Mother: My Son Is Not A Serial Killer

CHICAGO (CBS) — As a Blue Island man sits behind bars accused of raping and murdering three women, his mother insists authorities have the wrong man.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, Sonny Pierce, 27, has been in jail since August of last year on charges of raping a 15-year-old girl.

She survived, but in three other cases, authorities say Pierce not only raped the women, but then strangled them after meeting them on phone chat lines.

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Pierce has been charged with three counts of first degree murder in the deaths of Kiara Windom, 18, of Harvey; Kimika Coleman, 18, of Chicago; and Mariah Edwards, 17, of Blue Island, according to Cook County prosecutors.

“It hurts,” said Pierce’s mother, Esther Pierce-Pearson. “It hurts.”

Pierce-Pearson believes her son is innocent because that is what he told her.

She said she asked her son point-blank, “‘Are you a murderer? Have you ever murdered anybody? You be honest with me,’ and he told me, he said, ‘Mama, I swear to the living God, I never murdered anybody. I never killed nobody.’”

But prosecutors paint a different picture of Pierce, whose victims were murdered between 2009 and 2010. They had all been strangled.

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said authorities suspect there could be more victims.

“There appears to be somewhat of a pattern here,” Alvarez said. “We’re looking to see if there’s anything else out there or anyone else out there that could possibly have been a victim.”

Authorities said Windom and Coleman were both strangled about three weeks apart in August of 2009. Their bodies were discovered dumped in alleys in Blue Island and Chicago.

Investigators found 20 calls between Windom’s cell phone and Pierce the night before her body was found, prosecutors said. He met her on a singles party line in August 2009, they said.

DNA evidence linked Pierce to Windom, and video evidence refuted his alibis for the times of the crime, Orland Park Police Chief and South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force head Tim McCarthy said.

Windom’s mother, Hallena Johnson, had a warning for other parents about whom they might meet in phone chat lines, as Windom met Pierce.

“Chat lines is not a joke. It’s not a game,” she said. “You never know who you’re going to meet. Your child will come up missing like mine.”

Police also discovered a videotape linking Pierce to Edwards’ murder in July 2010.

“In a very disturbing and chilling discovery, police investigating the murder cases recovered a videotape made by Pierce that pictures him engaged in violent sexual relations with Edwards,” Alvarez said. “This 17-year-old girl appears to be lifeless and we believe that she was, in fact, deceased when the video was taken.”

Edwards’ body has not been recovered, but she was reported missing and hasn’t been seen alive since July 2010.

In Edwards’ case, Pierce told police he invited Edwards to his home to rape her in front of other men, then beat her with the men until she was dead, prosecutors said. He has refused to tell police where her remains are, they said.

Pierce has been in jail since August 20 for the rape of a 15-year-old girl. Prosecutors said he lured the girl from her home into his car, drove her to his home, then dragged her into his home, where he choked her until she passed out, then raped her.

Pierce’s mother said while she will stick by her son, she grieves over what happened to the three teenage girls.

“I feel for those that lost their loved ones, because I’m a mother,” Pierce-Pearson said. “I have nine children; six daughters.”

Pierce was ordered held without bond at the Markham Courthouse Wednesday.

  • Lena Allen

    This is a tragedy that NEVER shouldve happened. It breaks my heart to know ppl are actually capable to this kind to evil….. Prayin for this man’s soul and those victims’ family to find peace….

    • Frank

      Friends of yours, Richard?

    • Richard Gardner

      Ted bundy, john wayne gacy, gary ridgeway, jeffery dahmer….need I go on?

  • jt

    The mother sounds like an idiot. They should make her watch her son in action on the video and show her what a piece of trash she brought into the world.

    • Marvin Tillman

      No she’s not an idiot she’s just doing what any other mom would do

    • Miss_P

      She does not sound like an idiot. No mother wants to believe their child is capable of something like this. She is in denial. Once this case goes to trial and all the facts are laid out, she will be forced to accept the truth unfortunately. This is a tragedy all the way around, and the only person to blame is the sick individual who raped and murdered those girls. Cases like this deserve the death penalty. Why should he get life in prison when at least 2 women are dead because of him?

      • >>Hmmm

        Life in prison at our expense…..

    • Jerry

      Of course she sounds like an idiot, look at her.

      • Lamouth Phd

        And what is there to look at… are we judging by appearance now, sir?

      • SC

        Jerry you are an idiot. You dont even know the woman. How dare you judge someone. What gives you that right.

        You must be an idiot too!!!

  • NWA

    Hopefully the father has more sense than the mother. Killers come in all shapes, sizes and, colors. I don’t care what types of parenting methods that are used, a sociopath is a sociopath. They are born as sociopaths not raised a sociopath. So, lady give-up your son is a crazed killer of the worst kind.


