1,000+ Officers May Be Disciplined For Peeping At Report

UPDATED 04/22/11 9:28 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Police Department is planning to investigate more than 1,000 of its own officers for looking up the police report of a woman allegedly sexually assaulted by two on-duty officers.

Sources confirm to CBS 2 News that any officer who looked up the report about the incident allegedly involving two Town Hall District officers will face disciplinary action.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports

Looking up the report is against the rules, so any officer who has done so may be written up, request a disciplinary hearing, or choose to take some unpaid days off.

The unofficial police blog Second City Cop scanned a copy of what it said was a memo from the Internal Affairs Division.

“Any member who accesses information through the Department’s computerized information systems is accountable for the appropriate use and disposal of the information. Access to information is restricted to official police business. Access of information for personal or other reasons is strictly prohibited,” the memo from Internal Affairs Division Chief Juan Rivera says. “As a result of this violation, the listed memories are to receive summary punishment.”

The blog did not publish the list of officers up for disciplinary action.

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police calls the move to discipline the officers “almost comical.”

“To begin with, they have the internal capacity to block sensitive reports, and they didn’t do it,” said FOP spokesman Pat Camden.

Camden adds that the department could tell specifically who did access and print out the salacious reports, so it shouldn’t mete out widespread discipline.

He says mass-punishment of officers is “not the way to handle an investigation,” even if it is limited to a mild slap known as SPAR in police department jargon.

“They’re just coming out with a blanket statement that says we’re going to SPAR 1,300 people, or whatever the number is,” Camden said.

The report in question concerns the alleged sexual assault of a 22-year-old woman by two officers late last month.

The report says the woman was crying while walking outside after leaving a male friend’s home where they had been drinking and arguing.

At some point, a marked Chicago Police Tahoe SUV approached with two male officers inside. They offered the woman a ride home, and she accepted, according to the report.

The woman told police that during the ride, she had sex with one of the officers in a passenger seat of the SUV and that she did not say “no,” according to the report.

When they arrived at her apartment in the Rogers Park neighborhood, all three went inside, where they played strip poker and she had sex with one officer in her bed. But she began banging on her wall with her hands hoping to catch her neighbors’ attention, saying she felt intimidated by the officers and was afraid to say “no” to their sexual advances, the report said.

She eventually ran from her apartment screaming and pounding on a male neighbor’s door, who didn’t answer. Another neighbor, a woman, saw her and called police, prompting an initial response about 3 a.m. for a “person calling for help.”

When the male neighbor finally opened his door after hearing the commotion, he told police he saw a naked man running down the hallway and another man dressed in a Chicago Police uniform walking away, according to the report.

Police sources say the officers left behind mock turtleneck collars with the letters CPD embroidered on them, a cell phone, and a police belt-keeper. The victim was taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston for treatment.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot later reported that other women had reported similar allegations against the same officers in the past, but at the time refused to proceed with the case against the officers.

  • Rigiht On !


  • Tammy

    Whether is was consentual or not, the officers were on duty which that in itself is a violation and just plain wrong.

  • Tammy


    • Tammy

      That was a Amen to Scales of Justice.

  • Jim

    I used to donate to the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, but seeing their stance on many issues is “almost comical” so we now give to the local animal shelters.

    • Gort

      Wow…you rock.. so glad to read this….the animals thank you too…

    • Northsidefamily

      That’s a better way to spend your money. Good for you! Our family always writes generous checks to animal shelters and encourage everybody to do the same.

  • Annie

    I agree with Curt. ***i wonder how many people were out getting robbed or killed while these two officers were playing strip poker n getting a piece of @$$ instead of “SERVING AND PROTECTING”

  • bloodysummer

    Nice comment Scales of Justice or J-Fled, you political hack. Where are all your job offers??????????? Just when you need the police to be the police in the heat of summer when the bullets start flying, the police will be standing down yet again, because of the back biting , political hacking, clout driven nonsence, throw them under the bus, reverend pandering, 2 tiered system of justice, that
    J-fled weis encouraged. It is widly known there there is a war against the blue shirts so you will get the police dept you all deserve.

