Oak Park Woman Robbed By Suspect In 3 Other Attacks

OAK PARK, Ill. (CBS) — She was outside her own home, but Oak Park police said that did not stop a man from attacking and robbing a woman in the western suburb Tuesday night.

As CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports, police believe the suspect is the same man responsible for at least three other attacks in Oak Park in recent weeks.

Tuesday night, a woman entered her garage on the 200 block of South Harvey Avenue in Oak Park and then went into her back yard. That’s when a man approached her from behind, grabbed her around the neck and took her purse, which had $40 in it.

oak park robber suspect sketch Oak Park Woman Robbed By Suspect In 3 Other Attacks

Police sketch of a robbery suspect in Oak Park. (Credit: Oak Park Police)

Police said the man who robbed the woman matches the description of the suspect in at least three other attacks in Oak Park.

The woman, who was not injured, described her attacker as being about 5-foot-9, 200 pounds, medium build, unknown age. Unlike previous incidents, the assailant was seen by at least one other witness. That witness said the suspect ran from the Harvey Avenue alley to the driver’s side of a light-colored newer model Ford SUV or Jeep Cherokee, and drove away westbound. Another witness described the car as possibly an older model.

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Oak Park Police said that, in light of this latest robbery, they’ve stepped up patrols in the area.

Local resident Katie Galmiche said, “I’m definitely not walking home alone from the train anymore at night.”

Her friend, Will Hooper said, “these incidents occur close to 12, most of them at night. We’re never out that late either … we always walk together.”

The latest incident was not far from three similar late night robberies where women were alone.

On March 30, a woman was robbed on the 200 block of Lake Street. A second incident took place on April 2, near Lake Street and Austin Boulevard. The third happened on April 4 on the 200 block of North Oak Park Avenue.

The victim in the robbery on April 4 was able to help police create a composite sketch of the suspect.

“I mean, he got $100, but he almost killed me,” victim Lisa Dodge said. “He jumped me, he started strangling me. He threw me to the ground and started basically trying to kill me for my purse.”

Galmiche said she hopes police find the suspect soon.

“I would like to see this person caught so that our neighborhood can feel safe again,” she said.

About an hour before the attack on Harvey Avenue, another woman was attacked in her back yard in Oak Park, but police said they don’t believe that robbery was related to the other four.

That attack happened about 10:50 p.m. in the 900 block of South Lyman Avenue. In that incident, the man entered the yard through the rear gate, punched the woman “several times” and then demanded her purse. He ran off westbound through the Harrison Street alley. The woman was treated for facial bleeding and transported to Oak Park Hospital.

Anyone with any information regarding these incidents is asked to contact Oak Park police at 708-386-3800, or e-mail at police@oak-park.us. Information can be forwarded anonymously by calling 708-434-1636, or online at www.oak-park.us/police.

(The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.)

  • Gee-reg

    Is the offender a black man— a white man— a Hispanuc man—an Asian man ???? usually when no race is given we know what it is.

    • renee

      ye i agree with you ,this how they report the news ,its not only happens here but i as well as n wisconsin …and u always have someone accuses the black … Right ??

      • JimboJim

        Where did “Black” pop up my dear?
        Your so unsecure that you need to make up statements to feel better!
        If your non-white, I would be ashamed to have you in my race!!!!!

  • me

    Iam sure he is African American like always

  • jibida

    he’s a chocolate wimp picking on women because he’s afraid to take on someone his own size-what a cowardly loser

  • DJ

    @me to assume all attackers are African American is sad and racist. There are more serial Caucasian killers in the world and notice I said killers and not attackers than anything. So just be more open minded and not closed minded when you are talking about something as bad as being attacked.

    • gee-reg

      BUT there are more blacks per black population that are criminals. Remenber that blacks are less thean 15% of the U.S. population but over 85% of prison population. You do the math

  • Mr. Justice

    Once Again, this is a valid reason why we need Conceal Carry here in Illinois. The woman could have been raped. Until the citizens of Chicago and Illinois stand up and Demand, yes, I said Demand, their 2nd Amendment rights, crime will continue to escalate. Call your state representatives and state senators and ask them to vote Yes for Conceal Carry. Do not be a victim anymore.

  • Bill

    The mayor of this liberal town offered whistles to blow if something bad happens!Give her a whistle and all the people that believe these blowhard liberal politicians whose solutions aren’t based in reality!Rahm said if someone kicks in your door,call 911!A lot can happen before the police get there!

  • Joy Gannon

    Another Oak Park liberal turned conservative after being mugged by reality.

  • mike

    I’m for conceal and carry!. When seconds count the police are minutes away.

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  • CB

    Why is it that the comments related to these frightening attacks have turned into a racist, carry-and-conceal advocacy, berate the Oak Park liberals forum instead of a collaborative approach to stopping this crime wave and protecting the citizens of our village? Please find a way to be helpful.

  • Mikia

    Its sad to know that racism still has an affect over people judgemwnt…regardless of black or white he is a robber. This activity is not unusual and not justified under one race..if,thats the case what about all these child molestation and perverts, oh lets not forget missing children that happen mostly in suburban are amongst whit people, black people especially in the urban area are not taking nobody kids. So basically when your talking crime its a mixture of all races, its good apples and its bad apples..regardless of race. Race leaves room for an excuse.

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