    • Gemini

      So by your logic All white men kidnap little girls and keep them as sex slaves for years and years. Or all white me molest their daughter and bet their wives. Crimes like this happen in ALL races, crazy has no color. BUT your post clearly shows that it is about race. It is about the proven fact that YOU ARE A RASCIST!!!!!!
      What are you afraid of? Is it the fact that you see yourself as LESS? I think that what it is. For you to not be able to separate the act of one from the lives of many tells me that it is YOU with the problem. I would rather be in a room full of black me then a room with just YOU.

    • Gregory Lewis


    • Devon

      Tell that to Gemini, he thinks we are racist.

      • Whoops

        Thanks for a day full of eye candy and new colorful words

        ~I love that these comments get edited and removed

  • tom Sharp

    Oh yes he is a serial killer and at least part of it is on you! Moron!

    • Allison

      Why is it on her? I doubt she was helping him, he is 27 years old not a 10 year old she should have been constantly watching.

  • Ain't it the truth

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa, that’s hilarious, HaHaHaHaHaHa, can’t stop laughing, HaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!

  • NWA

    White, Asian and, Hispanic parents would do the same things. That’s what parents do. They are not idiots or crazy. They are parents who want to protect their children. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, that is what they do. They’ll try to protect their child. It’s only human nature.

    Brian has a lot too learn.


    • Foxx

      You sound good and crazy. So someone from the govt comes to the house and babysit is that what you mean?

    • Marcella Maynard Thomason


      • Mrs. Pierce

        My boy is a good boy! He wouldn’t do something like that! The police just be picking on him cause he black!

  • Pablo

    Most serial killers are white. This guys a celebrity.

  • Whitey

    da po-leece b tellin lies. im a gonna call al sharptounge

  • Family Friend

    WOW! These comments are as ignorant as the mother. Hello it’s not about race. Mothers always want to believe their child is innocent. Most parents are in denial concerning estranged disobedient children. This is a tragedy from every point. I know the Edwards family we still want to believe Mariah is alive. The mother of this sick individual is not on trail. It’s her son, and just like the other mothers she is also in pain. Let’s not use this as a platform to showcase racism on whose trash stinks the most, but agreed that all trash stinks. There’re missing children all over the world and I’m she the mothers of those children are from every race. The mother’s of the people who hurt those children are from every race. These mothers are hurting. Let’s stick to the tragedy here! And pray and support the families. Find another post to rant about blacks verses whoever’s.

    • In the Wind

      Do you always whine so much or does being self righteous just come naturally to you? Try reading facts instead of calling others names!

      • RealTruth

        This has nothing to do with racism, it is what it is. We all know who’s trash stinks the most. It wasn’t racism until you made it that way. Just because some of the comments are negative, doesn’t make it racism. You playing the race card is what makes it about race.

      • Gregory

        @jenjoke, Serial killers are very rare. Not an everyday occurance. Young black men robbing, killing, raping, beating, stealing, etc, is an every single day thing, usually multiple times each day. So don’t even try to compare, because we all know better.

      • jenjoe

        The facts are 85% of serial killers are white men. I get so sick of people making it like certain races are more violient then others. Look at the news fools. We have a cop in Bolingbrook on trial for a dead wife and another ran off with the invisible man. Every night I look at Nancy Grace and there is some white women missing and her husband does not know a thing, but he is the last one to see her. White men who kidnap young women and then have families with them; all with help of their wife. We have a young women whos daughter is taken by the “babysitter” and what does she do; she goes out and party for a month before anything is done. The list goes on and on, so stop trying to make it a race thing. It is a sick individual thing and all races have them!!!!!!!!!

  • Praying for the Familes

    Wow what does a mothers love have to do with race? Everyday we see White families standing by thier kids Amanda Knox for example, The focus should be on finding the missing girl and helping the police bring this sick murderer to justice..Wow the mentality of some of you racist commenters is as bad as the killer

    • Jimbo

      Just because someone’s comments are not complimentary to the black community, doesn’t mean they are racist. Many people are sick and tired of all of the crime commited by young black men. And then to have a mother come along that just can’t accept the fact that her kid is going to prison possibly for life, is even more aggravating. It has nothing to do with racism. It’s just the way it is.

      • janeyre

        Oh please… Violent White men kill their women and children… It is not uncommon either. What is rare is one who just kills himself… Family Annilhilators are almost always White men… Illinois has two on trial for killing their whole family. Both are White men…

      • Gemini

        It is racism plain and simple!!! You cannot tell me it’s raining when I’m watching you pee on my leg. Someone posted their tired of black men committing crimes? WHITE MEN COMMIT HORRIBLE CRIMES TOO!!! They do horrible things just like Mexican, black, Asian, you name it someone of that race has done something horrible. You seem to be able to separate the white men who commit violent acts from yourself WHY can’t you do the same when it comes to other races? And to the other poster who said that just because a comment is negative to blacks doesn’t make them a racist? Well what does it make them? You can comment on the story on this one person without making it a general statement for all blacks and the fact that you can’t shows YOU ARE A RACIST!!!! May God have pity on your racist soul.