    • kayla ward

      that is the dumbest comment I have ever heard. Must be you got a couple on your payroll.

    • Gort

      I hope youre right. We …DESERVE ..to have cops that respect the constitution, our rights, our humanity and our needs. We DESERVE…cops that are honest, hard working and can be trusted not to abuse the people they are sworn to serve…We DESERVE..cops that will work for the money we pay them, not make up time cards and shifts they never worked… ETC ETC

  • not here anymore

    …very self righteous Tammy ,as “scales of nonsense” blows your skirt up with his hot air against the police. If I was a cop I would do absolutely nothing till I busted out of this hellhole. It must be the most horrible job on the planet.

    • kayla ward

      Most of them don’t do anything already except look out for each other.

    • appalled

      So glad you are ‘not here anymore’ and I pray you are not a police officer anywhere. You take an oath to uphold the law, but find that you don;t like the working conditions, so instead of quitting and finding a different job you would ‘do absolutly nothing’? Wow great role model. And you wonder why there are people against cops? With that attitude, I cannot imagine anyone being for YOU.

    • Scales of Justice

      I am NOT against the police, by any means.
      I am against a double standard – for some reason, people like you don’t think rules apply to them.
      I support my local cops. I buy them coffee when I can at 7-11, and I;m an involved citizen.
      Your attacks only lend credence to my comment.

  • dan

    I think the cop in the bed tried to back door her or started dirty talk degrading her calling her names that rhyme with bore or mutt or something that sent her over the edge. Don’t think the cops raped her but think they should be fired and lose their pensions over gross misconduct, jail too if applicable.

    • kayla ward

      I believe they did rape her. These two are a perfect example of them thinking the laws don’t apply to them. Then people wonder why 60 percent of all rapes go unreported.

  • Smooth

    OK Terry Hiiiard, now is your time to show what you are reall all about. 1. Suspend them with NO PAY until the investigation is final
    2. If found guilty, fire them and prosecute them to the max

    let’s set the standard/example that there can be justice in Chicago and it starts today. Chicago is waiting to see what is going to happen here. DO THE RIGHT THING

  • Arthur

    Just because a woman is drunk yes means yes!! Remember they are cops and know the difference and if they say different then what cop school did they go to the one in Mexico!!!

  • MSW

    Curt, on-duty police officers avoided their dispatcher and Sargeant, shamed the badge they wore as they took advantage of a drunk woman.

  • CWL2011

    What a terrible thought, blame the victim. That doesn’t happen until the trial.

  • Roger

    I’ll never look at a CPD SUV the same way ever again.

  • Marilyn Renee Mcgowan

    The news says the cops peeked at the report. Is that fair reporting.
    What about looked, read or discussed the report.

    A lot of people have to be involved in cleaning up a case of any kind.

    One person can’t be alone to take gangs on or accept the coffee. Maybe a favor will be needed in the future and it will start with remember I bought you that coffee. They are employed and can buy their own coffee or not have it. no one wants to walk into a room of people discussing their job. where is the opinion here? sounds like politics and the news has to be reported fairly for anything. just my two cents……i would want to be treated fairly and that doesn’t happen very often and when it does….thank your guardian angels for watching over you and your loved one. good Friday and Happy Easter.

    Good Friday and Happy Easter

  • gee-reg

    Hey shrimp dip——- cops are allowed to look at arrest reports—thats why the city lets them log onto police computers

  • gee-reg

    WOW this will be a good news story for everyone to look at because they want everyone to forget about the mayors nephew killing the person several years ago and the Crook County States Attorney “lost” it;s paperwork. The attorney won’t approve any thing when a person is killed by Daley relative but they approved felony when a cop just slaps a person. THATS DOUBLE STANDARD

    • kayla ward

      Wow, I never knew slapping someone was a rape. you sound like someone who thinks all women should do whatever a guy wants.

