Officers Help Woman Threatening Suicide In Loop

CHICAGO (STMW) – Two Central District police officers were able to stop a West Side woman from jumping in front of a CTA train early Easter Sunday in the Loop.

The incident occurred about 1 a.m. at 200 N. State St. where the 41-year-old West Side woman was distraught over the recent death of her son, police said.

She was threatening to apparently jump in front of a train, but two responding officers were able to calm her down, comfort her and make sure she had medical attention.

The woman was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for an evaluation, police said.

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  • ucity88

    That poor woman…I hope she gets the help she needs…

  • Katherine Luck

    I’m sorry, but her grief over her son is being met by cold medical attention, possibly drugging her up and unfeeling psychological evaluations!! Where’s the sympathy by these people? They’re treating her as a lunatic, and nothing more. That is TERRIBLE.

    • Joann Butkus

      WERE you THERE? I guess not! so you don’t know what’s going on there! leave stupid pre-judgements to yourself unless you know the facts. Some people DO things like this because THEY need to rebalance their brain chemistry! Would YOU do that if your child or loved one died? probably not! that should tell you this acting out is excessive! counselling and or meds needed!

      • Sprite

        Have you ever lost a child? Acting out is not excessive or imbalanced. That reacion is COMMON among people who have lost a child. My wifes son was killed in a home invasion. I was there for her initail reaction and her ups and downs through the first year. Her grief was so intense her first reaction was to leap through our living room window pane. Thank god my daughter and i were there. Over the months of support and grief groups i found that the desire to die from the grief and loss is common. It is in no way excessive to have that reaction to such a intense level of grief….. And those who dont have support have a much harder time coping… And if you have never lost a child, you will never understand that pain. So be a little more sypathetic in your remaks

    • A Sympathetic Ear

      WOW Katherine! Just WOW!!! You have some MAJOR issues with the medical community!! I’ve seen your posts on other stories involving medical emergencies and you are NOT qualified enough to make these judgements. Everyone experiences grief in different ways and since you DO NOT KNOW this woman, you don’t know how deep her grief is. And I agree with the other replies here; if you have never lost a child, you have no business to talk. You are not a medical professional and don’t know what she needs. It’s possible that you had a bad time at some psychiatric hospital somewhere where you probably didn’t get your psychological needs met and are just blaming the whole system. Rest assured, this woman is going to get the best care for her grief from caring people who go into psychiatry because they care about people. Maybe going to get help yourself would help those issues you are now facing yourself!

  • Linda

    I wish the woman the best.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Was it Diana Jennings???

  • Scales of Justice

    CPD to the rescue!
    Glad the “blue flu” didn’t stop these two from helping!
    Great job, Officers!
    And its nice to see a positive look at the CPD for a change, CBS!

  • Ed Mlakar

    Katherine, what on earth are you talking about? The article clearly said they comforted her, she attempted suicide which means she has mental issues related to her sons death. A psych eval is perfectly normal for this situation and it sounds like the police did an excellent job.

  • Sandra

    suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Lady you will get better with time. I realize loosing a child is the worst pain you can experience on earth. Use your pain to help others. Please join a support group for help. May God give you a powerful testimony of victory over this crisis time in your life.

  • Jim G

    I wish the woman only the best and get well soon..I attempted suicide twice. First time after my Dad passed away……

    • A Sympathetic Ear

      WOW!!! What a horrible reply!!! You are a jerk! Jim – I hope that you were able to get the same help that this woman is getting. This idiot ‘the big Z’ is a TOTAL TOOL!!! God Bless!!

  • leona

    suicide is not worth going to hell for eternity!!!

  • Diana Jennings

    same here…hope she realizes that if you can just get through the next moment…things can look totally different..and the well wishers, you all are blessings to be able to tell your story…that might help someone in a desparate situation…Peace to you all..Just wanted to share…there is a piece on having peace by ralph marston…its wonderful.

  • Tami

    If she knew Jesus, He could help her.

  • paintbrushgranny

    Gcares od bless all who where there in comfort ,control and with peace in their hearts. She lost her son how devistating and empty she must feel.THINKING of all those lost kids out their .The ones that dont know a mothers love. The ones who when sopmething happens theirs no one to call.The lost souled kids must feel more devistated than herself. If I could do one thing it would be to connect her with them.I am glad they stopped the suicide. Maybe she can give her pain a heal by giving to one who has noneCares & prayers to all who read this. Peace prosper and purpose to all.-paintbrushgranny.

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