      • ChicagoCitizen

        @Gemini, the fact is, most violent crime commited in Chicago is commited by black men. Read the news or the statistics. It is what it is. Look at the prison population, mostly black. These facts are what keeps all these comments from being racist. Black people create these statistics, it’s there own fault people call them on it.

  • Whitey

    bunch a crybabys on here.


  • Jaime Vandermark

    That’s so funny…my son is black so does that mean his mentality is lower than yours..I don’t think so!! I am a college educated WHITE mother and my fiance is also well educated and guess what…he is BLACK. Please Dr. Phil get your psych books back out and re-read them sociopaths ARE born into EVERY race, color, and home. It is truely amazing how unbecoming your ignorance actually is, please get a PROPER education and then post a comment!!

    • Deb Taylor

      no… ur son is HALF black if you are white

      • Jaime Vandermark

        He might be HALF black according to you but to look at him, he is BLACK!!

    • Lamouth Phd

      You know what gets to me is how the actual story of lives being lost by whomever and then finding a way to justify what race or sex has the higher crimanal rate. The fact of the matter is people are losing their family members on both sides forever and nothing can change that. I noticed that some of the response has no value of sympathy for the lost young ladies that were taken. That is the real story not the mother and how much value she has.

  • Angela

    Very well put Chicago Citizen. Keep up the good work.

    • SC

      How can say very well put. Both of you are a disgrace to the human race. When will you people learn the race has nothing to do with it. There are plenty of WHITE people out there doing they same thing and their mothers think that they are innocent too.

      Stupid ass people.

  • ParisGuy

    In french, we say ‘turn you tongue in your mouth seven times before speaking”; that’s what this mother ought to do before speaking. Have a look at the evidence; make up your mind, then do voice an opinion. But when it’s a relative being involved, maybe that’s more difficult to do.

  • ParisGuy

    Why would some people blame it on the mother and the alleged culprit being black ? I mean, look at the Casey Anthony case: i think the parents are standing behind their daughter and are adamant she’s innocent. I’m not directly involved into all this, so i don’t want judge myself.

  • ParisGuy

    I kind of run into too many forums where people start controversies over “race, black crime, white crime” etc… Please stop it: we should all stand up versus crime, period. if i know someone is involved in anything like this, i’d go to the police no matter what colour they would be -the criminal that is. Stop violence, stop these crazy people from roaming the streets, Craigslist, phone lines, etc, stop them regardless of them being any given colour, or transparent ! Grow up a bit, it’s about time: news reports are filled with that type of sad stories, of people getting killed, robbed of their very future. Families are torn apart forever while communities are coming under stress because of some psycho, can’t you realize this has gone way too far by now ? Who’s gonna be next tomorrow, next week ? Who’s going to be a victim next time we read the news ?

    • Lamouth Phd

      Thank you well spoken….no one is promised tommorrow.

  • sexye2424


    • Grama

      @sexy24, Please translate your comment so we can comprehend it. Not all of us speak black babble.(Ebononics)

      • John S.

        It’s actually pretty easy to get if you read it through slowly.

  • Blackchile

    Apprently most of u have 4gotten bout Jeff~majority of serial killers are white~just so happen in the last couple of years black folks have been imitating WHITES~killers~and thieves~Ask the Native Americans~

    • Tammy

      What do Native Americans have to do with anything? They are a minority. The white man brought them civilization, and they chose to remain uncivilized savages. How is this relevant to this story?

      • Southside

        Wow, where did you get those facts? Bonanza reruns?

      • tom

        i agree, and they sit on welfare cause they think they are entitled

      • SC

        You white people honestly think you are the superior being…Really.

        Take another look at yourself in the mirror…

        Its not true…..

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  • Dun cuz mi bae bay!

    sometimes they really get stereotyped, but he had the girls contacts on his phone, and he said he wasn’t telling where the body of the final missing girl was. Why do the mothers always cover for their murderous sons?

    • Ned

      Because they really believe that thier kid is innocent. Stupid losers.

      • GoodJoke

        What brings tears to a black man’s eyes during sex? The pepper spray.

  • tom

    get a rope

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  • Janeyre Bronte

    Scott Peterson’s mother stayed in denial. He killed his wife and his mother kept saying he was innocent… I guess his mother remains an idiot… She still doesn’t believe he is guilty…

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