Nursing Home Resident Dies Falling During ‘Escape’

CHICAGO (STMW) — A man who tied sheets together and used them to try and lower himself out a window of a nursing home accidentally fell and died Wednesday morning in the Logan Square neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

Ramon Crisantos, 57, who lived at the Woodbridge Nursing Pavilion at 2242 N. Kedzie Blvd., woke up early Wednesday and a nurse saw him begin his normal routine, and so the nurse began her daily duties, according to a Shakespeare District police lieutenant.

But about 5:20 a.m. Wednesday, someone downstairs heard a noise and went to investigate. That person saw Crisantos lying on the ground, with bedsheets tied together into a makeshift rope, according to the lieutenant.

The lieutenant said it appeared Crisantos had been trying to “escape” the home by using the sheets to lower himself out of a window, but accidentally fell 10 to 20 feet.

A nurse called an ambulance and he was taken to Advocate Illinois  Masonic Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 10:30 a.m., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. 

An autopsy Thursday determined Crisantos died of multiple injuries in a fall  and his death was ruled an accident.

It was not known immediately why Crisantos was staying at the home.

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    I was just thinking that I hope I don’t end up like that poor OLD schmuck and then it turns out that I’m a year OLDER than him!

    • tu. marido

      u have to be kosher

  • Woodbridge Nurse

    I am a nurse who works at Woodbridge. Ramon Crisantos was not a poor OLD schmuck!!! He was a kind man who battled depression and was lonely because he missed his family. He made a poor decision and was obviously suffering from a bout of his depression. You obviously have no compassion and that makes you a sad individual. I can only assume that you are either indignant or that u suffer from a schizoaffective disorder.

    Ramon’s sweet face and kind demeanor will be missed.

  • D mendez

    Woodbridge regardless is a mismanaged facility with substandard care

  • D mendez

    Woodbridge regardless is a mismanaged facility with substandard care I wouldnt want my pet ferret staying there. It has a horrible DON and an egotistical administrator who is to busy skirt chasing than patient care

    • Woodbridge Nurse

      D. Mendez, sounds like u used to work there and have personal feelings towards administration. You are entitled to your feelings and opinions. Your “regardless” comment to my know fact about personally knowing ramon is disregarding to some unknown person calling Ramon Crisantons a “poor old schmuck.” I was defending the namesake of a resident who was called an “Old Schmuck.

      Maybe, the State of Il is to blame when nurses call doctors for proper medication orders, so residents can be treated properly for their diagnoses and because the State comes into the nursing home and says, “medication orders have to be cancelled due to their guidelines on the type of meds or how many meds that residents can be on.” How can we properly treat our residents when we have to bew controlled by the State?” Also, Ramon personally was suffering from depression because his family lied to him when they checked him into the facility, told him it was a temporary stay and rarely came to visit him. Now, where does the rest of the blame go? This nurse stands up for her residents and I give all that I can give! I point the blame where it is due and it isn’t on substandard care.

  • D mendez

    I by no means meant to offend the nurses or staff who work hard and short staffed but if the state doesn’t cover a medication it is up to the facility to pay. For it

  • D mendez

    Dear nurse, these aren’t personal feelings but factual ones. If it was personal I’d name the parties. The care can be verified. By the surveys at Illinois department of public health

    • Woodbridge Nurse

      Ms. Mendez,

      Ms. Delamore is correct. This incident happened under new administration not the old administration that you mentioned.

      Yes, u are correct that we are short staffed and over worked, but Ramon did NOT receive substandard care. Saying that he received substandard care is insulting to the nurses who cared for him. The blame does not lie upon nursing staff nor administration.

      Ramon, personally told me that he missed his family because they lied to him when they dropped him off and told him that his stay was only brief. They gave him a cell phone to keep in touch with them, but what good is that if they didn’t come to see him? They rarely came to visit him. I see many residents who get put in nursing homes by their familiy members and than their return visits dwindle to down to a few visits and than to none.

      I don’t care for the new administration or the new staff that was brought with the new administrator, but I do care about my residents. If it was something that a particular nurse did or was overlooked than I would agree with you. In this case, as hurtful as this is to Ramon’s family…His attempt to elope, so he could see his family that led to his accidental death must lie on his family’s conscience!

