Walter’s Perspective: Will Pfleger Get An Easter Miracle?

An Easter thought I have is that it’s been almost two weeks now since we’ve heard even one word from Father Michael Pfleger about his days being numbered at St. Sabina.

That’s a long time for Pfleger to be mum on something, especially on being booted from Sabina. So the buzz around the Archdiocese is that maybe Cardinal George is rethinking Pfleger at Sabina.

Most likely he is not, because he just doesn’t like Michael Pfleger, especially doesn’t like him threatening that if he’s forced to leave Sabina he may leave the church.

Cardinal George doesn’t like being challenged by a priest, but he’s feeling heat on Pfleger. Fourteen pastors on the South Side of Chicago are now pleading with George to prevent his personal feelings from de-stabilizing the South Side.

His Eminence is not responding, not even answering, so Pfleger and the community are now preparing for the worst.

But maybe -– cross my fingers maybe -– for the people of Sabina, Cardinal George, and for the neighborhood, maybe you can make Sunday an especially Happy Easter.

  • Brian in Norwood Park

    Fr. Pfleger has been in his post at St. Sabina’s for, what, three decades now? That’s well beyond any normal assignment duration, and the man simply must get on with his vocation. If he threatens to leave the Roman Catholic Church rather than be obedient to an already overly-solicitous hierarchy, then the man isn’t fit to be a priest in the first instance. In any event, many of us Catholics are no longer embarrassed by the likes of Fr. Pfleger but merely bored by this man’s misguided self-importance and ridiculous theatrics. Reassign him, let him leave the Church, what-have-you, Your Eminence… But exert your just authority and bend him to your will.

    • Kathleen Walsh RN

      Bend him to your will? Really revealing; just exactly what the patriarchal Catholic hierarchy has been trying to do for centuries. Fortunately, there are many courageous people of faith who do not bend to the will or the iron fist of the hierarchy – or the monarchy or whatever other power structure works to keep power at the expense of justice and basic common sense. Consider the ordination of women; there were many women priests and bishops in the early Church..and now, fortunately, we are gaining women clergy again. The Catholic church must gather some humility, and there isn’t much time. If Michael Pfleger leaves the Vatican Branch of the Church, he will never leave the “Church” which means the community of the faithful. And, he is a priest forever. Fortunately.

    • Wayne

      I could be wrong but it should be about the grater good not these politicians wearing robes and carrying crosses. The people love the man and he has brought stability to the parish. Let him do his job which he loves and care about the people who love him. You so called Christians have a lot more to be embarrassed about then this man. You should be proud of him he is not looking for power or glory. Isn’t that what this religion is about love and caring.

  • Maryann

    Many of us have had a pastor we loved and wanted to keep at our churches, but their allotted time was up and they were reassigned. Amazingly, we usually come to know and enjoy the new priest whois assigned to us. Why should Fr. Pfleger be any different or “better” ? He seems a little old to be playing the “If I don’t get my way, I’ll go home and take my toys with me” game. It may be time of him to move to another position for his own well being. When we start to too highly evaluate ourselves, it is time to take a step back and think about what we are supposed to be about.

  • Brian in Norwood Park

    @Kathleen Walsh RN

    Kathleen – Yes, the Cardinal needs to BEND Pfleger to his will. Your apparent hostility to a hierarchical Church has blinded you to reason and justice. There
    is nothing remotely irregular about a prelate directing a priest in his charge to
    execute his wishes.

    Furthermore, your grasp of history and doctrine is off-base and pathetic. “Vatican Branch of the Church”??? “…[N]ow, fortunately, we are gaining women clergy again”…??? What utter nonsense. Unfortunately, you’re emblematic of too many older Irish-American Catholics these days: confused, heterodox and saps for the ‘social Gospel’. It would be sad for the Church if it weren’t for the fact that people of your disposition are in rapid decline and younger, more intelligent Catholics are abundantly more attracted to sound doctrine, liturgy and piety.

    By the way, I’m an Irish-Catholic myself, but I never became a fool for the ‘spirit of Vatican II’ clap-trap or low-brow liturgy. Heresies such as ‘women priests’ and a ‘democratic’ Church are just that – heresies.

  • John R.

    It is refreshing to hear a relatively civilized discussion without the racial stuff that invariably accompanies any article about this guy.

  • Wendy

    Kathleen Walsh RN should check upon her Church History. There never was a Women Bishop or woman priest in the early Chuch. Father Pfleger took a vow of obedience. He should KEEP IT.

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