim

    What a waste of manpower and taxpayer dollars! I find it to be highly political and downright rediculous to allow a dangerous toxin like alcohol to remain legal, yet this harmless plant can put people away for a lifetime. With the hardships of the economic times, people are forced to do things they would not normally do to survive. While politicians make laws to protect the interest of whomever is paying them the most (in one way shape or form), the general population is forced to simply surviveat all costs. We dont get to give ourselves raises! We dont have cadillac health plans for life! We dont have the ability to say, “we need to increase our salary to address the soaring costs and taxes!”, while these politicians make well over $100k just in politics, and complain about it needing more money, we are the one that suffer! I say cut your expenses you foolish politician leaches! If this harmless black market product is legalized it can be taxed, then the government stands a change to cut down the deficit. As well, it will cut down on crime since the industry then can be regulated. But to play devils advocate, the department of corrections would lose that funding, since there would be a drop in the amount of prison inmates. That’s right, its about money! You surprised? If cannibis is legalized, then less manpower is needed, which is federally funded. Also, less funding is needed to provide for the “operational costs” of each inmate. Thank university professor for teaching me how to independantly think and not feed into media! Now I do not condon the use of illegal substances, but many of us have used this plant at some point in our lives. Even our president admits to it’s use! I am firmly against the use of drugs, including pharmaceutical and alcohol due to the harming effects it has on the user and those around the user. However in my past, I have never met anyone that has been a harm to themselves nor anyone else under the influence of cannibis. Many pharmaceuticals are only legal because someone lobbys for them. Big surprise there? But they are more damaging, as you can see by reading the drug inserts and warning labels! Now there is not a single doctor in their right mind that would recommend smoking cannibis and say it’s healthy. But studies are outdated and twisted to benefit those that are anti-cannibis! Ask a doctor about the dangers of eating the “plant” as opposed to taking a pill that can damage your liver or something similarly harmful. Now I do have a concern with the legalization of cannibis; obesity and lazyness. But I feel that is FAR better than murder, rape, suicide, and domestic abuse caused by alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and other drugs. Some may try to twist things and say gang control the cannibis trade. I say shut up! Why? Because its a black market product! Put it on the open market and it can then be regulated! Now just like gangs still can have a hand in gambling while gambling is still legal, it may not take away cannibis from the black market completely, however it would drastically cut it down. And the government can then focus on more important things like getting Osama…or cracking down on Herion and Crack/Cocaine, and Pharmaceutical abuse! But that makes to much sense…like cutting our defense spending [and major deficit] while we have an abundance and surplus in that department. In fact, according to a class at my prior university, this product served multiple purposes through out history, however it was criminalized due to political lobbying by certain organizations and wealthy people that had control of the press as well as the money, connections, and power to influence politics and their only wanted to protect their own investments from a product that is less toxic, and can product four times more than lumber. In my opinion, just like Nicola Tesla’s Tesla Coil…hemp’s potential advantages and benefits have been overlooked to protect the interests and profits of the wealthy elite rulers. The outdated studies are compromised, however politics will not allow justice to prevail in this matter. Rome fell because stubborn ignorance led to their demise…we are no more devine than Rome…I’ve been drug free for many years (including OTC drugs such as Asprin and Ibeuprofin, and evil alcohol), however put me in a debate with any politician and I’ll put ’em to shame on this topic and shut em up…along with insulting their intelligence and showing the public how politicians twist words, statistics, and studies to benefit whatever they are paid to lobby for…

  • Tim

    Sidenot: These people should be charged for tax evasion and operating without proper liscences and permits (on the premesise that I believe it should be legal)…that’s the only crime they commited in my opinion. But rediculous laws base on old biased views charge them with something that can take 30 years from their lives [and their families lives]…and most probably will turn them into hardened criminals for life. Fast money does not pay, unless it’s lobbied for (like tobbacco, gambling, and alcohol).

  • thomas


  • tom

    will the U.N. help us???

  • Jillian Galloway

    An industry that’s illegal can NOT be regulated. The Federal Marijuana Prohibition forces the multi-billion dollar marijuana industry to be unregulated and untaxed. Ever wonder why your kids can access weed so easily? It’s because of the prohibition that YOU pay for.

    The federal marijuana prohibition empowers local drug dealers and the Mexican drug cartels by preventing any form of legal competition to their activities. Instead of protecting children from marijuana, this law creates an environment of zero legal supply amidst massive and unrelenting demand that makes our children LESS safe.

    The prohibition costs taxpayers $40 billion a year, generates 700,000 unnecessary arrests every year, diverts $10 billion a year to the Mexican drug cartels, has caused the death of more than 35,000 people in Mexico in just the last four years, and lures drug dealers into our neighborhoods selling their stinking weed to our children. And worst of all, it doesn’t even stop kids from smoking marijuana!

    We need legal adult marijuana sales in supermarkets, gas stations and pharmacies for exactly the same reason that we need legal alcohol and tobacco sales – to keep unscrupulous black-market criminals out of our neighborhoods and away from our children. Marijuana should be legal to sell to adults everywhere that alcohol and tobacco are sold.

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