  • Mia Delemore

    funny i work at woodbridge and dont know a nurse elliott and d mendez there is new administration get your facts straight

    • Mia Delemore

      OOPS READ THAT WRONG BUT ANYWAY people are always saying this or that but until your there in that moment when you have see this and have to explain what happened your guessing hindsight is always 20/20. it happened i was there and its sad very sad. But the message to be learned is…. take a good long look @ your world around you and what can you do to improve it instead of judging leave that to GOD.

  • Woodbridge Nurse

    D Mendez

    Another misunderstanding…It isn’t that the State won’t pay for it, this is a common practice in all long term nursing homes…pharmacy nurses come in and discontinue psych medications because State Auditors flag facilities when residents are on too many psych meds. I’m not sure if u are a nurse, but if u aren’t or for the lay person who might be reading this…residents in nursing homes can have a minimum of 4 psych diagnoses: depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizoaffective and in order to treat each of those diagnoses, each one of those diagnoses has their own meds.

    When state auditors come in and see that a resident is on 4 psych meds that is a flag for the facility. State auditors don’t care about how the resident might be doing fine if they are on 3 psych meds, they only care when something happens to a resident. State auditors don’t care about preventive treatment. It is frustrating to nurses, when we call doctors, get the meds prescribed, and pharmacy auditors come in and discontinue new med orders that we the nurses are the ones taking care of the residents and we know what they need. Its a battle and a no win situation.

    As for the audits last year and the last few years by the State, I can vouch that the nurses at Woodbridge did NOT get tagged. Woodbridge has some damn good nurses. Woodbridge got tagged for kitchen and maintenance, but not for substandard nursing care. Despite how you feel about the old administration, i will say this and I have nothing to do with administration…The former Administrator was most definitely better than the new administration. The new administrator and his “people” that he brought in are just there for an overpaid paycheck for little work. The old Administrator would make rounds on each floor, he knew each resident and what their diagnoses were and the care that they were receiving. If we the staff needed something, we got it. If we were short staffed, we were compensated for overtime. The office manager who is still there does need to be fired for her actions of harassing female staff from activity aids, cna’s and nurses. That is another story.

    Back to the real topic, Ramon’s attempt to elope to see his family clearly speaks for his unfortunate demise. As for elliott who called Ramon a “poor old schmuck” his indignant comment speaks for himself…Karma will come back to him.

  • Jamie Madsen

    How terribly sad for the old man and his family.

    • Woodbridge Nurse

      Jamie Madsen,

      Seriously? You are promoting your website for cna training on this blog and you refer to Ramon Crisantos as an old man???!!!!

      You obviously are not educated nor have personal nor business etiquette! Ramon was 57 years old and that is not OLD.

      Next time that you promote your cna website and want to refer to “OLD” use elderly or geriatric people.

  • R.F.

    Mr Mendez: Tell us please why you were fired from Woodbridge ? You and I have never meat but I have heard alot about you.

  • m.prima

    Mr.David Mendez is an expert in psychcothrpoic meds that’s why he is no longer working at woodbridge.

  • M. Sanchez

    Mr.David Mendez is an expert in psychcothrpoic meds that’s why he is no longer working at woodbridge.

    • m. prima

      So you are David Mendez LPN, i am 100 percent sure that every nurse who has worked with or the nursing homes you have worked for know why you are making these comments. Does the word rehab? mean any thing?

  • R santos

    Mr Mendez is an excellent nurse and have spoken to him regarding his comments. He is sincerely remorseful if he offended any of the nurses or staff he was basing his comment on woodbridges homepage. Which includes the old administration. So we both agree that poor gentlemans death was unfortunate. And it is disrespectful to call him old or shmuck. That was a man with a live a spirit and friends we are talking about so on behave of myself and mr Mendez please accept our condolences

  • R Ramos RN

    Ms santos for being an nurse your comments are just as insensitive as not compassionate Mendez resigned and was not fired he took both a urine and blood test after some medications came up missing. So you talking about excellent care compassion god etc maybe this is a lesson for all to follow what we preach

  • Iwasthere

    Ha Ha Ha,
    what ppl will do to try and make themselves look good, those of us that were there know what really happened,so, R. Ramos RN,get your facts straight before you decide to post any comments.

  • Mia Delemore

    if you were not there why lie R RAMOS RN IS THAT YOUR ALIAS talk-about what you no quit lying

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