Ind. Road Rage Victims Recount Terrifying Ordeal

CHICAGO (CBS) — It was terrifying.  The kind of attack a Northwest Indiana couple says you only see in violent video games.

They say they were targeted back in February when a man driving behind them opened fire. They’ve been silent for weeks, but told their story only to CBS 2’s Pamela Jones.

Robert Lyons remembers hearing the gunfire while he was driving.

“Just fireworks — I mean just pop, pop,” Lyons said.”And then when it started hitting the car you could hear it pinging against the metal.”

It was the sound of bullets punching through the car he was driving down an Indiana highway that night near Lake Station.  His fiancée, Brenda Driver, and infant son were in the back seat.

“He was screaming,” Lyons said.

“The only thing I could say was ‘My baby’ — very terrifying,” Driver said.

They were headed west in the left passing lane when a driver rolled up from behind and started harassing them.

“All of a sudden, we get to the part where it changes from 70 to 55 and a car flies up and flashes its brights. He flashed the brights again,” Lyons said.

The man opened fire, hitting the car seven times, shattering windows and almost hitting their 3-month-old.

“I heard the gunfire and I instantly slouched down like this and leaned over to shield my son. I stayed like that until we were completely stopped,” Driver said.

She felt intense pain in her side and looked down to see that she was bleeding. Glass aimed at her baby hit her instead.

“It was a miracle,” Driver said.

Police arrested the suspect, Aaron DiShon Windom, days later. They say he had carjacked the vehicle he used to commit the crimes earlier that day.

Police also say he opened fire while police were chasing him just before his arrest.

“I wanted revenge,” Lyons said. “But police have him and he’ll get what he deserves.”

Windom faces a laundry list of charges in several cases of violence separate from the road-rage incident. Those charges include murder and attempted murder for a case in Gary, Ind. days after the highway attack.

  • no fan of N R A

    O yes N R A lets give everyone a gun you jack ass s.

    • LiberalGunOwner

      The NRA has never supported your mis-informed allegations. There are already a myriad of laws designed to somehow prevent criminals from obtaining firearms. Criminals cannot legally purchase firearms. Criminals however, do not follow the law. Laws are only followed by the law-abiding.

      The only laws that do any good are those that mandate proper punishment after being caught for such criminal conduct. No plea deals, just mandatory sentencing.

    • Mr. Justice

      You are an idiot!

      Chicago Tribune, 02/21/11

      “After hearing the sound of glass breaking in the basement of her southeast Chicago home, a resident retrieved a handgun and went to investigate. She discovered two intruders, one of whom was armed with a tire iron. The resident fired at the criminals, killing one and causing the other to flee. After an investigation, authorities determined the woman will not face charges. When speaking to the local media, the woman noted that break-ins have become commonplace in her neighborhood. The resident was wise to provide for her own security, as her efforts to get local politicians to address the matter proved useless.”

      I am sure you would have preferred for the resident to be robbed, beaten, and perhaps raped. The rest of us applaud her and others like her for standing up and protecting themselves from the filth of this world.

      • Roberta Waker

        Amen, Mr. Justice. If we don’t protect ourselves, who will?

    • Bill

      The NRA doesn’t support criminals owning guns!There you go again,blame the gun.His car was also a weapon he could have used.If you choose not to own a gun,that is your right.If I choose to own a gun,that is my right under the 2nmd amendment.Your personal liberal=ASS OPINION doesn’t supersede the constitution! You should be more concerned with impaired drivers killing people on the road every day!!But that doesn’t get much coverage because it’s not a political hot topic!

      • Roberta Waker

        Sure it’s easy to blame the guns. They shoot themselves, don’t they? Just like blaming the car for hitting and killing someone – sue the car. Such stupidity. Most guns used in crimes are NOT registered and were often bought illegally. Bet if No Fan had someone break into his house and threaten his family, he would want a gun; that is if he’s a man because MEN defend and protect their families. Guns don’t kill people – PEOPLE kill people with guns, knives, bombs, poison, etc. Thank God for the NRA.

      • People kill people

        Bill I agree with you 100%

      • Mr. Justice

        Great comments Bill. I posted a comment earlier, however, the puking liberals removed it. People just don’t get it. We can remove all of the guns from law abiding citizens, and guess what, the only people with guns will be the thugs and gang bangers, etc. No, it is time for puking liberals like “no fan of N R A” to shut up and stop spewing their Verbal Vomit.

      • Karen

        All I can say is I (along with millions of others) am TOTALLY behind you, Bill!

    • luke

      I hate the libs that say guns are to blame and that no one should be able to buy one, guess what people who are criminals and bullies and want to commit crimes will still get hold of guns, before you blame me for lib bashing know this, I am a lib, but I belive in my right to protect myself and I am a member of the NRA and I support gun rights, I don’t want to arm everybody, just the people who are responsible to carry guns, if more people who were resonsible carried guns we would all be safer!

  • Debbie Baldwin

    Maybe if drivers were following the speed limit and not going over by 20 mph they wouldn’t consider it inconsideration for driving slower. And no one deserves any negative attention on the road, it is unsafe enough with the way people drive now. Put down your cell phones and coffee and pay attention.

  • Joan

    I doubt the NRA gave this dude or anybody else a gun, I would bet the farm it was stolen, just like the car he was driving.

    Very sad, luckily no one was seriously hurt. But in the future don’t drive in the passing lane, it enrages people likely to have road rage.

  • zarathrusta

    The problem is that everyone has a car. They’re dangerous.

  • ere

    indiana is the plagued with idiots that do stupid things. Who wants to live there?

    • Go back to school.

      You can’t even read. This took place in Illinois. Your grammar indicates you are the idiot.

      • srdib

        you really show your ignorance. LAKE STATION, INDIANA!

      • I Can Read

        Umm, I see nothing that says Illinois but there are lots of references to Indiana including the title of the article and the caption on the photo. The article says it takes place near Lake Station. Isn’t that in Indiana?

    • K

      Just another ignorant individual.

  • boo indiana

    What does Indiana have other than white and black trash?

    • Movin on east

      No Pat Quinn

    • K

      You forgot to include EVERY state. BOO, YOU!

  • srdib

    good thing this punk was shooting like the rest of these gang bangers, more than likely aiming down the side of the gun or not aiming at all. too bad the driver had that baby in the car and could not just slam on the brakes and let the punk eat his rear bumper. too bad this country is so messed up, decent citizens cant own and carry a gun legally, YET!. when we get permits to carry firearms, lets see what the gang bangers do. guns save lives in the right hands.

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