An Easter thought I have is that it’s been almost two weeks now since we’ve heard even one word from Father Michael Pfleger about his days being numbered at St. Sabina.

That’s a long time for Pfleger to be mum on something, especially on being booted from Sabina. So the buzz around the Archdiocese is that maybe Cardinal George is rethinking Pfleger at Sabina.

Most likely he is not, because he just doesn’t like Michael Pfleger, especially doesn’t like him threatening that if he’s forced to leave Sabina he may leave the church.

Cardinal George doesn’t like being challenged by a priest, but he’s feeling heat on Pfleger. Fourteen pastors on the South Side of Chicago are now pleading with George to prevent his personal feelings from de-stabilizing the South Side.

His Eminence is not responding, not even answering, so Pfleger and the community are now preparing for the worst.

But maybe -– cross my fingers maybe -– for the people of Sabina, Cardinal George, and for the neighborhood, maybe you can make Sunday an especially Happy Easter.

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