As Gas Prices Rise, Ride-Sharing Soars

CHICAGO (CBS) – Some Chicago area motorists frustrated with paying the highest gas prices in the nation are finding alternative ways to get around.

Given the cost spike, many are re-discovering the carpool. While Chicago has lots of public transportation options, they don’t work for everybody.

Some are using the Pace Bus Vanpool service.

The average fare is $130 per person per month. Thirteen of them share the ride and Pace pays for the gas the tolls and the maintenance. Better still, as driver, Becky Yarnell, who keeps the van at her house, rides for free.

“They pay the gas and they pay the tolls,” she told CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez. “Just taking the van alone saves you tremendously.”

Four new vanpools were added recently, and 15 more are on the way. Pace also officers carpool connections at its ride-share website. Visits to the site are funning double what were they were last year at this time due to the high cost of gas.

But Pace isn’t’ the only way to connect to other commuters going your way. Websites such as Erideshare and Carpoolworld offer ways to save money on your drive to work.



  • Erinn

    Car pooling is great. But we rather have an electric car, water run van or even better an heat run trucks and busses so we will be feel better about ourserves in not spending so much money that otherwise will be used for food or the morgage.
    Can anyone please make this types por cars so we can buy them and use them before we go bunckrupt?

  • Bill S.

    I tried car-pooling … but too many stinky people.

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  • JD

    To Whom it May Concern;
    I have been watching your news broadcasts over the last two weeks about the rising fuel prices and NOT ONCE have you or your staff told the truth.
    The president your channel propped up and got elected has a moratorium on any new drilling in the USA and its territories. FROM which he is in contempt of court over! A federal judge has ordered this moratorium illegal and he has yet to abide by this ruling.
    Why haven’t you mentioned this during your broadcast? This is the REAL reason that the fuel prices are so high!
    Please be honest and not like you where during the Bush administration and have all the people that YOU and your staff interviewed during ’07 and ’08 blame and broadcast like it was all GW’s fault!

    A concerned viewer!

  • bob

    Al Gore wrote in his book gas prices should be $5 a gallon to keep people from driving too much. That was over 10 years ago. I’d guess now that would be $8 a gallon. The prices we currently are experiencing is only the Democratic philosophy being implimented. That’s why Obama isn’t doing anything about it or the media harping about it like they did during GW’s watch.

  • Valery

    Why blame the politicians so much. Blame yourselves for using so much gas. Those big vans and large trucks take so much gas that your money will fly to coud nine in a second. So, think green. Al Gore already told us…. beware of climate change…. food will become so expensive because it is difficult to grow with this heat. Gas will be so high that many will become broke. Oil is nonrenewable resource that when it comes down to prices that will break everyones heart.
    Take heed to the warnings. Not everything is written in stone.

  • Teabaggin'

    Who was president when gas prices soared over $4 a gallon in 2007-2008?

    Al Gore? Barack Obama? A person with a trace of intelligence?

    Nope. It was George W. Bush.

    And where were all these angry teabaggers then? Surely not taking shots at their beloved president.

    A president who was spending with wreckless abandon while gas prices were soaring at record highs, wall street was reaping the largest profits in history, and the working and middle class suffered.

    Enough said!

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