Coyote Hit, Killed By Car In Lincoln Park

UPDATED 04/21/11 12:15 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — A car struck and killed a coyote Thursday morning in the park of Lincoln Park.

About 7:20 a.m. the vehicle hit the animal, either a dog or a coyote, in the 200 block of West Fullerton Drive, according to police News Affairs Officer Robert Perez.

Perez said the vehicle was not damaged, and no one was injured, though the animal was killed. No citations were issued.

“We got a phone call of an injured coyote,’’ said Cherie Travis of the city Department of Animal Care and Control, who said two investigators were sent to the scene. “He was deceased when we got there.”

At the point where the crash happened, Fullerton Drive is fully within the park. The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is just to the north on Cannon Drive, while parking for the Lincoln Park Zoo is just to the south.

The stretch of Fullerton is extremely busy during the morning rush with cars heading to and from Lake Shore Drive about two blocks farther east.

Travis said Animal Care and Control crews took the animal away and noted that coyotes have been seen in that area over the last six months or so.

In December, just off Fullerton, a coyote was rescued from a piece of ice floating in Lake Michigan; and recently another coyote that was on an overpass was rescued and moved out of the city, Travis said.

Perez said the animal had a microchip in its body and Lincoln Park Zoo spokeswoman Sharon Dewar said it may might have been being tracked as part of the Cook County Coyote Project, which is not affiliated with the zoo.

However, project principal investigator Stan Gehrt said he was notified of the animal but said it did not have an ear tag, which they normally use.

Gehrt said if the animal had a microchip there was an “outside chance’’ it was one they were tracking, but he could not be sure because they did not have the carcass as of 10:30 a.m.

“There are a few running around the Chicago metro area that are microchipped but not ear-tagged,’’ he said.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Expert

    It was a Chupacabra.

    • Scott Walker

      It was Max the pet dog of the GRINCH!!!

  • Markus

    I saw this and it was definitly a coyote!

    • Speedy G

      Was he chasing a roadrunner ?

  • Pattz

    Who Cares !

    • Speedy G

      The coyote you fool.

  • BMF

    He got hit by a anvil

  • beth Walsh

    So where is he? Did he run off and appear to be okay, or is the poor thing just left there while everybody ponders wheteher it’s a dog or a coyote? Who cares which it was, an animal still got hit and that is sad. I hope it’s okay.

    • Speedy G

      An ACME anvil ?

  • Markus

    A woman was in the road waving cars past, so no one ran over it. I had to drive arround it so I got a good look at it and it was a decent size too, looked like a German Shepard but was no question it was a coyote. Kinda sad.

    • markus

      It was dead for sure!

      • jeffrey

        BEEP BEEP !!!!!!!!!!!

  • not gullible

    Some people actually care about animals. You know the animals that were here first..With h so many materialistic people out there who have to have bigger house than anyone else where do you think these animals will go ? Coyote or dog believe me some of us do care.

    • jeffrey

      Right on !!!!!!!!!

  • ReSize Council

    Maybe the coyote was chasing an ALDERMAN, if so, should of hit the alderman!

    • jeffrey

      You people are all sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GO Southside


  • Shari

    Anyone who has a heart feels bad for these poor animals. They’re being forced out of their habitat and into the city. I’s a shame.

  • Animal Lover

    I saw the whole thing, he was driving a old Cougar…

  • mike the hunter

    they are pest! you can kill them year around without permits or tags becuase of how bad and over populated they are. so no biggie

  • Not So Wiley Coyote Goes Down

    I believe that the city should conduct a full investigation as to the response time involved in this incidence. I believe that a shorter response time may have saved the coyotes life. Next time it could be your pet dog or cat. I cant believe your actually reading this BS, go watch some cartoons.

    • PETA

      Were talking a life here , animalls have feelings too you know. probably had a family with little ones that will never see their mom again .. THINK ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • mike the hunter

        lol you are kidding right?

  • PETA

    Ohh and I see you must be one of those animal killers , how would you like to be hunted .. NO I am NOT KIDDING >>> these are gods creatures

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