Round Lake Park Police Schedule News Conference In Missing Mom Case

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police in Round Lake Park announced Monday they were working with the feds to try to find missing mom Melissa Ann Best, then later said an announcement in the case was expected Tuesday.

Round Lake Park police Chief George Filenko says the FBI has now assigned a field agent to the case, which has been classified as a missing person’s investigation.

Best was last seen April 15 when she dropped her daughter off at a friend’s house. Surveillance from a nearby restaurant shows her driving her van, but that van has not been found.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mary Frances Bragiel Reports

Filenko tells Newsradio 780’s Mary Frances Bragiel that because Best did not have a cell phone or own credit cards, he has instructed law enforcement agencies to begin looking in parking lots and motels. Authorities are also using a tracking device that locates license plates.

While police have been called to the Bests’ house in the past for verbal disturbances, Best’s husband, Clinton, has been very cooperative, according to Falenko and has been talking to police daily.

Police said a news conference would be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday but would not give any information.

  • yeah right ?

    Police have been called to the Bests’ house in the past for verbal disturbances ? MMMMMMMM????????? and why wouldn’t he bee very cooperative !!!!

    • John R

      Unless he’s left handed. But did he blink a lot, touch his nose or ears, rub his eyes?

    • Shorty

      This did not involve husband. I know the family and he had nothing to do with this. He is going through a lot right now and could use all the support he can get. All couples fight and tend to get loud. There are those who do get involved when they don’t need to. The police have no need to be looking at him. This is a tragic situation.

    • Pak31

      It’s normal for a couple to have disagreements but for the cops to actually be called to your home on more than one occassion is NOT normal, someone felt threatened enough to ask for help.I have been married for almost 18 years and never had a loud argument. Secondly, in his interview, not one drop of sadness whatsoever. He doesn’t have to cry but he certainly didn’t seem upset at the fact that his wife never came home that night. I wouldn’t be able to sleep, eat, etc. The only thing he said he’s been doing when asked is putting up fliers. They say she’s a homebody yet at the same time the hubby says it’s not unusual for her to just spend the night away from home. That is odd to me.Also, no mention by reporters when Clint got home that Friday, did he not wonder where his wife was? What about the daughter, did she remain at the friend’s overnight? Where was the son? Maybe she just skipped town, who knows but hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow.

    • People are so fast to judge!

      Wendy, i find your comment to be very rude and insensitive! People are so fast to point fingers at people when they know nothing about the case but what they see on TV and the news (because thats ALWAYS the most reliable source, right??). I know the family, and i have watched the news and read all the articles on-line, people are fast to judge someone because they don’t show emotion?? really….so you know what its like to have a spouse missing?? you know what emotions you would go through and how you would show it on TV while a million different reporters and police interview you for hours on end when your worried about where your wife is?? yes, lets be fast to assume that its the husband, that’s the logical explanation to this right??

      Did you read that the husband was at work and that he works really long days almost 7 days a week?? NO i guess not since your going to think its the husband. Eye shifting is not a good reason to judge someone before you know them or know what really happened. Not everyone in the world is a bad person and has something to do with their spouse missing!

      Police may have been called out in the past for verbal disturbances, but no one realizes that where the Best’s live the houses are so close to one another that a whisper could wake your neighbor! Every couple has their problems and every couple deals with it differently. That doesn’t mean they don’t love each other and that the husband had anything to do with her disappearance. That just shows that they are not perfect, like every other human on earth, including you.

      Clint is a very nice guy. He loves his family and he is doing everything he can think of to try and find Melissa. It sickens me to think that people could assume the worse in someone without knowing the whole story or knowing the person. The cops don’t even suspect him, so why should you??

  • dan

    In the back of my mind I always wondered if Stacy Peterson and Lisa Stebic disappeared due to some serial kidnapper or something. Wonder if this poor lady will turn up ok-Hope so….

    • outside the box

      I thought that when Peterso ndisappeared… Anyone I mentioned it to thought that I was crazy but the similarities were too strong to not think it…

    • pak31

      THese are cases of two women whose loving husbands showed barely any sadness that their wives were missing. Stebic teared up at the vigil but after that nothing.

  • Bridget

    It seems strange to me that in this day and age-this young woman did not have a cell phone or a credit card?

    • Pak31

      Some don’t. Plus, I have tried to be better, but I don’t carry my cell with me like it’s a third hand. I do like to have it with me though, just in case there is a problem. I do find it a bit strange but they said in other articles her cell minutes expired, so maybe she did have one it just wasn’t usable?

    • Asil

      I agree w/ Bridget~ in this day & age a mom w/ kids not to have a cell phone? I suppose not all people can afford them, but I also know from experience that some people like to control others as much as possible.

  • RoyC

    its possible we may have a seasonal serial killer. anybody find the missing Doctor from Munster Indiana yet?

  • South Side

    A tracking device that locate license plates? Wow.

  • ray

    yes. the doctor’ s son is the focus

  • Kate

    I will tell you this….I knew both from school and they have been together forever. Verbal disturbances does NOT automatically constitute guilt. I find it extremely insensitive to point fingers without proof and I support ANY efforts to find her. She is a great friend..

  • Ed

    I hope this does all turn out OK for everyone. I DO want to know more about the license plate tracking device. Chip imbedded in the annual sticker? This sounds like a violation of the constitution to me.

    • Erik

      Automatic readers located at toll booths and on specialized police vehicles… There is no conspiracy here!

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  • worried

    It’s not the husband. Those 2 are real people with real love for each other and their kids. Truly dedicated to one another. That’s the way it should be.Prayers out to the 4 of them.

  • worried

    why WHY WHY..wait to START looking at motels???You should of been doing that a week ago!!

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