  • Kayla

    They should all be fired! why were they looking at the report so they could intimadate her into dropping the whole thing? Police now days make me sick!

  • Raymond Prudente

    Updated 04/01/11 3:50 PM
    Chicago (CBS)-Sources say the two Chicago police officers under investigation for claims of sexually assaulting a woman “HAVE FACE SIMILAR ACCUSATIONS BEFORE.”

    Interim CPD Supt. Terry Hillard-“I must express my extreme disappointment and outrage at such accusations against members of this department,” “Rest assured that these allegations, if proven true, these officers will fully be held accountable and punished. ” I will not tolerate this type of behavior. The police department will not tolerate this type of behavior.

    As a former U.S. Marine officer, I respect and salute Supt Hillard’s respect for individual dignity. Reminiscing their exploits in the Philippines- a marine barracks is more than a few spartan buildings with a door sign that warns “A MARINE ON DUTY HAS NO FRIENDS” their barracks is a fraternal order of men and friendship and heritage. “Always Faithful” such value is considered a part of a marine’s life whether he is still in service or not.

    Keep up the good work ! SEMPER FI! And HAPPY EASTER!

  • Vicky

    Curiosity killed the cat lol

    • Raymond Prudente

      Recidivism among sex offenders is quite high, according to the United States Department of Justice. It would be easy to believe that sex offenders are all psychopaths or sociopaths, and are therefore, better off behind bars. Illinois have enacted buffer zones which prohibit sex offenders from residing within close proximity to school, park and others.

      • kayla ward

        So, do you think these two should be allowed to be around kids?

  • gee reg's son

    thats y cops get such a bad name cause of the idiot cops that are out there. I respect the hell out of cops really do cause that is such a tough yet honorable job but I wish they would test these a-holes on intelligence cause they give the job of protecting the citizenry such a bad name . OMG I wish they could take the idiot cops and separate them from the real upstanding cats and remove the gun and badge and I swear I would whoop their citizen ass if that were my daughter drunk or not . Punk ass chumps. Once again i respect the hell out the real upstanding men and women on the CPD and pray for your safety but the idiots need to have they ass whooped cause they don’t respect the law the pledge to uphold.

    • gee-reg

      I bet you have the same view about all the politicians that have been arrested. On average by percentage more politicians have been arrested, convicted and sent to jail then any police. But since you are such a big bad mo-fo I’m sure you figured that out all by yourself. Let’s hear your view about a mayor’s nephew that killed a man but was never interviewed by the Crook county State’s Attorney office and they “lost”the file. I’m sure you big bad mo-fo want to kick her butt too, right ????

  • ChicagoCitizen

    Looking at a police report is so petty. This should never have been made public, it should have been handled in house, not in the media. There are far, far too many police haters in this city. The max penalty for looking at the report should be a slap on the hand, no more. I for one think an officer should be free to read any police report. What possible harm could it do, they’re police.

    • kayla ward

      Your another cop aren’t you? I’m sure you think you should have had a go at this poor woman. every single one of them should be fired, and if not fired they should have to serve a 100 hours of community service in a rape crisis center or domestic violents center to learn a little sensitivity towards woman who have been victimized by men. These police are a disgrace to the human race!

      • kayla ward

        How many of them were looking at the report to get her personal information. I bet most of them were, They were going to try and intimadate her or worse. They are a disgrace. they need to just do their job and quit playing the role of being protectors for their corrupt buddies on the force. it’s just amazing there was 1000 of them. That is scary.

      • Carol

        Keep in mind, the officers did nothing more than look at a police report, that’s all. How are they a disgrace?

  • VIP

    Internal Affairs is responsible for breach.

  • Raymond Prudente

    Good question Kayla, Under Illinois law and if convicted they should be registered as a sex offender. In other democratic countries the penalty for rape is punishable by death. Happy Easter.

    • kayla ward

      Happy Easter! Lets hope they don’t sweep this under the rug. people need to pay for their crimes. even police!

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